Upcoming Comics November 9, 2014

Jessica has a laugh in Sex in a Bottle Part Two

Jessica has a laugh in Sex in a Bottle Part Two

Here’s the latest scoop on new comics:

Next up is (finally!) the last Bikini Bomb Blast comic, with an ultra-mega heroine and great art by Bojay.

Sex in a Bottle Part Two is underway, and I’m hoping it will be ready by early December.

Yard Work 10 is still in process and probably won’t be ready before year end. It does have lots of teasing, shrinking, and fun with Luke, Amy, Nicole and Mom!

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26 thoughts on “Upcoming Comics

  1. 142

    Molto rammarico per l’attesa di YW10 … Decisamente enorme … Almeno una anticipazione c’è la meritiamo …
    Spero di poter visionare quanto prima la terza puntata di BBB ….

    1. Jaroo

      No, WE don’t want to see a 10 ft mom, and she is not the best! More Amy doing more with smaller Luke and Nicole helping.

      1. Greg

        Agreed. The Luke and Amy relationship was what hooked me into the original story. All of the giantess mom and giantess vore side stories have taken the series off the rails.

        1. phoneix

          no , mom is the best part of the comic !
          you can read suzy and frank comics if you like this type of works , but yard work is new type and it should be different and mom has an important rule in the comic , so mom must be more in the comic !!

      2. MeFirst

        agree with you Jaroo! more teasing by tall Amy, with sexy Nicole helping her (and maybe Mom, but not with a ridiculous heigh)

        The last chapter of YW was the best! please keep going

  2. minigts23

    Please no more mother stuff – been plenty of distracted episodes with her. Last good one was Amy giving Luke a bath. More of that (with Nicole too) please!


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