Yard Work Part Nine July 15, 2014

Giantess Nicole is is about to swallow Luke in Yard Work Nine.

Giantess Nicole is is about to swallow Luke in Yard Work Nine.

42 pages, Color, US$9.99
Giantess, Shrinking Men and Women
Artwork by Sedna Studio

A climactic chapter of Yard Work, featuring Amy, Nicole and Mom all growing and growing!

Luke reunites with Nicole, triggering a growth competition with Mom that almost destroys the neighborhood. And Amy has poor little Luke at her mercy – or does she? Amy shrinks at an inopportune time, and then grows back again.

In Part Nine:
Nicole plays out her GTS fantasies on Luke;
A great vore scene as Luke gets swallowed up;
An angry Mom has a huge growth spurt;
And Amy and Luke battle it out, with lots of teasing!

Note: This is Part Nine of a Multi-Part Series You can see the other parts of Yard Work here.

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67 thoughts on “Yard Work Part Nine

  1. darknail

    a great comic, i hope you do more where you keep there charcters in realistic height ranges instead of too much supernatural sizes, by this i mean in the ranges from about 3 feet to 9 feet that would be ideal in my opinion

    1. TheMathemagician

      I completely and totally agree-which is why the author going off the rails in a couple of chapters with micro-Mom and All-Giantess-Chapters is really not helping this story. Keep everyone in realistic statures while focusing on growth and shrinking. I hope the last chapter makes Nicole,Mom and Amy settling at realistic but Amazon 7 foot plus tall and buxom final sizes-and let Luke end up a 7 foot tall muscular hunk of a giant. Yeah,I know-but the poor guy’s been through so much-cut him a break! lol

  2. andos

    Agree with above comment. all though in my opinion luke or any other person shouldn’t shrink below 4-4,5 feet. But hey, that’s my personal thought 🙂 great comic, keep ’em coming!

  3. Ed

    Great comic… I sure hope Nicole do uses some Super Grow or visits the lawn treatment laboratory and falls on the super gro containment
    in real life till she gets to some 20 ft or 50 ft and has to go to a barn while the effect lasts… but she gets out of control so the government asks mom to grow and control her… maybe using the shrink ray in overdrive to grow or something… just my wish for a future issue

  4. kong

    very nice but still part 5 is the best !
    why from page 32 color is changed and there is not more scene of mom ?!
    it just wait for this comic to see 10 ft mom but I disappointed ! hope to see that in part 10 .
    however thanks you dreamtales .

  5. mauriPS

    Just bought it, I hope the artist keeps doing gts/sm/sw comics, the style is amazing. and well detailed. Even if its a climax, I hope we can see more of these characters in the future, maybe as in cameos in future comics?

  6. Tom

    Parts 4-5-6 spirit was real great. Parts 7-8 were terribly worse, and Part 9 seems to go in the right path again. Congratulations!

    While we love the Luke-Amy actual interaction, I am sure that most people would prefer other teasing methods than simply spanking. We would like to see more of Amy taking advantage of her difference in height, in other manners!

      1. nanashi

        Maybe the summer ends, and Luke and Amy have to go back to school and deal with the consequences? Amy could use the fertilizer to help some of her friends who are being bullied.

        1. corey

          or how about this Amy and Luke are outside and Amy grows and then dangles Luke off the ground by his arms and legs

        2. eric

          Think about how different an experience that would be for Luke, being a senior at that size! Or even spontaneously and unaware shrinking a little at a time throughout the day, especially after accidentally hitting on someone who teases him worse and worse for being such a little shrimp as the day goes on! He could even eventually realize it but since no one is used to him there people could just assume he had always been his sizes and ignore him, Nicole making things worse by convincing others that Luke is normal just to get off on seeing him trying to navigate the school! Until he gets so small he has to be scooped up by Amy or Nicole and catch a hidden ride in their cleavage just to get home! Or, he is forced to sucrunge between two girls on the bus home and shrinks rapidly until he is almost squished! And then is rescued by Amy and taken home.

          1. eric

            Cause see being a new school and all, people will just assume he is a very short possible streaker as the day goes on until he gets super small as he has met almost no one there.

      2. m

        very good !
        I want to see mom become 10 ft tall and very busty and curvy and she do sex with a person with this size ^_^

    1. Theos

      Agree with Tom, thank you for getting back to real story. “Mom” fans are more repetitive here but I like the Amy/Luke/Nicole story line.

