Night at the Opera Part Two October 18, 2015

Marilyn starts getting younger in Night at the Opera Part Two

Marilyn starts getting younger in Night at the Opera Part Two

44 pages, Color & B&W, US$10.99
Age Regression, Male AR, Female AR
Artwork by PalComix

More Male Age Regression as Frank continues to get younger, turning into a baby before sexy Suzy and Marilyn!

Story Summary: Frank continues his humiliating regression, turning into an infant in front of the sexy well-dressed ladies at the Opera. Baby Frank is taken home by Suzy and Marilyn, who try to outdo each other in playing Mommy for him. (17 color pages by Palcomix)

Plus 27 pages of very detailed Age Regression scenes by Bojay, including:
Brent shrinks to a baby and gets spanked (7 pages)
Marilyn regresses to a toddler (6 pages)

Note: This is Part Two of a Two Part comic. You can see Part One here.

Sample illustrations

US$ 10.99

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14 thoughts on “Night at the Opera Part Two

          1. v00d00

            Will the be any SW? Really want to see another Suzy & Marilyn SW comic. Just something about those 2 shrinking and playing with each other I just can’t resist! Pygmy Queen is still 1 of my fave comics!

  1. sissy

    WOW! I LOVED IT! It’s great to finally see some Male Age Regression. You hit all the hot buttons: diapers, the regression process, small penis humiliation, comparisons, mating rivals, it’s all in there and best of all it all happens in front of a sexy woman you love. The art was excellent, lots of different views, angles, perspectives and scenery.
    I love it when the shocked regressee is being chased and trying to hide his humiliation from the big mean ladies who did that to him and laugh at his expense. The additional art was a great bonus, well worth it. I’ll definitely buy future comics that fit this theme and style. Thank you so much for making this, it really made for a Happy Halloween! 🙂

    1. dreamtales Post author

      Thanks, I’m so glad you liked it! That really makes my day.

      If you haven’t seen them before, The Age Vampire and Something in the Water are also fun Male Age Regression comics.

      And of course there is the upcoming Yard Work 13 with Luke regressing.

  2. David

    Both parts 1 and 2 were excellent. Would like very much to have seen the after drawings as fully plotted and in a lot more depth and detail rather than just as add ons.

    Nice to see some male AR treated properly and not just implied as in Yard Work although that has had a few good moments.

    Any chance of a part three to follow up with the three children in a little more detail?

    1. David

      In fact adding to my previous thought and post what about a true battle of the sexes?

      Two boys reduced to babies. Two woman fighting it out each reducing the other finally getting stuck as toddlers or say pre teens then to babies.

      Then the four helpless little ones having to co-operate to survive. Then getting the restore drug and of course it gets applied to a real child.

      So the adult child looking after the baby children, but still having the mentally of a child and relying on the baby adults to guide but refusing to restore the adults.

      A sort of Mexican stand off each now dependant on the other, baby adults to be the maturity of the “family” and adult children being the adults without the maturity etc.

      1. dreamtales Post author

        Thanks, very nice ideas! I wasn’t thinking of continuing the series but the scenario is interesting…

        The idea of a baby being turned into an adult and lording it over a regressed adult is cool. That also happens in “Which Baby is Which”.

  3. Murph

    Really enjoyed this one. This is the reason I come back and see what is new. There’s just something about a bad grown up man being reduced to a toddler or baby and getting what he deserves for being bad that I find so entertaining. First anger, then confusion, then understanding and knowing that they’re about to get their comeuppance, especially when they try to escape first. I really wish more like this were made. I enjoyed both comics and both artists are very talented. I especially enjoy BoJays art style, and really hope to see more like this. Awesome job.


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