Yard Work Pack One (Parts 1-3) April 7, 2014

Amy and Luke in Yard Work Part One.

Amy and Luke in Yard Work Part One.

107 pages, Color, US$25.99
Female Growth, Shrinking Men
Artwork by Sedna Studio

Parts one through Three of the multi-part series that explores – in minute detail – what happens as a big older brother shrinks while his irritating little sister grows. Follow Luke and Amy as they experience a huge role reversal!

This is a great intro to the Yard Work series. See what all the buzz is about!

“This series is the best I’ve ever seen, on this site or any other site.”
“Absolutely Amazing”
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“I absolutely loved it!”
“The artwork is amazing. The attention to detail is wonderful.”
“Brilliant work!”

Yard Work Pack One includes the following comics:
Yard Work Part One
Yard Work Part Two
Yard Work Part Three

Sample illustrations (PDF file)

You can see the other parts of Yard Work here.

US$ 25.99

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26 thoughts on “Yard Work Pack One (Parts 1-3)

  1. corey

    well this is a surprise I thought you were going to wait until the series was finished to release a pack and um what about part 4’s cover?

    1. corey

      and also could you please answer my questions in my review I posted about part 7 and what do you think about my part 9 beach idea and one more question will we see the puberty fairies again? (though I’m pretty sure we will)

    1. corey

      yeah looking back I have been going overboard apologies everyone I’ll stop with the questions for a while

  2. Fred Francis

    Note to all readers: before you buy this, there is NO shrinking women.

    This set contains Female Growth, Shrinking Men.

  3. WincestLover

    Needs more steamy hot moments with Amy and Luke. I’m not saying add anything sexual (I wouldn’t mind though) although there already was some implied in chapter 2 ex: “Am I hot hot enough for you?” Just make it implied or add suggestive eyebrow-raising subtext between Luke and Amy. I feel that this character dynamic has fallen apart. I like the idea of “forbidden thoughts” especially as the brother has to watch his sister grow bigger and bigger and purposely put on a show for him while doing it. I would really like to see more of this in the future chapters if you don’t mind. More Amy growth and her teasing her brother while he can’t do anything about it-moments too please.

    1. x

      Agreed, I’m disappointed that there’s none of it in ch.8 either. I’m hopeful for Ch.9 but I have a feeling the Amy/Luke dynamic will be minimal.

      1. dreamtales Post author

        Chapter 9 (after the SW interlude in chapter 8) has a really nice sequence with Amy and Luke and their changing dynamics. I’m pretty sure you’ll like it.

          1. anongts

            so chapter 8 will be mainly SW? not really a fan of that but oh well i will still buy it 🙂 , i am really excited to hear about chapter 9! i am checking your website everyday for updates please please do a amy/luke interaction and hopefully a mom/luke interaction, i already saw luke/Nicole interaction and hope to see more in the future 😀

  4. Greg

    I have to say that my favorite parts of Yard Work are the Luke & Amy sections.

    Some things I’d like to see:
    At their heights in that last image (where Luke is 3 or 4 feet tall and Amy is 6 and a half feet tall), it would be fun to see Amy picking Luke up off the ground and looking him eye-to-eye with his feet dangling and kicking in the air.

    Since Luke now comes up to the height of Amy’s butt, the funniest thing she could do as an annoying giant, bratty, little sister is fart. Even if we saw that just once it would be hysterical.

    Will we ever see what happens when Amy goes back to school or hangs out with friends her own age? She would be like a giant to them.

    1. corey

      I can agree with that I would like to see more feats of strength styled things like when mom picked up the doctor in part 5 maybe in a later issue have mom easily pick up something heavy and people around her are just looking in awe i would really like to see something like that thanks dreamtales

          1. corey

            I do hope later in the series mom can be permanently 9 feet tall I can honestly say that would really make my day and as always keep up the great work dreamtales

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