      Would also like to see more Amy teasing of Luke while she reminds him of how much younger she is. Maybe comparisons, etc. also agree with earlier comment on 3 – 8 foot range or so.

  7. v00d00

    Really liked the chapter. Loved the Nicole/Mom growth scene, super sexy! And also loved the Nicole/tiny Amy scene! I really hoped Nicole might get in on the Amy humiliation for a little F/f fun! I could really see Nicole enjoying spanking/dominating Amy!

  8. Alexis32

    Congratulations DT!
    I like a lot this new chapter.
    Mom and Nicole like giantesses! Wow
    Amy vs Luke again!
    I hope to see a really big Amy in the next chapter.

  9. anongts

    glad you went back to main story line. the vore part was amazing! however i was hoping to see a similar scenario to part 5 between look and nicole but thats ok because i am sure other chapters will have it. the interaction between luke and amy was good since it went back to the sibling rivalry we all love, however, i loooooove seeing amy dominate luke like in chapter 6, when i saw luke dominate amy…well it wasnt really my thing but im sure the SW fans loved it so good job on that part as well its always important to please all the fans. over all this chapter was great as always! keep up the good work dreamtales you are making many people happy and like me they appreciate it a lot it was indeed worth the wait !!! i will be waiting patiently for the next one and any other GTS adult comic you are working on 🙂 🙂 🙂

  10. Tomy

    Thank you Dreamtales! I enjoy the new chapter a lot!. like seeing Amy dominate Luke.Hope see more Amy teasing Luke soon!!! good work dreamtales!!! Was worth the wait !!!

  11. corey

    I loved this issue dreamtales I’ve been wanting mom to become a giantess and now that it’s happened I’m overcome with joy I was hoping mom would permanently 9 feet tall but this is still really good and Luke and Nicole getting serious about their relationship and Luke’s revenge against Amy then turned into Amy’s Payback made this issue even better please tell me your making part ten the things you’ve been doing with yard work are excellent and I just don’t want it to end

  12. 143

    Another dream sequence cop out, more random unexplained shrinking/growing, and basically nothing happens except a crappy spanking scene. I don’t know if you can call this criticism, but this series lost what made it so good in the first place. Since the comic stopped focusing on lawn chemicals, every subsequent installment feels more and more like a cop out for terrible plots and quick cash grabs.

  13. phoneix

    I love mom growth .
    I was hope to see 10′ mom in this chapter , but I’m waiting to see that in next part .
    mom is only reason for following this comic.
    thanks dreamtales !

  14. gts

    wonderful !
    however I prefer mini giantess size , but scenes was good , also we hope to see that mom permanently become 10 feet tall and become very hotter than before , she is the best .

  15. David Smith

    Apart from the pointless dream sequence at last we have little sister revenge on now little brother in shorts. This is where the story should have gone from the start and lost all the nice side trips. I like the idea of them going back to school.

    When is the age regression version of the comic coming?

    1. Theos

      Agree with David – more of the little sis revenge and teasing, and also maybe more with Nicole in “realistic” sizes such as 3 ft luke and 7-8 ft Amy and Nicole. Don’t care about the Mom.

  16. jonathan

    is nice , but like me know if can do a working with the carácter of gullivera , like see it , and sure I buy it,

    thank you
    Jonathan z

  17. 142

    Come ho già detto sono contento di questo capitolo, la strada e’ quella giusta anche se a questo punto della storia credo tutti si aspettino il salto di qualità, come ha detto qualcuno sarebbe bello vedere che chi è in vantaggio di grandezza sfrutti meglio questo vantaggio con maggiori umiliazioni fisiche o erotiche e non limitarsi a dare una sculacciata … Qualche passo avanti da questo punto di vista e’ stato fatto, vedi il servizio fatto dalla mamma ed infermiera ad assistente e Nicole che schiaccia con sedere e non solo Luke … Ma auspicherei qualcosa di più concreto …
    Mi piacerebbe inoltre tornare a vedere in capitolo 10 l’ex marito e la sua compagna, ritengo abbiano un grande potenziale in quanto non hanno legami famigliari e la mamma potrebbe agire con cattiveria e senza freni inibitori … Come ultima cosa faccio i complimenti nuovamente e dico che questa storia crea dipendenza ed il giorno dopo l’uscita dispiace perché occorrerà attendere per la nuova … BUON LAVORO

  18. not gonna say

    Yeah this series peaked at part 6. . .hope it gets back to the extended teasing instead of the random stuff the last 3 issues.

