Yard Work Part Seven March 18, 2014

A rapidly growing Mom draws a crowd at the museum in Yard Work Seven.

A rapidly growing Mom draws a crowd at the museum.

27 pages, Color, US$7.99
Female Growth, Mini-Giantess
Artwork by Sedna Studio

This chapter stars Mom, the perfect mini-Giantess MILF! Seven foot tall Mom experiences random growth spurts that come at inopportune times. Lots of great GTS growth scenes as seven foot tall Mom busts out of her clothes while she visits a museum.

Note: Fans of Female Growth and Mini-Giantess themes should enjoy this chapter. If you haven’t tried Yard Work before, this might be a good jumping-in point as the stories are self-contained and you don’t really need to know the characters’ back-story to appreciate them.

In Part Seven:
Seven foot tall Mom has a series of misadventures at the museum and;
Mom goes clothes shopping and busts out of her clothes.

Note: This is Part Seven of a Multi-Part Series You can see the other parts of Yard Work here.

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US$ 7.99

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50 thoughts on “Yard Work Part Seven

    1. dreamtales Post author

      That scene is moved to a future chapter – I felt the sequence needed more “oomph” and didn’t want to release it without a revision. So it will be in an upcoming chapter. (That’s why I added the note about Luke not appearing in this chapter).

      Sorry about the confusion…

  1. wauster

    Fantastic work.
    I know you barely end the chapter seven, but do you have any prevision for the chapter 8?

  2. aruns

    Bummed about this one except for the last slide with Nicole. Dynamic between Luke, Amy and Nicole made this series great. Mom giant side show not interesting. But I know a lot of people asking for it, so hopefully they liked…

  3. corey

    fantastic work as always dreamtales I was thinking you know how you did a chart at the start of the first issue where it was a before and after sort of thing why not do another one charting up how things were at the start before the growing and shrinking and then show how the sizes have changed throughout the series from Luke going from 6 feet tall to 3 inches tall and Amy going from 4 feet tall to 6 feet tall and then 7 feet tall and mom of course going from 5 feet tall to 9 feet tall maybe you could do this after the series if finished I figure it would be a good sum up to newcomers and a slice of enjoyment for long time readers (such as yours truly) keep up the good work dreamtales things get better and better every issue in fact this is my favourite one so far

      1. corey

        oh you are making another growth chart? great minds think alike I guess I am wondering however what do you think of my recent ideas you know Amy mom and Nicole growing to giant size muscle growth and the five years later thing

  4. arrayLIst

    When will this version of the series be finished so you can start over from the beginning to do the alternate route/sequence? At the rate its going I’m not sure what will be the last chapter or if the series is just going to keep going in random directions. Not complaining or anything. Just would like to know.

    1. dreamtales Post author

      There will be at least 2 more GTS / SM / SW chapters, plus I am still planning to do an AR version. So it might go on for a while, just like the Suzy & Marilyn series.

  5. m

    very lovely !!
    mom is the best ! she must be biggest always 😉
    please in next chapters show some scenes of 10 ft tall mom , 6 ft tall amy and 5 ft tall luke ! ( mom size stable at 10 ft )
    thanks a lot 🙂

  6. kong

    excellent work !!
    mom ass and breast growth was very good , please for next parts make her 9 ft with big ass and boobs and she lives in home with her Amy and Luke .

  7. rr

    for the excellent work …. part 8 on that topic will focus the story … I hope you have a competition growth … growth between mother and nicole

  8. Mas

    I thought the art work was great . Growing mom was awsome , but I’m not gonna lie I was a little disappointed with this one . I feel like this was more of a filler part , like if you skipped this one you wouldn’t miss anything towards the main story line.

    1. kong

      I agree !
      I think mom grow and became 9 ft tall and became hot and sexy in real and stay at this condition.
      and why mom looks shorter in this part ?? amy’s head should be lower than mom’s breast .
      page 3-7-28 was the best .
      thanks DreamTales .

      1. robotech

        Posted March 21, 2014 at 11:59 AM
        for the excellent work …. I hope that in part 8.. .a growth between MOM and nicole competition … interesting that the mother stays stable at ten feet

        1. m

          I agree with you robotech 😉
          mom is the best !
          mother must grow ten feet tall and became hotter and bigger than nicole and nicole do sex with Luke !

