Sex in a Bottle Part One October 24, 2014

Mom and Jessica battle over Sex in a Bottle, an Age Regression comic by DreamTales.

Mom and Jessica battle over Sex in a Bottle.

38 pages, Color, US$9.99
Age Progression, Age Regression
Artwork by Sedna Studio

A classic mother / daughter age regression role reversal! Single mom Karen shrinks while her rebellious teenage daughter Jessica grows. Great AR / AP art by the Yard Work artist Yuan.

Plot Summary: Frustrated with being short and skinny, Karen’s daughter Jessica orders a new growth formula called Sex in a Bottle. The formula works so well, Karen tries another product – Youth in a Bottle. But as Karen gets younger and Jessica grows, the balance of power starts to shift!

This is the first part of a two part comic. You can see Part Two here.

Sample illustrations

Regular Edition for US$ 9.99

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Artist’s Edition for US$ 11.99
This comic is also offered in an Artist’s Edition that includes an additional 38 pages of original uncolored inked drawings that show the amazing detail of the original art.

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47 thoughts on “Sex in a Bottle Part One

  1. Otacon29

    i don’t normally comment on stories and i love almost everything Dreamtales does, but i have to say this has to be one of his best works, I’m already dying for a sequel. a must buy and i bet the next chapter will be even better.

  2. Jaroo

    This was great. Loved the frame teasing her mom about filling out her bra. Hope she keeps getting bustier (and keeps it). In Yard Work, that would fluctuate from one frame to the next.

    Wanted it to keep going! :)…

  3. Zee

    I’m really enjoying this one. While it’s obviously a heightened/exaggerated world, the power shift and dynamics feel really natural.

    Great job.

  4. Steven

    I can’t wait until part 2. One question, how young is the mom going to get. Baby/toddler, only guessing because of the baby bottle youth formula.

  5. Hunter S Creek

    Echoing what Jaroo noted in his earlier comments — it is more than a bit disappointing to see a female character’s breast size mysteriously and inexplicably dwindle within a few frames of seeing that same female character’s breasts grow.
    This same lack of consistency occurs in several other DreamTales female growth and AP comics as well — i.e., large-breasted characters seem to be illustrated with large breasts only temporarily.

    I do not know if this phenomenon represents a preference of the author or of the artist(s) or a lack of oversight and continuity: regardless it does detract from the visual impact of the story.

  6. areat

    How does it appear on the bank account? I know my banker well and I don’t want him to be able to trace back what the output was with the title being plainly shown.

    That’s really important with this kind of comic, you know!

  7. areat

    It was an excellent read. Please tell me these insufferable catcalling boys will somehow get some karma rebound and end up changed too!

  8. Remylocke

    Great comic!! Was funny, cute, and whimsical! Love the slow role reversal aspect! I hope the Mom stops regressing and just plain shrinks down to size!

        1. Frenchy Ars

          I agree, this is a AR comic, but I’m agree with v00d00 Regressed mom and let her sexy daughter dominated ! Just forget the shrunken.

  9. m

    dreamtales , please do some weight gain for mom in Yard Work 10 like in this comics , if mom become fatter and bustier and curvier with 10 ft tall for her , she will become very lovely than ever ! please do this , thanks a lot !!

  10. Unio

    Wow, this was indeed one of your best, and I believe it was both because ti was a bit more realistic than usual, and because the characters realize they’re changing. When they’re unaware, they look a little retarded XD

    By the way, how old was Jessicasupposed to be at first?

    1. dreamtales Post author

      Good point about being aware – it does heighten the stakes a bit. I like it both ways, though.

      Basically Jessica is a “teen” who starts out looking very young for her age.

  11. luffy

    I agree with many of the comments above; I especially like the pacing in this one. I prefer AR to have slow, gradual changes. I’m very excited about the next one, especially if the pacing continues. It would be nice if the effects of the potion weren’t immediately apparent.

        1. Jerry

          OMG BBB3 not a moment too soon — I’d love to see Mandy regressed to a baby at last. She so deserves to be diapered and chagrined.

  12. areat

    Just a thought that popped up on second read : Could you tell the art team there’s nothing wrong with nipples? It look like it’s been totally avoided, going as far as erasing them on the intro man’s chest (!) It look really weird.

  13. fábio andrews

    i liked a lot this comic, but did you really have to end the comic on the best part? XD
    Please make the second part a lot humiliating for the mom, like she have to wear printed panties, training bra, play with toys and then the daughter becomes sexier and sexier and do sexy stuff with mom’s boyfriend… Please do lots of humiliation on the second part ^^
    Well, i guess i will have to wait, but sure will buy the next one.


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