The Bikini Contest June 30, 2015

Bikini Contest, an Age Regression comic by DreamTales

Lauren gets jealous of her rival in The Bikini Contest.

20 pages, Color, US$7.99
Age Regression
Artwork by PalComix

A group of sexy ladies competing in a bikini contest get regressed, going from bombshells to little brats, with great Age Regression art by Palcomix.

Story Summary: Sexy ladies competing in a bikini contest try to steal Lauren’s boyfriend Bobby. Unfortunately for them, Lauren’s pheromones cause the rivals to get younger. The bikini babes go from bombshells to brats, as Lauren and the audience look on in amusement. A classic Age Regression comic that cuts right to the action!

Note: This is technically a sequel to A Growing Attraction, but is also a stand-alone comic that can be read by itself.

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12 thoughts on “The Bikini Contest

  1. Laurenlover

    It’s always great to see more Lauren, but I would’ve liked to see her get bigger from shrinking the other women.

  2. Fanboy

    So will there be more in this series? I get the feeling the girls might just try to get revenge and be regressed further.

  3. Tomy

    I love Lauren stories!!! Thank you!. As Laurenlover said i would like see Lauren get bigger while shrinking the other women.

  4. Blastoise

    These “Growing Attraction” comics have been great, and I’ll buy more. But, I still would like some Male AR. Maybe, a “mommy pheromone” that turns men into boys?

    1. dreamtales Post author

      Sorry, Selz changed their terms of service for certain sites so they no longer take credit cards. You can still use a credit card with Paypal.

      I will look into getting some other options for you – hopefully soon.

      1. jon

        I’m waiting a long time for the options I cant use paypal ,would dreamtales take a money order or a debit card without paypal?

        1. dreamtales Post author

          I added a link to my Big Catrel store, which does accept credit cards. Please check it out!

          Let me know what other comics you want – I’ll add then to the store.


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