A Growing Attraction Part Two April 5, 2015

Lauren shrinks her older sister in Dreamtales Age Regression comic Growing Attraction.

Lauren’s pheromones have reduced Betsy to child size.

47 pages, Color, US$11.99
Age Regression, Age Progression
Artwork by PalComix

“Some of your best humiliation work to date!”

More great Age Regression artwork as Lauren continues to shrink and humiliate her older sister – and her Mom!

Story Summary: Betsy and Lauren’s fight over boyfriend Bobby comes to a climax, with Betsy reduced to a 6 year old. But Betsy refuses to give up, causing Lauren to regress her older sister to an infant – and smaller! As Lauren’s pheromone powers grow stronger her Mom is affected!

Note: This is Part Two of a Two Part comic. You can see Part One here.

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US$ 11.99

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29 thoughts on “A Growing Attraction Part Two

  1. Captcom

    Holy shit, that is the most satisfying AR comic I’ve read since Crybaby Marilyn. Would love to see more material like this, or maybe even taken further until the victim goes *poof*.

    Thanks for the read, Dreamtales.

  2. Steven

    Loved it. Best AR comic other than Crybaby Marilyn. Though I was slightly confused why Betsy shrank instead of getting even younger, did not seem to flow with the plot. Because later Lauren was worried about regressing her mother to pre-birth. Loved the whole mother daughter reversal. Guess Lauren now has to marry Bobby and raise her new two daughters.

  3. v00d00

    Another wonderful comic! Best AR for a while! I especially liked the scene with the babysitter (she was super cute).

    Would really love to see an extra scene – if at all possible – where Betsy starts to age progress, back to normal, but remains the same size, while still being looked after by the babysitter. Maybe a young Betsy being held & played with with some dolls, then adolescent Betsy listening to music with the babysitter, then a returned to normal age Betsy, with the babysitter helping to wash her, or dress her!

  4. Sakura

    Part 1 of the comic was really nice with the regression. But as for Part 2 even though her power to regress others grew stronger, I feel the regression of her mother was rushed and should have been done a bit over time to show more of the mother daughter reversal. I would have paid for a Part 3 to have seen this done. Comics do not always have to be only 2 Parts.

  5. Klatuk4u

    Ok, so for a while I always enjoyed the AR/AP comics here, I had been mildly disappointed by the minor part AR played in the previous few comics. However this one is AWESOME!!! Contains quite a few AR scenes that are detailed, and very good! I recommend it!

  6. Nick everett

    Brilliant! Babies at last, and so tastefully done — I agree with all the above (except I don’t like inNorth, and the Mom’s regression was not too fast). Thanks for doing AA! Plans for a pt 3?

  7. Anthony

    Hi, can you guys do the fairies. Vs the chemistry powers. It is a big production. However, I think it would be right up there with yard work.

  8. Captcom

    I would really love to see a short follow up to this (or a full part 3) where Lauren accidentally finishes the job on both her sister and mother.

    1. dreamtales Post author

      “Finishes the job?” Poor Betsy is reduced to a two inch tall infant, what more can Lauren do to her?

      (Actually I’m really interested to find out…)

        1. v00d00

          I agree. Would love to see Betsy re-age, while remaining the same size! Especially if the cute babysitter or her friends gets to hold and play with her!

      1. Steven

        Love to see a part 3 where Lauren accidently regresses her mother further and maybe even the babysitter gets affected and joins the mother and Betsy. Also, what happened to Betsy’s friends, maybe they could also be included.

      2. Frenchyars

        Very good AR story. There is no more competition now between sisters. Lauren can take good care of her sister, like a mom can do. Take a bath with her or wash her in a sink, go shopping to buy baby cloth (Meet Betsy’s friends), Decorate a new baby room, leave her in a playpen. Visit the doctor who consider breastfeed her will help Betsy because her new needs at her new size, she have the relearn to live her new live with a sister to decide what’s good for her. The babysitter can take advantage of be powerful over an adult (mother) and the tiny Betsy. She can invite some friend to share this pleasure. Now she is powerful, they are very dependent of Lauren they have to listen.
        Sorry for my English.

          1. v00d00

            I also thought Lauren breastfeeding Betsy might be an interesting storyline to add.

            What if Lauren has some of her own progressive/growth hormones in her breast milk. The doctors decide this would help Betsy grow. It kind of does, but only in age, not size. She returns to her teenage years, but still at shrunken size! She can still fit in the palm of Lauren, the mom, (who also breastfeed, and returned in age, but as she wasn’t shrunk she’s normal size), and the cute babysitter, who has been hired to look after tiny Betsy. But maybe she’s a mean babysitter and likes to tease/play with teenage Betsy, dressing her up like a doll, or taking baths/showers with her! Maybe Lauren finds out, and protects her tiny/older sister by using her powers on the mean babysitter, regressing her. Betsy thanks Lauren & in the end they work out their differences. They end up playing together, Lauren let’s Betsy play on her, climbing her mountain sized breasts, or they go to the beach together and sun bathe.

  9. Iggy

    I love the whole sequence with Lauren plotting to show off Betsy’s diminished assets–some of your best humiliation work to date, IMO!

  10. Iggy

    Any word on the launch date of the sequel hinted at in the “what’s new” section? I’m looking forward to it!

      1. Iggy

        Awesome! I don’t suppose shouting “HURRY UP” will make it go faster, will it? Nah, just kidding. I’d rather it be good than fast. Thanks for the update.

  11. haruhi4

    sorry for saying this, but what the hell was that shrinking? I loved the AR, but shrinking got me completely off and it’s not even on the comic’s tags ._.


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