Yard Work Pack Two (Parts 4-6) April 15, 2014

Giantess Comic Yard Work

Mom and Amy in Yard Work Part Six

130 pages, Color, US$26.99
Female Growth, Shrinking Men
Artwork by Sedna Studio

Parts Four through Six of the multi-part series that explores – in minute detail – what happens as a big older brother shrinks while his irritating little sister grows. Follow Luke and Amy as they experience a huge role reversal!

This package features 130 pages of top quality giantess and shrinking men comic artwork as Luke shrinks and his sister, mom and girlfriend grow.

The Sample Illustrations include New Covers! You can download them here: Sample illustrations (PDF file)

Yard Work Pack Two includes the following comics:
Yard Work Part Four
Yard Work Part Five
Yard Work Part Six

You can see the other parts of Yard Work here.

US$ 26.99

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25 thoughts on “Yard Work Pack Two (Parts 4-6)

    1. corey

      hey quick idea when the series is done and before you get to the age regression version why not release all the covers as a free download or something

  1. 142

    E’ passato un mese dalla pubblicazione del capitolo 7 sarebbe bello avere una anticipazione del 8
    Mi farebbe piacere sapere se rivedremo l’ex marito nano e la sua giovane compagna ?


      1. corey

        Kong could you answer this question personally I enjoy the heck out of that idea but has mom grown to that size or has everyone else shrunk?

  2. 142

    Questo è senza dubbio il miglior fumetto letto.
    Il fatto che nel prossimo capitolo ci siano SW mi alletta molto … Sono infatti curioso di sapere chi fra le donne di questa storia’ andrà a rimpiccolirsi e se le altre effettueranno dei soprusi su queste piccole … Sarebbe bello solo per questo capitolo se la mamma andasse a rimpiccolirsi imbattendosi magari con la infermiera o nicole o magari la compagna del suo ex marito e queste poterebbero avere la loro momentanea vendetta nei confronti della mamma momentaneamente rimpiccolita …
    DT e’ passato più di un mese dalla pubblicazione del 7 , e’ possibile avere una anticipazione del 8 , qualche news … GRAZIE

    1. Alexis32

      So mom will be the perfect GTS now!
      Not just the perfect mini gts.

      I love this story.
      A lot of different hot girls growing.
      The story line is fantastic too.


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