Ray’s Secret Part One September 17, 2014

Tiny Ray hides from his giantess girlfriend Brenda.

Tiny Ray hides from his girlfriend Brenda.

30 pages, Color, US$8.99
Shrinking Men
Artwork by The Pepper Pair

A lovers’ quarrel turns into a Battle Royale between 6 inch tall Ray and his sexy girlfriend Brenda. A beautiful shrinking and growth love story by the Pepper Pair!

Story Summary: Brenda finds out that her love interest Ray has a secret identity – Mini-Man! Brenda is amused by a 6-inch tall super-hero, and Ray tries to show her who is the boss in the relationship. Can Ray defeat his now-huge sexy girlfriend?

Sample illustrations

This is the first part of a two part comic. You can find Part Two here. 

Price: US$8.99

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The comic is also for sale at the Process Productions Store.

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20 thoughts on “Ray’s Secret Part One

  1. v00d00

    Although i usually prefer SW over SM, I really loved this. So sexy, especially the last 2 pages! Love giant lace panties! 😉

  2. Wolfsoul

    that was a neat idea :
    Maybe we could get a suzy&marlyn,lauren&betsy and maybe amy&nicole cross over comic , in which one girl ends up beeing the tallest with long slender legs, one with big round bust size and one a bit short but curvy. With a lot of size comparisons while the changes happen slowly to the girls. As a setting you could choose a summer beach camp, which would allow the girls to grow out of their old swimsuits and their former pants becoming hotpants.. first the more adult conterparts would only laugh at their height increase, but with pages they would start to become real rivals and finally they would have to admit their defeat. And more of the scenes like that one with abbys breast swelling and robyn only daring to say “omg abby”.
    I mean a man can dream 😛


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