Teenage Home Breaker January 16, 2015

Sexy housewife Daisy shrinks to midget size in Teenage Home Breaker. by DreamTales

Sexy housewife Daisy shrinks to midget size.

29 pages, Black & White, US$8.99
Shrinking Women, Spanking
Artwork by Rebecca

A beautiful Shrinking Women comic by Rebecca! This comic features lots of humiliation, age play, teasing and spanking with Rebecca’s beautiful sexy art.

Story Summary: Young housewife Daisy is looking forward to a visit from her little 8 year old niece Rachel. Daisy shrinks to child size (but stays an adult) so she can play with her little niece. But the couple are shocked when they realize their mistake – Rachel turns out to be a sexy 18 year old woman! Soon Daisy’s dream becomes a nightmare as Rachel teases and humiliates her shrunken Aunt.

The comic was inspired by an old 1950’s Romance comic with a similar theme. You can read the original version here. Teenage Home-Breaker (pdf)

“Teenage Home-Breaker” has 29 pages of beautiful black and white artwork by Rebecca.

Sample illustrations

US$ 8.99

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The comic is also for sale at the Process Productions Store.

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8 thoughts on “Teenage Home Breaker

      1. dreamtales Post author

        It’s not AR, but the story definitely includes what I would call elements of AR – teasing, roleplay, age-play, etc. I understand that not everything will appeal to everyone though…

  1. v00d00

    OMG! This comic is amazing! I love Rebecca’s works. This is incredibly kinky, so hot, especially the spanking scenes, the ending and the last few ‘extra’ pages! I really really hope for a sequal to both this & College Bound! Wonderful!


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