    2. gts

      mom is very cool , but if these growth happens in real and main story ( like growing in home in front of luke and amy ) and she stay at that size ( 9′ ) , the story will be more interesting !

  9. gts

    amazing work … mom growth is really cool always , please stabilize her size at 9 feet tall with big butt and breast .

    1. corey

      I agree mom looks like she should be balanced out she has the superior size but she should also have breast and butt superiority maybe even make Amy slightly jealous

      1. gts

        yes , mom grow and became big and hot and lovely and this make Amy slightly jealous but Luke like his hot giant mother and Nichole like mom also and they can live together and prepare for Luke’s birthday ! ( a party with 5 ft luke , 6 ft Amy , 6 ft Nichole , 9 ft mom )

  10. WincestLover

    Next chapter: Add some steamy incestuous moments between Luke and his sister! Even something suggestive counts as good!

    1. TheMathemagician

      EW. Seriously,ew-what is it with you guys and the incest? Definitely NOT my thing and I think I speak for a lot-though clearly not all-here. What I’d love to see at story’s end is Mom discovering that her growth has had the unexpected side effect of making her 2 decades younger! THAT would be great!

  11. Phoenix

    wow ! I love mom growth , I wish she always stay at 10 ft tall and sexy like page 28 with big round ass.
    her dressing is hot and black dress was great .
    dreamtales please make more scenes of mom and amy and luke together , a giant sexy mom is best thing in family . thank you

  12. anongts

    i literally bought every comic at one go i was giving up on gts comics in the internet because they were all the same but this…this is it my quest for the best gts comic ever is over i found it, what you did in chapter 5 with Nicole and Luke and how you created the sibling rivalry between Luke and Amy blew my mind and i will pay double if not triple for more chapters because they worth every penny! keep up the good work! keep Luke small and keep the girls big!(i don’t mind a bit of sw with Nicole) but like everyone said mom HAS to stay big and Amy has to keep teasing Luke about his size! you single-handedly (in my opinion) created my dreamtale 😉 you will be hearing a lot more from me buddy and trust me they will only be positive.

  13. ewerthon

    please, do another bath scene with luke and sister! the part where she steped on him, and put him in her bikini where the best so far! *.*

  14. kong

    it’s good to see amy and nichol shrink and luke plays with them , but when giant mom come in home and see that , she get surprised and don’t allow to luke ! 🙂

  15. corey

    I would like to hear any news on part 8 and also this may seem a little strange but my issue suddenly stopped working could you maybe make a 1 day free link just so I can get it back if you could that would be perfect thank you

  16. WincestLover

    Needs more steamy hot moments with Amy and Luke. I’m not saying add anything sexual (I wouldn’t mind though) although there already was some implied in chapter 2 ex: “Am I hot hot enough for you?” Just make it implied or add suggestive eyebrow-raising subtext between Luke and Amy. I feel that these character dynamics have fallen apart and should be brought back. I like the idea of “forbidden thoughts” especially as the brother has to watch his sister grow bigger and bigger and purposely put on a show for him while doing it. I would really like to see more of this in the future chapters if you don’t mind. More Amy growth and her teasing her brother while he can’t do anything about it-moments too please.

  17. StandardError

    My favourite of the series so far.

    Maybe after the series is complete, this one can get something like a director’s cut comic. Maybe show us the details of what happens between Mom entering the museum and making it to the storage room. Make it more like an ENF situation where she tries to hide from everyone that might spot her. Then maybe show the walk and talk conversation with the curator, showing the transition of Mom being scared of being naked in public to getting more comfortable with the idea. (Maybe then you can also explain how the curator found high heel shoes FOR A SEVEN FOOT TALL WOMAN! 😀 )

    With so few ENF comics out there, it never hurts to ask. 🙂

    1. corey

      I could imagine that working it could also show where mom went in part 6 when Amy was humiliating Luke or what happened at the dance Amy went to in part 8 this seems like a good idea nice thinking standard error 🙂

  18. dk

    and also i finally found some comics that are on the same level as the japanese ones keep up the great work


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