Upcoming Comics August 2, 2014

The girls discuss the luck of the draw in Mating Wars.

The girls discuss the luck of the draw in Mating Wars.

There are several fun new comics coming up:

Mating Wars is an AR / AP comic by Bojay that follows the travails of four girls in high school. Did you know that jealous girls could shrink their rivals? Or that girls can grow sexier to attract boys? Carol and Gail are sexy, popular girls that start out at the top of the heap and slowly find themselves heading towards the bottom. If you liked Something in the Water you should really enjoy this comic. The art is amazing.

There’s one more Bikini Bomb Blast comic, and this one is my favorite – it gives a whole new meaning to the word “Mega.” Follow Lili as she goes from a small island girl to Miss Universe!

Ray’s Secret (working title) is a really fun comic by the Pepper Pair, with all new characters in a growth / shrinking love affair.

The Yard Work art team is working on the long-awaited AR / AP comic. However, this is a different story with all-new characters. I do plan to go back to more stories with Amy, Luke, Nicole and Mom after this one is finished.

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38 thoughts on “Upcoming Comics

  1. Corey

    loving how each of these sound excited for mating wars bikini bomb 3 and the yard work AR AP thanks for the update dreamtales

  2. m

    Ray’s Secret looks interesting comic , I like to see a world of mini giantess females !
    Yard Work is the best series and mom is the best in it , I hope to see her soon .

  3. v00d00

    Looking forward to Mating Wars. When you say “Did you know that jealous girls could shrink their rivals?”, does this mean there will be SW in it too, or is it purely AR?

  4. jasbow

    Sounds like Ray’s Secret may be more to up my alley. The all female AR/AP stories are fun, but I like your contrasting female AP / male AR and female growth / male shrinking stories best. Will the upcoming yard work AR story include male AR?

  5. ??

    will mating wars have some payback scenes like breastfeeding regressed girls or spanking them?
    chances of unbirth?

  6. Ghost

    I know I’m not only one, but I can’t wait to see the AR/AP Yard Work comic. Can you give us an estimated release date for it?

  7. Nick

    Hey Dreamtales will there be any new Suzy and Marilyn Comics in the near future. I miss seeing them go through some GTS or SW action.

        1. Alexis32

          Excellent news!
          A new comic with Marilyn and Suzy.
          Ray´s Secret part 2.
          Mega Bikini part 3.
          YW 10.

          A lot of great comics are coming!

  8. Jasbow

    Dreamtales, you mentioned working on a sequel to Beachblnakets 2. I hope you will let Frank in on the action this time. I really enjoyed the slow growth / shrinking in Yard Work. It would be great to see that in Bb 3. I’d like to see Marylin use the gun to speed her return to adulthood, then set out for a little revenge on Suzy who left her behind. As she’s aiming the gun at Suzy from behind a tree or builidng, she has an unexpected growth spurt which throws off her aim and accidently hits Frank instead. Becuase of the distance, Frank’s AR or shrinking would be delayed and slow, so that its not immediately obvious. In the meantime, Marylin could keep having unexpected little growth spurts at inconvenient moments. Perhaps she could give the lifeguards a show by busting out of her bikini. It would be fun for Frank to have a pesky little girl with crush on him who follows him around. She would start out much smaller, then closer to his size, then the same size, then bigger than he is, until she finall leaves him for an “older/bigger man”.


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