Sex in a Bottle Part Two December 11, 2014

Jessica bosses around her shrunken Mom in Sex in a Bottle Part Two.

Jessica bosses around her shrunken Mom in Sex in a Bottle Part Two.

40 pages, Color, US$9.99
Age Progression, Age Regression
Artwork by Sedna Studio

The concluding chapter in the classic mother / daughter role reversal! Sexy Jessica is in charge as her once-domineering Mom Karen regresses to a child.

Plot Summary: Jessica’s mom Karen continues her slow, humiliating descent into childhood! Soon Jessica is in the drivers’ seat, giving her shrunken Mom a taste for what it feels like to be bossed around. Can Karen regain her control? And what happens when Jessica sets her sights on Karen’s love interest Mark?

Note: This is the second part of a two part comic. You can see Part One here.

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This comic is also offered in an Artist’s Edition that includes an additional 40 pages of uncolored original inked drawings that show the amazing detail of the art.

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22 thoughts on “Sex in a Bottle Part Two

  1. areat

    Really neat!

    Would have been even more humiliating for the mother if she had to go to the swimming pool as a breastless kid wearing a bottom one piece swimsuit!
    I don’t know if that’s also normal in the US, though.

  2. Chris

    Hey there, I’ve bought just about every AR comic you’ve made, and I really, really thought you were finally going to cater to an AR to babyhood seeing as how the last comic ended and this one just completely hasn’t done that. I get that not every comic can appease that necessarily, but there hasn’t been a comic recently with a focus on transforming into a baby (for more than, like, a single page).

    Is there any way that the next AR comic can take that as a bigger focus? I’ve probably spent hundreds on the comics at this point and feel like it almost never gets catered to in a real way.

    1. Steve

      Gotta agree. I’ve been hoping against hope for a true mother-daughter role reversal for a while now. To date, I still think Puberty Fairies pt. 2 was the best for that, especially as that mother character was one we had gotten to know as a background authority figure. She seemed almost untouchable then, boom, classic AR/AP hijinks. Still, as promised, this was fairly in line with the story from Week at the Beach.

      Anyway, I enjoyed the heck out of this comic. The artwork was fantastic and the ending was an interesting surprise. But I’ll still be waiting for that perfect role reversal comic.

    2. Jerry

      I wholeheartedly agree. I’ve bought hundreds of dollars worth of these comics as well and feel similarly. I’d add that I almost never see diapers on the final subject, which is also a trope of AR stories. They appear sometimes in the final sketches, and characters even elude to using them, but almost never do. I’m still smarting from the way BBB2 ended, where the character teased us into thinking that would be done, and Mandy got shrunk instead. After that, I’m gun-shy and before I buy the comic I always check the comments to see if the character was regressed to babyhood (I haven’t seen anyone diapered in your comics for ages). If I don’t see it, I usually don’t buy the comic. Dreamtales, we applaud your work. If not for you, these comics wouldn’t exist. I have to agree with Chris, though, it would be encouraging to see you use this AR device more often. BBB3?

    3. guy

      I assumed dreamtales would have shown us something different, too. I was disappointed with my purchase. It’s basically the same story churned out again and again and again….

    4. dreamtales Post author

      I do have an AR to babyhood comic planned for late next year, which I hope you’ll like. It will feature several pages of babyhood. In fact, if there are specific scenarios you are looking for please let me know, either here or send me an email through the contact page.

      When I did the AR Poll a couple years ago, people were really split on diapering, with more against it than for it. But if there’s interest I’ll try to accommodate!

      1. Colin

        Do you feel your work has gone more pg-13 over the years? If so, any reason for the change? I feel like you started out on a different level, even in your writing.

  3. rod

    nice work , I like the arts and drawing !
    but I want to next parts of Yard Works with very bigger and hotter mom and she become double size of the amy and nichol and stay at that size difference ! she is really amazing !!

  4. sm

    It is hard to please everyone. But I really do not get the fetish of the antagonist turning into a baby, especially a mother. Daughter would have to be a sociopath to just be okay with this twist. In fact, every time a character gets some AP, they are usually pretty mean, cruel, and twisted to the AR/Shrunken character.

    In terms of the babyhood, I have seen that in some of the comics. I saw one of the main characters loose their identity and have their minds totally become a baby, I even saw the character in diapers. What else do you want? What else is there? Possibly the un-birth? Which is something I have heard some folks want, but I have no idea how that would be told. Really guys, do you want to have to the character, it turns into a fetus, then an ova-sperm…what?

    And for the record, Yard Work has strayed away from what made it an interesting concept. Which the focus clearly should have be solely the little sister, it soon became the “Mom Show”. And that has clearly “jumped the shark”.

    What I have always wanted to see is pure AP, with no AR, in the comic. I do not like how the antagonist always has to regress in either age or size. Why can’t the main character just outgrow them? A growth spurt. Size and strength is what I would like the main character to experience. The antagonist could give themselves a self-imposed humiliation. That would be pretty good. The guy will not be able to beat the little in basketball anymore, or arm wrestling, maybe she becomes the track star beating all the school records when he always wanted to try to beat them. Maybe she looks better the antagonist’s GF ever could.

    I just want to see a story where the formerly disrespected gal outgrows her bullies, they don’t shrink, they don’t age regress, she just grows bigger, massive, with strength and power. And they can bully her anymore. That is what I would like.

    1. gts

      I don’t know why you tell these , but you can find another type of AR and giantess comics in the site . these stories have their own ways ! yard work has start from brother sister story together mother and mother in this story has created a new idea and new type of giantess comics and if we return it to just brother sister comics we will see a Repetitive comic like others . yard work is a family comic and mother must be biggest in it for controlling her family and keep them safe ,also mom is really hot and lovely and when she grows bigger than others ,become more better.
      for AR comics I prefer daughter father age change , this will be nice !

    2. darknail

      i agree totally with you, i was really disappointed when yard work went another way than i had anticipated from the great start it had, i dont mind a little antagonistic AR asc long as it is slight and not too intrusive, it went a bit too far in sex in a bottle in my opinion.
      but i agree with your feelings regarding a sibling role reversal sutuation that is interesting to me and i think it was in bojays GTS ABC comic that there was some interesting concept art to that degree

  5. fábio andrews

    The humiliation part was good, i just don´t like the ending. I hoped the daughter really became the mother for like forever. Good comic ^^

  6. eric

    Just from hearing these comments makes me not want to purchase this. If there is AR involved, then at least go to babyhood with it once in a while.

  7. zen

    This was far better than your summary suggested. The ending was a refreshingly different and touching wrap-up to their conflict.


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