Yard Work Pack Three (Parts 7-9) August 19, 2014

Amy teases her shrunken older brother Luke in Yard Work Pack Three.

Amy teases her shrunken older brother Luke in Yard Work Pack Three.

98 pages, Color, US$23.99
Female Growth, Shrinking Men, Shrinking Women, Giantess
Artwork by Sedna Studio

Parts Seven through Nine of the multi-part series that explores – in minute detail – what happens as a big older brother shrinks while his irritating little sister grows. Follow Luke and Amy as they experience a huge role reversal!

This package features 98 pages of top quality artwork as Luke shrinks and his sister, mom and girlfriend grow. Lots Giantess, Shrinking Women and Mega-Giantess action.

The Sample Illustrations include a New Cover! You can download them here: Sample illustrations (PDF file)

Yard Work Pack Three includes the following comics:
Yard Work Part Seven (Mini-GTS)
Yard Work Part Eight (Shrinking Women)
Yard Work Part Nine (Mega GTS)

You can see the other parts of Yard Work here.

US$ 23.99

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28 thoughts on “Yard Work Pack Three (Parts 7-9)

  1. m

    excellent !
    cover is really good and mom size is very nice .
    I hope to see 4’6″ luke , 6’6″ amy , 6′ nichole and 10′ mom in part 10 and they stay in these size always .

  2. kong

    mom size is perfect in the cover . it’s good to see her with this size and more hotter in next parts .
    thanks dreamtales !

  3. phoneix

    mom is my love . I like to see her at least 10 ft tall with big boobs and big butt , she is the best and she must be very bigger and hotter than others always .

  4. urza

    mom is amazing and I like to see her growing more bigger than amy and become double size of her , I just follow this comic for this great mom .
    thanks dreamtales for this lovely series !

  5. bachuni

    amazing climax. I really hope this is story never finish !
    the sizes in the last cover are excellent especially mom . please continue the story with 6’0″ Nichole , 4’6″ Luke , 6’6″ Amy and 10’0″ mom and keep these size for them always , I want to see mom is the biggest and hottest in any time , because she is really lovely and perfect size for mom’s boob is in the page before last page in Yard work 7 , mom must be huge with huge boobs and big butt , this will make a great story ever !
    thanks a lot for your attention .

  6. Alexis32

    One of the best gts stories ever.
    Beatiful hot girls growing and growing.
    I would like a lot to see a really big Amy in the city.
    But mom is the best!

  7. Jaroo

    More Luke and Amy, please with her dominant and teasing, with Nicole fun. Too much Mom, already. Not into the Mother.

  8. bk

    i also would like more luke and amy 🙂 maybe amy and lukes sister shrinks him back down to size and locks him up in the doll house


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