Yard Work Eight Update April 27, 2014

Mom and Luke in Yard Work Eight.

Mom and Luke in Yard Work 8.

Here’s a preview of Yard Work Part Eight, the upcoming all-Shrinking Women chapter of Yard Work. The story involves Mom (of course) plus another hot female character as they become reduced in size and go through various adventures.

I’m hoping Part Eight will be ready in 2 weeks.

Note: This chapter is SW only – the other mini-GTS scenes referred to earlier, including some more humiliation for Luke, will be in the next chapter Nine. For those of you waiting for the AR version, I’ve had some issues with the story and may try to do a different AR story in the hopefully near future.

And… not to worry – Mom goes right back to her old mini-GTS self in Yard Work Part Nine!

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45 thoughts on “Yard Work Eight Update

    1. fred

      Man you are way to obsessed with her let something else happen. Like Amy doing stuff. This comics series is supposed to be about Amy and Luke. I like that part of the story little sister out growing her “big” brother

      1. kong

        this story have 2 parts , little sister out growing her “big” brother and mother out grow of all of them . I just Emphasis on side 2 of this story and other side can happen in any case ! 😉

  1. 142

    DT sei veramente il n 1, cerchi sempre nuove piste e non sei mai banale.
    Ora la mamma potrebbe avere delle umiliazione da qualcuno che prima vedeva piccolo piccolo …
    Credo di riconoscere quelle tette dietro di lei …
    2 settimane … Non vedo l’ora …

          1. corey

            hey speaking of covers how long does it take to make them? I’m asking this because I’m curious as it did take a while for the covers for part 3 through 6 to be made

  2. Alexis32

    The image is fantastic.
    Tiny mom?!
    More hot females will shrink?!

    So the chapter 9 would be The revenge of big mom!

    1. corey

      yeah maybe some people treat mom badly because she’s really small then when she grows she goes on a mini rampage this looks great dreamtales can’t wait but I have to know does mom grow back at the end of the issue or does she grow back in part 9?

  3. gts

    watching mom in this size make me sad !
    look at her lovely face , she isn’t happy .
    I’m waiting till she became a hot mini giantess again .

  4. v00d00

    I have to say, I’m looking forward to this chapter more than any of the previous! Looks and sounds amazing, can’t wait!

    Wonder if the other hot female will be Nicole? Mmmmm

  5. gts

    mom must have a big return in part 9 , more bigger and sexier than her old size and her size became at least 9 ft tall .
    thanks dreamtales for great works !

    1. 142

      Si l’interazione e’ forse quello che manca fino ad ora …
      Quando la mamma e’ cresciuta al museo infastidita dai ragazzi e’ fuggita invece di far valere la sua dimensione …
      Speriamo che 8 – 9 contengano maggiori interazioni ….

      1. v00d00

        Jeez, give it a rest! Its like listening to a stuck record player, you’re obsessed!

        I like that DT is mixing it up a bit, if mum is always the biggest, it’s going to get repetitive & boring!

        1. 142

          Secondo me se in questo capitolo la mamma rimpiccolisce il tutto aumenta di interesse, si potrebbero creare nuove situazioni che potrebbero sviluppare successivamente …
          Sono molto interessato a questo capitolo …

        2. kong

          as you see the story is not boring and it’s very lovely and this chapter is for SW fans .
          but as you giantess is more popular than small woman and a mini giantess milf is best thing in this category . mom can stay biggest and the story is not just about mom , but in the scenes with mom , she is giant size , that’s all !
          also you can find some mixing comics in this site 😉

  6. 142

    Non vedo l’ora …
    Ho maturato un idea su chi si approfitterà della piccola mamma … Non sarà l’infermiera ne Nicole ne AMY …
    Non voglio svelare nulla ma credo sarà moooolto interessante

        1. 142

          Si sicuramente è che l’attesa è’ sempre troppo lunga per chi come me è’ un grande fan di DT , poi quando si è a poche ore dal uscita, l’attesa diventa insostenibile … 🙁

          Dai DT FACCI SOGNARE !


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