Starlet Stripe Part Two December 19, 2015

Marilyn gets jealous in Starlet Stripe Part Two.

Marilyn gets jealous in Starlet Stripe Part Two.

29 pages, Color and Black & White, US$9.99
Mini-Giantess, Female Muscle Growth
Artwork by PalComix

More Mini-Giantess fun with Breast Expansion Girl Abby and Muscle Girl Rosie. Suzy, Marilyn and their pals enjoy life in an Army base as 10 foot tall giantesses! And what happens when Marilyn tries the growth formula?

In Part Two:
The Min-GTS girls humiliate the guys on the training course;
10-foot tall Muscle-Girl Rosie intimidates her rival Dick;
A drill sergeant trains the ladies but they get too big for their uniforms;
Marilyn tries out the growth formula and has a surprising development!

Note: This is Part Two of a Three Part comic.

Sample illustrations

US$ 9.99

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The comic is also for sale at the Process Productions Store.

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10 thoughts on “Starlet Stripe Part Two

  1. Ed

    Very entertaining…hoping for more growth too… And awaiting for a very early january late december release of the new chapter of yard work…

  2. kong

    really lovely comic !
    Abby is so sweet and she need more growth , but i think for last part all females should grow bigger and fatter and bustier , but that officer girl became biggest 😉

  3. v00d00

    Another great chapter! Good to see Marilyn get a little humiliated! I hope another of the side effects is random shrinking, and she ends up tiny compared to Suzy, Abby & Rosie


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