Yard Work Part Eight May 10, 2014

Tiny Mom is at the mercy of a strange researcher in Yard Work Eight

Tiny Mom is at the mercy of a strange researcher.

29 pages, Color, US$7.99
Shrinking Women
Artwork by Sedna Studio

Mom shrinks in this all Shrinking Women chapter of Yard Work!

At home, Mom finds her clothes getting a bit too loose. She heads to the doctor, where a weird pair of researchers put her through a series of tests. As she gets progressively smaller, things get stranger and stranger. And the sexy Nurse joins her in the gerbil cage!

In Part Eight:
Mom slowly shrinks to midget and doll size;
Tiny Mom is trapped in a gerbil cage by odd researchers;
Her would-be rescuer is shrunk too!

Note: This is Part Eight of a Multi-Part Series You can see the other parts of Yard Work here.

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US$ 7.99

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50 thoughts on “Yard Work Part Eight

  1. Fred

    This is a great part, for those SW fans! Disappointed by no dollhouse usage–which is what I love seeing for SWs–the one thing that was worth the wait was the Mom, as a “lab rat!” ^_^

  2. mopoy

    UGH! SW. Do we REALLLLLLY need ANOTHER shrunken woman story. So far there hasn’t been a SINGLE Minigts sex scene. We also had only ONE sex sequence (a bullshit macro dream at that. I won’t be getting this one. And I’m pretty pissed that the ONLY none SW or age story is having this elements shoved in, ESPECIALLY after waiting SEVEN issues for some payoff.

    1. TheMathemagician

      Totally agree,mo. This was completely ridiculous and now the story seems to be veering all over the place for no reason but to keep it going. What’s next-Amy growing horns like a ram and Luke turning into a little girl? It’s just starting to get too wierd and it’s taking too long to get to the payoff-which at 8 bucks a pop is getting expensive,too. It’s time to either return everyone to normal or make one last change and make it permanent.

      Personally,here’s how I’D end it: Mom,Luke and Amy are nearly back to normal when they’re all accidently sprayed with a new variant of the growth formula-with unpredictable effects-that just hit the market from the same company. Amazingly, it results in all 3 ending up at the same hieght-6 foot 6 inches tall! Luke becomes a muscular hunk of god ( come on,the poor guy’s been through enough,he deserves it) while Amy and Mom both become buxom (emphasizing thier bust size in the art) , lovely Amazons. But what’s amazing here is not only are the last dose’s effects permanent, they have a totally unexpected effect on Mom-she’s age regressed to 20 YEARS OLD! Now a giant young beauty, Mom has a second chance at life. Amy, in the meantime, has matured too much in her months as a “grown up” to ever go back to being a kid again. The final scene shows all 3 returning to college with Luke, who everyone is shocked at “how much he’s grown over the summer” and to whom he introduces his older and younger “sisters” !

      THAT’s how to end this story. Please don’t drag this out into a Silver Age Superman Red Kryptonite story for 10 more parts………………

      1. corey

        hey leave dreamtales alone he’s made a lot of shrinking women stories and he obviously wanted to see if people would like it if yard work had one and by the seems of it lot’s of people are liking it that’s what any great story writer does they experiment with their characters just be patient the “big payoff” that your waiting for will eventually come and magician your idea for the ending of the series I can’t say I agree with it the only part I agree with is the breast growth dreamtales will do what he want’s with the series and as always dreamtales keep up the great work I look forward to every chapter of yard work and every story you make

        1. kong

          I agree with corey .
          I prefer a mini giantess mom , it’s mother’s day , please respect to mother’s place and keep them biggest and hottest in the family , so they can receive more Respect and love ! 😉
          thanks Dreamtales .

          1. 142

            Questa e’ la differenza fra un grande come Dreamtales e chi invece rimane nello scontato … Riesce sempre a stupirmi con nuove evoluzioni della storia … Era giusto far provare alla mamma una sensazione invertita … Non è più lei la più grande … Anzi è la più piccola e maltrattata … Solo immaginare il dopo mi emoziona per il capitolo 9 ….
            Grandissima il personaggio di BRENDA , peccato per MARVIN avrei preferito una infermiera , magari esile e bassi a sopraffatta dalla dottoressa … Avrei preferito più dominazione da parte di AMY sulla madre … Rimane un CAPOLAVORO, complimenti DT

            P.S. magari se si riuscisse ad avere più pagine la prossima volta non sarebbe male 😉

          2. TheMathemagician

            Well,we’re all entitled to our own tastes. I just don’t like that kind of story and more then that, I think the story’s dragging on too long and becoming wierd. I’m sorry,that’s me. And I think that’s a great ending I suggested-but again,to each his own. I’m not the author here-Dreamtales is. He’ll write whatever he wants.

