Olympic Trials April 15, 2014

Suzy finds that getting sexy is a liability for a gymnast in Olympic Trials!

Suzy finds that getting too sexy is a liability for a gymnast!

30 pages, Color, US$8.99
Age Regression, Age Progression
Artwork by PalComix

Suzy and Marilyn compete as Gymnasts –so being little and skinny is an advantage, and being big and sexy is a liability! Marilyn puts a growth serum into the girls’ water supply, and takes a youth potion herself. Great age progression and age regression art by Palcomix.

Plot Summary: Suzy and Marilyn compete for a coveted spot on the Olympic Gymnastics team! Skinny little girls make the best gymnasts, so Marilyn concocts a scheme to put growth serum into the girls’ water supply. The ladies quickly find that being big and sexy can get in the way of their routines! Meanwhile Marilyn looks younger and younger.

Note: This is Part One of a Two Part comic.

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US$ 8.99

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33 thoughts on “Olympic Trials

  1. v00d00

    Like it! Really love the whole Suzy & Marilyn series, glad to see it back!

    Hope to see more interaction between the girls in part 2, some more humiliation etc!

    When will P2 be released?

      1. corey

        just when I think I’ve seen it all dreamtales you take me by storm I can’t wait for part 2 I am always up for anything involving Suzy and Marilyn

  2. aeat

    Nice first part. It end quite very abruptly, though. Do you have a rough schedule for when we should expect part 2?

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      1. areat

        Great news! But please tell Palcomix to be more consistent for the next part. The drawings rather big variability between consecutive panels often make it look like the characters are constantly growing younger or older then the other in reverse, etc.

  4. TheMathemagician

    I agree, a little too short but interesting idea. What I’d love to see in part 2-Mariyn’s plan backfires in the worst way. The girls grow into gorgeous, six foot plus,hourglass figure built,college freshman age amazons who lose any chance at the gymnastics team, but begin to dominate in all the other women’s Olympic tryouts, from basketball to swimming to track! Meanwhile, Marilyn finds out her age regression serum’s effects leave her stuck at that childlike age and size for months-which turns out to not be such a good thing for anything OTHER then gymnastics!

    How’s that? Like the suggestions?

  5. pewpew

    You could end the next chapter with suzy becoming a voluptuous,busty bikini-model like kate upton and marilyn maybe growing back to her full size but flat chested 😛

    1. TheMathemagician

      Make Suzy 6’3′ and you got a deal…………LOL Seriously,all kidding aside, I love female growth in with my ap-NOT giantess,just very tall, like WNBA size-and would love to see all Marilyn’s “victims” become towering buxom beauties while she’s dwarfed to thier knees and becomes ignored by all the boys and teased by the other girls.

      And how’s this for a suggested ending: Amazon Suzy comes upon a crying,frustrated Marilyn-who tells her her doctor told her she’d be stuck like this for 3 months until the formula wears off. Then Suzy offers to look out for her until she grows back. Marilyn is confused. “Why? After all I did,why you want to help me?” Suzy looks down at her with a serious look: “Because I’m a much bigger person then you-in the way that really counts.”

      What do you think?


    2. Iggy

      I’m right with you, pewpew. Love to see her grow back up, but flat-chested! It would be great to see the other busty girls tease her and take all the attention.

  6. pewpew

    Maybe we could get a suzy&marlyn,lauren&betsy and maybe amy&nicole cross over comic , in which one girl ends up beeing the tallest with long slender legs, one with big round bust size and one a bit short but curvy. With a lot of size comparisons while the changes happen slowly to the girls. As a setting you could choose a summer beach camp, which would allow the girls to grow out of their old swimsuits and their former pants becoming hotpants.. first the more adult conterparts would only laugh at their height increase, but with pages they would start to become real rivals and finally they would have to admit their defeat. And more of the scenes like that one with abbys breast swelling and robyn only daring to say “omg abby”.
    I mean a man can dream 😛

  7. TheMathemagician

    Where’s part 2? Hope you took some of my ideas-hope all the girls grow into gorgeous amazons in part 2………….: )

    1. dreamtales Post author

      It should be up in the next few days. I liked your amazon girls idea a lot, but the script for part 2 was already in process. Maybe there could be a part 3 if people are interested?

      1. Otacaon29

        as always i would be interested in a part 3. anything done by Dreamtales especially AR/AP is always good. as always i look forward to future work.

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  9. Alexis32

    I would like a lot to enjoy part 3.
    Taller and little ladies in Basketball and Volley
    Growing and shrinking girls around.


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