Bikini Bomb Pack January 5, 2015

The native girls grow to mini-giantesses in Bikini Bomb Blast Part One

The native girls grow to mini-giantesses in Bikini Bomb Blast Part One

150 pages, B&W, US$21.99
Giantess, Shrinking Women, Mega-Giantess, Female Growth
Artwork by Bojay

“Bojay brings wonderful expressions to his characters. His style is just brimming with personality, innocence and fun.” 
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“The little cartoon vignettes make Bojay’s portfolios so cheeky and sexy.” 
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“Cute, sexy, and oh so fun! Great work by the artist!”
“I’ve been waiting for a giga growth giantess comic and Bojay just knocked it out of the atmosphere.”
“Some of my favorite books you’ve done and I don’t even like MEGA normally.”

Get three fun giantess and shrinking comics by Bojay at a special price! An atomic bomb test causes lovely South Pacific island girls to shrink and grow, from shrinking women to mini-giantess, mega-giantess, super mega giantess and beyond. These comics feature over 150 pages of Bojay’s most beautiful artwork!

Sample illustrations

Bikini Bomb Pack includes the following comics:
Bikini Bomb Blast (Mini-Giantess and Shrinking Women)
Mega Bikini Bomb Blast (Mega Giantess)
Lili’s Mega-Space Adventure (Super Mega Giantess)

US$ 21.99

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