A Growing Attraction Part One March 16, 2015

Lauren's pheromones regress her older sister Betsy in A Growing Attraction.

Lauren’s pheromones regress her older sister Betsy

45 pages, Color, US$11.99
Age Regression, Age Progression
Artwork by PalComix

Betsy and Lauren in an Age Regression and Age Progression love triangle! Lauren steals Betsy’s boyfriend Bobby, and discovers that she has the ability to shrink her older sister! Palcomix did a great job on the AR / AP artwork.

Story Summary: Betsy and Lauren both have a crush on Bobby. When Lauren sees him on the side, she grows as big as her older sister. When the girls compete for his affection, Lauren’s pheromones regress Betsy, shrinking her to an adolescent. This comic is loosely based on the same premise as Mating Wars, where girls use their pheromones to shrink their rivals.

Note: This is the First Part of a Two Part comic. You can see Part Two here. 

Sample illustrations

US$ 11.99

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23 thoughts on “A Growing Attraction Part One

  1. Anon

    I don’t have money right now on my credit card but if I use my moms, what will the receipt say when you buy it?

  2. Jasbow

    I also hope to see the boyfriend affected by age regression. As a shrinking men fan, I would like to see Lauren outgrow Bobby in the end. I enjoyed the tables-turning ending of Olympic Trials and would have liked to see more of the Frank regression side-plot. It would be amusing to see Bobby’s regression happening more slowly and a final scene with little Betsy and Bobby playing happily together in the sand while disgruntled Lauren is forced to babysit them both.

  3. tomy

    Thank you!. I love it! I would like see Lauren and Bobby grow more with every kiss they have under the boardwalk and see how Lauren’s pheromones make more Betsy younger!

  4. v00d00

    I loved this comic! Especially the regression at the dinner table scene, with Betsy’s little feet and sandles, as he rlegs get shorter. Also liked the scene with Betsy’s friends regressing. Both girls look great in their bikini’s, especially Betsy’s frilly string bikini, very sexy & well drawn!

    1. dreamtales Post author

      I’m so glad you liked this one – it might be my favorite Betsy and Lauren comic. The artist did a fantastic job on those scenes. Thanks!

  5. chumguzzler

    I loved it, would’ve liked to see Lauren grow even more proportionately to what Betsy’s friends lost. I’d also like to see Lauren outgrow Bobby, but I understand that’s probably not going to happen in Part II. My reasoning is that if Lauren learns there’s a connection between lovemaking and growth, and she wants to increase her power, then she would start having relations with other boys in addition to Bobby. Those guys would grow, too, but Lauren would grow as much as all of them put together since she’s having relations with all of them. Also, it’d be neat to see Betsy try to catch up with Lauren by dating boys her size, only for Lauren’s pheromones to rob her size when she confronts her again. The story has a great premise with so many possibilities.

  6. jose pedro

    hi, I live in Mexico. if making payment with my credit card would be safe?
    and. the comic would come to my mail in pdf?

  7. fábio andrews

    too much transformation pictures and too little humiliation/story. I was hoping for more. I think the second part will get better, but still i have to pay another 8 bucks for it. Since i am brazillian, the dollar is more expensive here ._.


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