Upcoming Comics April 5, 2014

Amy and Luke in Yard Work Part One.

Amy and Luke in Yard Work Part One.

Yard Work:

Check out the new Yard Work Part Three cover! I’ll be posting some more new covers in the next few days.

Chapter 8 will be all Shrinking Women. Work on Chapter 8 is underway, and should be ready within 2 months. Chapter 9 is also planned, and will go back to the main story of Luke versus Amy, and has a GTS theme. I’m still planning an AR version, but that will be completed later.

Suzy & Marilyn AR / AP Comic

The next Suzy & Marilyn AR / AP comic is almost ready. It has some great art by Palcomix and Bojay, and features the ladies in a situation where being little and skinny is an advantage, and being big and sexy is a liability!

Pinterest Board

My new Pinterest Board has some fun GTS / SW images found on the web.

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22 thoughts on “Upcoming Comics

  1. m

    very good !
    cover and images are great .
    how a bout mom ? will she became big again in part 9 and stay big ??
    please make her hottest and biggest .
    thank you Dreamtales .;-)

  2. corey

    wow you weren’t lying when you said you were making more growth charts will you do every cover for every issue? also I’m happy to hear that there’s a part 9 how many chapters will there be? and I’m excited to see shrinking women but will it be temporary like will mom shrink down to Luke’s size and grow back to her mini giantess size and also about that 1 day free link stuff

  3. Justin

    I would love to see an AR/AR Comic were the AR girl stays AR but still get’s the guy in the end. OR an AR getting the girl in the end.

    1. corey

      also here are my thoughts on part 7 (even though it may seem a bit late at this point) I really liked how it focused on the mom and Amy dynamic just a few conversations between the two without them having to worry about Luke shrinking and the unexpected growth spurts with mom were very good as well may I ad that personally I think she should stay 9 feet tall and that she looks a lot more well sexier without her glasses I like her with or without them anyway though I hope that in a future chapter we can see Amy have a few growth spurts like I’ve said its been a while since we’ve seen her grow will we ever see mom in another situation like this? and also with Nicole’s gigantic breasts at the end does that indicate we will see more focus on breast growth or was that just for a few laughs? hope to hear from you on this and as always keep up the good work you have continued to wow me throughout this series.

      1. corey

        oh I almost forgot I also really liked the ending dream sequence looks like you took my advice on using dreams as a little get away from the plot and it really looks like mom will never find anything that will fit her at giantess size

        1. corey

          I just had a quick brainstorm for part 9 that is if its not too late as you explained to me before about the script going over by a few months but with a growth and Luke versus Amy story why not have it take place at the beach after all a lot of your stories are at the beach like puberty fairies switcheroo and beach blanket beauties Luke could bury Amy in sand while she falls asleep sunbathing Nicole could give Luke a piggyback ride in the water (that is if he hasn’t grown past 5 feet) and mom could grow while she’s in the water ripping out of her bikini and coming out of the water with a seaweed skirt and starfish to cover her breasts and Amy could grow right out of the sand Luke buried her in and make a bikini out of towels I think that would be a lot of fun but like I said unless you have already finished the script for part 9 then maybe take this into consideration for something else

  4. qzar

    the story will become amazing if mother stay at 9 feet tall and 9 feet is her shortest height in continue…
    luke and amy can fight again like chapter 3 but giantess mom come and picking up them and don’t let them fight !

  5. Urza

    Great work on the site recently, though one thing I would like to see is a Yard Work-esque FMG story with a girl slowing getting bigger and stronger while some male can do nothing about it. I know the giantess and AP stuff is probably more popular though (of course the fmg collection from Bojay recently was awesome).

  6. Steven

    Are Suzy and Marilyn going to end up as toddlers or infants at some point? It would be nice to see them back in diapers and still fighting over Frank.

    Any hint when it is coming out, I can’t wait?


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