Switcheroo January 26, 2014

A grown-up Abby doesn't realize the effect she has on guys in Switcheroo by DreamTales.

A grown-up Abby doesn’t realize the effect she has on guys.

56 pages, Color, US$11.99
Age Regression, Age Progression
Artwork by PalComix

Older sister Robyn regresses while her bratty kid sister Abby grows in a classic age regression / age progression role reversal story. Palcomix did another great job on the artwork.

Plot Summary: Older sister Robyn is stuck with babysitting her 4 year old little sister Abby. The girls run into the Puberty Fairies, who mess things up and make the sisters switch roles. Little Abby grows into a sexy bombshell, while poor Robyn gets sent back to kindergarten. Robyn is forced to watch as Abby takes over her dream date with her hunky boyfriend Bobby. [Abby is the little redheaded girl from Puberty Fairies Part Two. I thought the artist did such a great job with her that she deserved her own comic.]

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US$ 11.99

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This comic is part of the Puberty Fairy Age Regression Pack.

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25 thoughts on “Switcheroo

  1. darknail

    i liked it, but i think it would have been better if there had been focused a little more on comparing the two when the changes occurred, that’s my opinion at least, but overall i liked it.

  2. Justin Brown

    Enjoyed it as always. I would to see you do a comic were your young characters instead of A.P. just become giantesses.

        1. corey

          I can agree with the young giantess thing I can imagine it little girl bullied by her older sister then grows larger than a building it would be great

  3. Tomy

    I love it! Thank you Dreamtales! Just wonder…It gonna be second part where Abby takes Robyn to the beach with Bobby? I would to see it!

  4. Robert Rhodes

    Another enjoyable romp featuring the Puberty Fairies! I was surprised to see you use them in a much smaller-scaled story than the two-part story that introduced them, though. In focusing on just three characters, only two of whom are changed by the fairies’ magic, it seemed like something of a step backwards from their introductory tale, which entertainingly used a set of misunderstandings to snowball the situation into chaos and ensnare a whole host of characters in the magic’s spell. As a result this felt somewhat redundant, although the PalComix artwork was appealing as always, and people who enjoy your recurring theme of age role reversal (specifically between sisters) will find that this fills the bill. Seriously, though…do these two fairies ever do anything right? Mother Nature should have canned the both of them long ago!

    One point of confusion/concern: there’s a cute little faux news item at the start of the story reporting on the fairies’ activities that indicates that the effect of their magic seems to be temporary. Are we supposed to take away that that’s the case with these characters, too? I ask because, while the physical changes are fun, there’s something rather disturbing about the fairies screwing with the girls’ brains in this story. (Not so in the previous PF story, where the mother mentally and physically returning to infancy and trying to suckle at her daughter’s breast was a highlight—and also clearly a temporary state.) It’s kind of a silly thing to get hung up on, I know, but it cut into my enjoyment of the story a bit. Overall, though, this was an entertaining entry in the series.

    1. dreamtales Post author

      Thanks so much for the detailed review!

      Yes, the last part was actually intended to be something of a horror story ending. Sorry if it disturbed you, but as mentioned in the news article the effects are temporary – they will wear off (even if it is after the comic ends).

      1. ??

        horror ending ??
        how about ex little sister unbirthes ex big sister
        or more light version
        ex little sister mentally turns into mother while ex big sister regresses to an infant (still has her memories) and instinctively suckles on her new mothers breasts.
        dreamtales i noticed that in age swap comics you mostly do sister switches. you only did mother daughter switch once (PF2), it would be good to see more mother daughter switches.
        also how about a comics with a different goal for regression, most of your works main goal was one wanted to be bigger than other. it would be awesome to see something like The Au Pair were babysitter wanted to get along with kids so she regressed herself. hears an idea beautiful witch wants to have children but she cant hook a man so instead she regresses someone into infancy and raises him/her as her own child. hears another one some company tricks single people with no relatives, regress them into babies and puts them for adoption. same as previous idea only instead of regular people criminals sentenced for death or life imprisonment, so they get a second chance.
        what do you think?
        please reply

        1. dreamtales Post author

          Thanks, all good comments! I like the idea of someone regressing people to infants in order to sell them to adoption agencies. That sounds really nasty and could be pretty cool if set up right. The criminal variation is very creative too.

          I do like the sister scenarios as there is a built-in conflict. Sisters can be competitive by nature, so any change in stature can magnify emotions.

  5. wauster

    I love this story, but I desire see not only a AR and AP, and too a giantess and shrinking slow like the Yard work, with more humiliation scenes.

    Sorry for my english

  6. Brian

    This is definitely your 2nd best story after the Yard Work series. Would love to see more of these AP/AR based stories where the family members compare and contrast their new bodies.

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  8. Mas

    This is a pretty good spin off it just show this series can boast a universe of different stories. I’d like to see what happen to some of the other characters on the beach.

  9. Iggy

    I’m with some of the others–I’d love to see a few humiliating scenes with one reveling in the transformation of the other. Especially if at the end the girl got older again, but somehow her boobs didn’t grow back.

    Nonetheless, I did like the transformation sequence, especially the innocent questions Abby asked.

  10. Brian

    Agreed about the transformation questions. Love when you have a comic where a little girl is trapped in a womans body and isn’t sure about what to do with her new assets.

  11. Kanyon

    Wonderful job, I truly enjoyed this comic. I especially loved the ending where you incorporated that mental change. I find it a big bonus when the regressed character is forced in some way to act like the child she’s become. Hope to see more of these types of changes used in various ways in your future comics.

  12. haruhi4

    i think it was a great comic. With humiliation(i always prefer the side of the big girl who becomes little) between two sisters and beach… it was great. I just wish there were more humiliating scenes and that the little now big sister would make the other sister even more jealous.
    Great story, thank you for this comic and please continue with the great work ^^

  13. Dragonstorm545

    I love this comic, it’s been awhile since I read a good age swap comic. I like to see more in the futre after “Yard Work” is complete.

    I would like some variety for them like maybe a Mother and Daughter story or a Brother and Sister would interesting as well

  14. corey

    I actually had an idea related to this kind of situation only a little different the little sister does grow bigger than the older sister and humiliates her by posing with her new beautiful body and the big sister wishes that she was even bigger and more beautiful than her younger sister and she gets her wish and ends up even bigger than her little sister and humiliates her by doing size comparisons with their height boob size and butt size but of course there are a few apologies thrown around and sisters bonding over what’s happened to them I have been having a few ideas over the past few weeks involving age progression age regression and giantess growth and shrinking and I know you said I could posts idea’s here whenever but I just need to know if your ready to listen to them or not as you do get a lot of questions

  15. Tomy

    I enjoying so much! Thank you. I will be a second part. I will love to see both new size sisters in the beach as told Abby to Robyn before she goes to sleep!

  16. ED

    I realy needing part 2 of this comic so bad..in my opinion its even better than betsy and lauren comics …beside i like redhair girls more but in general Story and art was great.. And how reialstic they behave…that scene they change personality was great i realy like that. Is there any chance make part 2 of this comic and with same art stayle? I will support! It was best ap/ar comic i ever Read. Thank you


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