            I don’t like the turns the story’s taking? Then it’s simple-I won’t buy it anymore. Period.

  3. jv

    hey the paypal shopping cart is broken cause I tried to use it and even though yard work part 8 was in it,it said it was empty,just letting you know so you can fix it.

      1. corey

        I need to ask though is part 9 going to be the finale or will this series continue into part 10 and 11?

  4. corey

    Dreamtales I have yet to purchase this issue but is it safe to assume that mom’s would be rescuer is Nicole?

  5. Greg

    I liked that even though this was a Mom heavy story that we still got to check in on Amy & Luke (and see their size comparison).
    Thanks for using the idea of having Luke in the clothes Amy was wearing in Part 1. That was funny to see.

    How old is Amy? Isn’t she still just a little kid? It’s weird that she’d get to go out dancing up to 10 at night.
    Does Amy still go to the same class at school during the day? Now that she’s over six foot tall, it would be fun to see her at school towering over boys her own age and maybe even towering over her teacher as well.

    Can’t wait for the next installment. I hope there’s more of big Amy teasing little Luke in that one.

    This is a great series.

    1. devodog56

      I’m obviously thinking about this way too much, but if Amy’s body developed breasts, I would think the rest of her would develop as well. She wouldn’t be book-smart necessarily, but her brain’s development would lead her to think about things differently. And with Amy’s body in its age-progressed state, Amy would be feeling the effects of the hormones all people in a body that age feel.

  6. v00d00

    This is great, really loved this chapter, so very sexy! Mom is hot as a SW, as is the other SW! I loved the way she shrank in bursts, especially with Amy, and then the sexy nurses. Also loved the interaction between them all, only wish there had been a bit more girl on girl on GTS action between mom, the other SW, and the evil nurse (rather than Marvin), that would have been super hot!

    One small criticism, there seems to be an issue with the cage bars and faces merging, on pages 20, 22 & 27. Not a big deal, and doesn’t spoil the comic, but looks a bit odd!

  7. Alexis32

    Great interaction between mom and the nurse.
    I think Brenda and the nurse would be a hot giantesses too.
    I would like to see Nicole again in part 9.

  8. Ben

    A thousand times yes. Do much more SW like this. There’s nothing wrong with GTS, but this was incredible,

  9. soren

    I really really hope there,will be alot more breast expansion, that would be so hot and there is not much of it

  10. robotech

    good job … let me know when you are going to publish part 9 … I hope it’s 49 pages … want the mother to grow 9 feet always stay that size …

          1. 142

            9 , perché non 10 piedi …
            L’importante è vederla interagire molto di più e dominare fisicamente e verbalmente ogni piccolo uomo che si avvicini a lei …

        1. rr

          let me know when you are going to publish part 9 ….I agree sooner or later mom needs to be permanently 9 =10 feet tall

  11. Joe

    I agree with the vast majority of the comments: this shrinking was really out of the way.
    Let’s go back into the essence of the comic book which was Luke getting pissed by a 7-8ft Giantess Amy and a 10ft Mom living her new life. And what about Nicole? It’s been a while since we don’t know from her…

  12. Alexis32

    Dreamtales did a lot of different stories.
    This one have a lot of different changes with a lot of different characters.
    If mom grow bigger some people like it a lot.
    If Nicole is the biggest another people will enjoy it.
    We could wait to see the end.
    Mom could be a 30 ft giantess, maybe Amy or not
    Maybe Nicole grows a lot and …
    But I´m sure he knows the right way to do the best story ever.
    It´s just an opinion.

  13. corey

    I finally got this issue and I downright LOVED IT! mom shrinking was unexpected but it was handled very well and Luke getting revenge on Amy by locking his window was very good to and I say Brenda and Marvin got what they deserved but I can personally say I was not expecting mom to do that to escape can’t wait for the next issue dreamtales also a bit of a request since this was an all shrinking woman chapter will there be an all growth chapter?

    1. corey

      oh I almost forgot I really liked how mom posed in page 27 also I hope that the nurse grows back to normal

  14. renny

    For me it’s boring! The last parts had no continued storyline. Why?
    And the shrinking is underdosed.
    The graphics are good but the rest isn’t exiting.

    1. kong

      yes ,it was better the story keep going with a hot 10 feet tall mom and number of pages stays at least 46 like part 6 but the drawings are amazing .

      1. corey

        exactly YW is the greatest series created by dreamtales and there is nothing that can go wrong with it what so ever don’t let people like this get you down DT

  15. ArrayList

    Ugh just my two cents but this story is really going downhill. I would rather they just end it already and do an alternate storyline to start fresh.


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