Starlet Stripe Part One November 28, 2015

Suzy becomes a ten foot tall WWII Super Heroine in Starlet Stripe!

Suzy becomes a ten foot tall WWII Super Heroine in Starlet Stripe!

32 pages, Color and Black & White, US$9.99
Mini-Giantess, Female Muscle Growth
Artwork by PalComix

A fun new retro GTS comic that features Mini-GTS, Breast Expansion, and Muscle Girl themes.  Suzy, Marilyn and their pals volunteer for a female growth experiment! Many thanks to Merritt Stone who contributed a number of ideas to the story.

Story Summary: Suzy is Starlet Stripe, a 10-foot tall World War II heroine! Suzy and her pals volunteer for a special Army program that uses a growth formula to help ladies fight bigger and better than the guys! Can the guys keep up with the big gals? There are two new characters: tall, skinny Abby becomes a buxom GTS, while tough-girl Rosie turns into a 10-foot tall muscle-girl.

The comic features 26 color pages by Palcomix, plus another 6 detailed black and white concept sketches by Bojay!

Note: This is Part One of a Three Part comic.

Sample illustrations

US$ 9.99

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The comic is also for sale at the Process Productions Store.

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14 thoughts on “Starlet Stripe Part One

  1. James

    Good start to the series, like the growing part.
    Next issue maybe Marilyn takes some of the formula, or more, and grows bigger than Suzy leading to a growth battle between them for Frank.
    Rosie’s my favorite character in this one, i definitely want to see her bigger and muscular (50 feet tall), maybe stomp on a few enemies and rip open tanks with her bare hands.

  2. v00d00

    So happy to see another Suzy & Marilyn comic by Palcomix. The art work is always so good. Shame it’s not an SW comic though (hopefully soon).
    This comic was fun. Hopefully we’ll get to see some girl on girl action in the next chapter, sounds like Rosie isn’t into guys, and maybe prefers girls!
    I’d like to see Marilyn try to get hold of the growth drug to try for herself but instead accidently takes the antidote or another drug meant for the enemy army that does the reverse. She ends up dwindling down to toddler size, and then doll size. She ends up the plaything for Suzy, Abby and Rosie. Maybe Rosie decides that as she’s not into guys, she actually quite fancies a tiny sexy little Marilyn!


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