  19. qzar

    excellent work dreamtales !
    I really enjoy from this comic , also mom is very good in this series . please show more scenes of her in busty mini giantess condition , she is my favourite character .

      1. Corey

        oh thank goodness I was actually worried it was over thanks for clearing that up and a bit of a delay is understandable you can’t focus all your time on one series there’s a lot of other thing going on well looking forward to whatever else you have in store Dreamtales part 9 is my favourite of the series so far keep up the great work

  20. sm

    Was kinda interested in this series, I love the idea of a female becoming strong, especially if she had formally been small, and insignificant. I started checking out this series but stopped at #4. But I then saw pt 9, and decided to take a chance. Unfortunately I did not like the pay off.

    (Slight Spoilers)

    The art is great, and so are the colors, but it just felt story in terms of how you properly end a story with that kinda of “dream” sequence. Not a fan of this. The Amy and Luke storyline should have ended differently as well. I mean Luke’s GF is that insensitive? Amy did a lot of inappropriate which makes her mentality on the verge of being Psycho. But then again Luke does not seem to have “grown”, no pun intended, he still seems like a jerk and has not learned any humility. Maybe this is Luke, regardless, this story seems to have been somewhat popular but I could have going without all the implied, innuendo stuff. Just wish there were more stories that sticks with the ideas of empowerment oneself, without necessarily creating the feeling of humiliation. Maybe if the characters were nicer.

    Regardless, I will not be interested in that proposed Age Regression version that is being planned. Still, I appreciate the other GTS comics that are often part of the site. I think I should have tried out that Old Switcheroo story instead. But, I gotta say I got the collector’s edition with the black and white inks. The art is impressive, very smooth lines, and you get an appreciation of how much work goes into the look of the comic. And that idea is kinda neat.

    Special request…
    Any chance of a growth story WITHOUT any Age Regression to the antagonist?
    Just have the protagonist go forward rise up, and NOT look back, or down, no pun intended.

    1. dreamtales Post author

      “Any chance of a growth story WITHOUT any Age Regression to the antagonist?”

      Yes, I’m working on a story just like that now. It’s not Yard Work, but a new Bojay GTS comic.

    1. max

      wow , this part is excellent !
      also mom is very cool and lovely and I like to see these sizes in next parts .

  21. jasbow

    Please post a preview of the age regression story you are working on inspired by “Yard Work”. Will it also feature a big brother / little sister reversal theme? I have especially enjoyed that aspect of Yard Work. Does it pick up on the reference to “Something in the Water” made by the Doctor in Part 2 or 3 of “Yard Work”? It would be cool so see a “Something in the Water” sequal with a “Yard Work” sibling rivalry theme. I really enjoy your stories that combine female growth or age progression with male shrinking or age regression. So far Yard Work, Something in the Water, Magi and the Suzy / Frank stories have been my favoriate. I will keep checking back for more. Keep up the great work.

  22. dave

    I like mini giantess parts but giantess parts was good because mom is really good , I want to see hot 10 feet tall mom in part 10 with her normal family , thanks !

  23. eric

    I think going to a new school would be fun since Luke and Amy just moved to the neighbor hood. If Amy isn’t old enough for high school I attended a school where the middle school and high school were joined. Luke could be used to being the big guy on campus but nobody at school except Nicole would know how he used to be, everyone would treat Luke like a shrimp or worse, like he belongs in the middle school! Of course, a female groundskeeper might just be using certain lawn care products on the grounds and or keeping them in a storage closest someone hides in. . .

  24. G.T

    Would you do another shrinking yark work where amy and luke shrink and Nicole finds them and has fun with them mom comes homes sees this and is in shock but wants too join in . 🙂

  25. Alexis32

    I would like to enjoy
    The Puberty Fairies with GTS SW and SM
    Big Splash 2. The second part would be amazing!
    YW 10 of course.

    Any news about Pubert Fairies and Big Splash 2?

  26. D

    It’s a shame you turned your best story into a forgettable shitty fanservice. Since part seven the thing just doesn’t make sense at all.

    Oh well.

  27. Corey

    technically Amy doesn’t grow in this issue (except when she grows back to her normal size after shrinking) I was hoping to see Amy have a growth spurt but I guess we will see that in a later issue part 9 is still my favourite so far

  28. rr

    I congratulate you for this excellent publication… When are you going to publish part 10… how many pages will be


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