Upcoming Comics December 24, 2014

Amy checks herself out in Yard Work ten!

Amy checks herself out in Yard Work ten!

Just a short note to say that Yard Work 10 should still be ready in January, with Luke, Nicole, Amy and Mom in a mostly shrinking SM / SW / GTS extravaganza! Here’s another preview pic.


I just heard that the coloring and lettering for Yard Work 10 will not be ready until mid- to late-February. I’m very sorry about this – there are apparently some problems with the production studio.

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45 thoughts on “Upcoming Comics

  1. anongts

    Yes excellent work dreamtales with tiny luke a nicol both sm and sw fans will enjoy this chapter cant wait for january to arrive and let me be the first to wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year 🙂

  2. v00d00

    This looks amazing! I’ve been waiting for some sw/gts scenes between Amy & Nicole for so long! I hope there is some actual interaction between them! Like being picked up/held/body exploration etc. I’d love to see tiny Nicole on Amy’s boobs/nipple or climbing over her body.

  3. Alexis32

    I hope to see really soon the next chapter of one of the best stories ever.
    Luke and Nicole in the world of giants mommy and Amy.
    Shrink and a little of growth I hope.

  4. Ghost

    I can’t but help but want Amy to get taste of the shrunken life since being “BIG” really seems to have gone to her head.

  5. jmuthe

    I want to say the I love your work but there is some constructive criticism that I have. When you make a comic, you often try to blend many different fetishes into one comic to try to appeal to as many people as possible. However, I think it has the opposite effect. I mainly enjoy shrinking women but I also like a little age regression and some breast expansion as well. However, I don’t want to see any shrinking men or growing women. Sometimes I feel ripped off because I buy a comic with many fetishes for full price but I can only enjoy the shrinking women part of it. People might suggest that if I feel that way, I should buy the comics with just shrinking women. However, over half of the shrinking women comics, on this Website, also contain other fetishes that I am not interested in.

    I don’t think that people who like shrinking women also like growing women and people who like growing women probably don’t like shrinking women because these fetishes are the exact opposite of each other. If these two fetishes are combined in one comic, most of the customers will buy a comic that only partially appeals to them. I may be wrong though, so my suggestion is that Dreamtales create a poll to see what people want. You should first ask what is their primary fetish and then, based on their answer, you conduct a second poll to see what other fetish they like.

    If the poll shows that many people who like shrinking women also like age regression, then you can make a few comics that contains both of these fetishes. However, if the poll reveals that most shrinking women lovers don’t like shrinking men or growing women, then you should make very few comics that combine those fetishes.

    1. dreamtales Post author

      Thanks, that’s a very helpful suggestion. I did a poll a few years back, and it’s probably time to have another one.

      I understand your concern about mixing genres, but please do keep in mind that it’s hard to please everyone. You can always ask how many pages of a given genre are in each comic.

      1. devodog56

        I’m a big fan of Dreamtales’ work. The artwork is exceptional and there’s a nice selection of comics to choose from (I’ve purchased quite a few of them). And as someone who works in a creative industry, I can certainly relate to trying to please everyone. It’s never going to happen.

        But I also see jmuthe’s plight. For instance, I’d personally love to see tiny Luke making love to giant Amy’s love button. But I don’t think we’re ever going to get there because the comics seem to dabble into genres without going all the way. I realize that scenario might not be appealing to everyone, but if a few comics were more focused to specific genres, it might be more appealing to others.

        1. dreamtales Post author

          Thanks for the thoughtful note. Some artists will do pretty much anything – Palcomix has a rider that specifies some pretty appalling stuff that I’m amazed anyone would even think of. Others have more boundaries.

          But the main restraint is making the story work. I think it’s really important to have the characters behave in a rational way so you can believe in them. If they just start jumping into bed with each other for no reason it’s not believable.

          That said, there are some fun interactions in Part 10, but as you’ll see there’s a clear, logical reason for it to happen.

          1. anongts

            Which is exactly why I love your work the build up in each comic is amazing ive found so many giantess and sm comics online where they litteraly just jump into bed I personally find it boring dont worry abour pleasing everyone as long as you please the majority of us it means ur doing a great job I honestly think that yard work is your magnum opus :p

  6. 142

    L’anteprima ha amplificato il desiderio dell uscita … Veramente una bella immagine promette molto bene …
    Scalpitando per l’attesa BUON 2015 a tutti

      1. 142

        Sarebbe bello vedere la mamma rimpiccolire estranei fino ad 1 mm di altezza … I suoi capezzoli sarebbero grattaceli …
        Sto contando le ore …
        Dai DT l’attesa da YW9 e’ stata molto lunga … Facci questo regalo oggi …

  7. 142

    Meta’ fine febbraio ?
    Meta’ fine febbraiooooo ?
    difficile farsi estimatori e con YARD WORK 1-2-3-4-5-6 te avevi fatti molti, questi capitoli uscivano con una frequenza mensile, avevano tante pagine ed erano bellissimi
    Poi un capitolo ogni 3-4 mesi … Adesso per il 10 lasciamo perdere … Colorazione per fine febbraio ?
    E chi lo data’ colorando ? LEONARDO DA VINCI ?

    1. dreamtales Post author

      The first few chapters were already underway when I released part one, so I was able to bring them out quickly. A 40+ page comic usually will take 3 months just for the artwork and coloring. So unfortunately they are going as fast as they can on this one.

  8. Star33

    Well I am sure it will be great when it does, and perhaps it will just mean part 11 will be sooner to come then 🙂


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