Yard Work Seven Update February 17, 2014

Luke checks his height in Yard Work 7.

Luke checks his height in Yard Work 7.

Here a preview of Yard Work Part 7. As you can see, Mom is pleased to see that her boy Luke is finally growing back – slowly. The comic is still in the draft stage and will need another month until it’s complete.

Fans of Mom will be happy to hear that there’s lots more Mom in this chapter!

Note: This is not the AR version – that should start after this chapter. If there’s enough interest I might try some other spinoffs – an SW version could be fun.

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61 thoughts on “Yard Work Seven Update

  1. G.T

    does look start out smaller in the beginning of this chaper then grow or is he the high in pic stright from start of chapter ??

  2. Brian

    Two questions:

    1. Since it’s still going to be a long wait, are we going to get some more preview art?

    2. Is mom going to hook up with someone finally in this chapter?

  3. corey

    happy to see that Luke has grown to a more “natural” size is it safe to assume that Nicole will be in this chapter as well as more growth?

  4. Ben

    As much as I love this story line, and I do, if it were to come down to AR or SW I would go SW every time. I’m sure that puts me in the minority, but I’d much rather see all these women shrink, slowly and be played with than see Luke (I would guess) getting younger, seems to similar to this story line. I want to see Nicole shrink in front of Luke, see the Mom shrink in public, surrounded by people who can see her naked. Either way this has all been great, but like I said, if I had a vote it would go SW.

  5. v00d00

    Definitely interested in an SW version! Would love to see more Nicole, Amy & Mom shrinking with each other! If Nicole & mom were to shrink around Amy….Mmmm!

  6. corey

    I know its going to be a while before you even consider doing it but I had 3 ideas for the yard work “what if” storyline

        1. corey

          okay first thank you that I can’t even describe how happy that makes me feel now the ideas 1 the super grow is instead called mega grow which results in mom Amy and Nicole growing to giant size mom at 60 feet tall Amy at 50 feet tall and Nicole at 45 feet tall then Nicole picks up Luke who is 3 feet tall and puts him on her shoulder then the women go for a little walk around the town 2 the super grow has a muscle growth effect resulting in Amy having the muscle mass of a jock in high school Nicole having the body of a well toned athlete and mom being the size of an Olympic weight lifter and Amy teases Luke because he has no muscle and she has a lot of it and mom being amazed at her new body has a few flexing sessions in her bathroom 3 this one is a 3 versions of the same story sort of thing the main basis is the girl becomes a 25 feet tall giantess but in each version its a different girl n version one its mom in version 2 its Amy in version 3 its Nicole when mom grows Luke Amy and Nicole make her a tent in the backyard to sleep in and a bikini made out of curtains from the house when Amy grows she plays around with the neighbours a bit and moves the house literally she picks up the house (with Luke mom and Nicole inside it) and looks around for a better place to put it when Nicole grows she is ecstatic that she’s a giantess and lives out her fetish picking people up stomping on cars smashing buildings and tearing roofs off houses and she gives Luke and his family a little ride in her hand 4 with Luke shrunk Amy decides to do some of the chores including watering the plants then she does that shower thing Nicole showed her in part 1 and starts growing she doesn’t notice until her bikini snaps off and when she comes inside she scares mom with her new size Amy is 9 feet tall and mom is 7 feet tall and Amy sleeps on the bed she and Luke made for mom in part 5 that’s all the ideas I have for now thanks for listening please reply I really want to hear your opinion on all of these like I said the yard work ‘what if’ series can be something really good hope to hear from you and your doing a great job

  7. rr

    I congratulate you on this excellent production …. when are you going to publish the next issue ….. pregcomo smeared one there will be a part 8 ….. as you had cometado tratatamiento months ago the mother is unstable ….. I hope the mother grow to over 10 feet and nicole also grow and be higher than amy

  8. gtsfan07

    I’ve been waiting to see more GTS from mom. I wouldn’t mind SW. as long as it is GTS/SW. Not very into GT/SW at all. But maybe we will see Luke’s girlfriend again?!

    1. corey

      I definitely would like to see more growth all around in my opinion mom deserves to be bigger and it’s been a bit since we have seen Amy or Nicole grow

  9. darknail

    Dreamtales have you considered selling Text Versions of your stories?, i would imagine you could satisfy a lot of people, and i’m sure a lot would buy both Text and comic versions of your stories.

  10. koro

    Luke is growing? Well boo. 😉

    I do hope we get some non-dream interaction between a tiny naked Luke and a big Nicole.

    But I’m anxious to see whatever you give us. Bring on Part 7. 🙂

  11. sm

    I tuned out of this story back in pt 4. Most of the time it is a gamble whether or not I am going to like it or not. I do not like the hinted incest themes anyways, it is not my thing.

    First of, I like the idea of female empowerment, always have. I remember when I was a little kid seeing Super Friends and seeing Giganta grow. Loved that.

    Also, I liked the idea of a once smaller skinny gal, having power and dominance as time progresses. I love the idea of a role reversal. And although Yard Work featured some of this early on. It was not enough. We never got a sense of sister experiencing issues at school, we never got to see much exchange with formerly taller students/teachers/etc. This comic quickly became the Mom show.

    Mom, mom, mom.

    And when the gals did grow, they looked more like models than gals that have had their bodies experience a growth of body, bones which would include some growth of muscle.

    What I am trying to say is that their bodies should have experienced their frames experience more bulkiness, thickness, bigger hands, feet, shoulder width, longer muscular legs, and just mass. They look to much like skinny models. And now there is talk about doing an alternate version with age regression? Why? For the first 4 comics the brother was practically a kid already, I do not get that, he was already posing as a kid, so why the need to rehash that idea again? I guess folks really want to see the brother become a baby with diapers. Please.

    I would like to see once and for all a growth story that features the female protagonist outgrowing those around her without them getting some goofy spell or anything else that shrinks or makes them younger. Just her growth, and the role reversal scenarios that come from that. A simple growth spurt story would be awesome, set up the gal’s issues at home and school, she get’s taken advantage of, and as the story progress she grows into a dominant and formidable Amazonian specimen that starts excelling in all the sports in the school(even the Men’s team), and their is nothing her former bigger acquaintances can do but look up, piss their pants, and dread they ever picked on her to begin with.

    Can this be done? Or do I have to write this and draw it myself? Because I might just do this btw.
    I am not angry, the art in these books are interesting, great colors, but I am just not into the shrinking and getting younger thing.

    Regardless, thanks for previous comics, and will be looking for other issues/comics on this site that strike my fancy more.

    1. robotech

      I disagree with what you say … for my review Chapter 7 should be on the mother grow more than 10 feet …. please post another advance

    2. corey

      I like the idea of this story female empowerment and out growing all those around her no advantage that they all shrink as well just the girl growing into a well developed muscular woman and being able to show everyone what she’s made of and outshining everyone nice idea sm

  12. Greg

    Guys, I know we all want Part 7 A.S.A.P., but…
    …it’ll get here when it gets here.

    Keep up the good work, Dreamtales.


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