Bojay’s Transformation Compilation April 25, 2015

Growing, BE, shrinking, weight gain and more transformations by the Master, Bojay.

Growing, BE, shrinking, weight gain and more transformations by the Master, Bojay.

50 pages, Black & White
US $8.99
Transformation, Shrinking, Growth
Artwork by Bojay

An amazing collection of transformation comics, including Weight Gain, Breast Expansion and contraction, Age Reversal and more! Most stories feature Transfers of Attributes from one character to another. Bojay’s incredible imagination and art perfectly captures these fantastic transformations!

Story Summary: In the longer stories, a sexy blonde in a string bikini turns into a morbidly obese woman in a series of very detailed scenes. In “Bosom Buddies” a buxom blonde loses her rack to a skinny brunette. In “Height Plight” a tall girl teasing a short classmate switches places and stature.

The Transformations include:
Weight Gain: 20 pages
Pregnancy Transfer (F to M, F to F): 10 pages
Breast Transfer: 8 pages
Height Transfer: 5 pages
Age Swap: 7 pages

“Bojay’s Transformation Compilation” features 50 black and white pages, including 10 multi-panel pages.

Sample illustrations

US$ 8.99

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20 thoughts on “Bojay’s Transformation Compilation

  1. Hunter S Creek

    The pages featuring height transfer and breast transfer sound like they could be interesting but unfortunately they do not outweigh the detraction of the majority of the pages which feature pregnancy transfer and weight gain: two topics in which I have absolutely no interest.

    Too bad this compilation is not al a carte.

    I will sit this compilation out with the hope that there will be a female growth/development comic/compilation in the not too distant future.

  2. sm

    Man, there is no muscle growth. His last muscle growth attempts, although the Art was fantastic. The stories were all muscle transfer. There were so many scenario’s where the little gal could have gotten huge and muscular, and it was all muscle transfer.

    Still hoping that some Age Progression, muscle and height growth stories could be possible in the future. Maybe too much of an acquired niche though perhaps.

    1. dreamtales Post author

      I’ll definitely be doing some more series with Bojay that will focus on GTS, SW, AR, BE. etc. so hopefully you’ll enjoy those!

      1. sm


        But I always liked Bojays concept Comic covers. There was one called the “Orb of Power” where a slittle gals finds a cosmic orb of power that giver her height and strength. That looked like a good idea for a story.

        Also, how come there is no offering of a free comic sample from Dreamtales in honor of free comic book day? That would have been great.

          1. sm

            Cool. Free Comic Book Day is awesome!

            How about some Giantess, AP comic?
            I can do without the AG, shrinkage, unbirth stuff, that stuff is not for me.

            I love the gals getting tall and stronger than those that used to be bigger.
            That is a really cool concept. Really interested in doing a comic where the roles get reversed with a small gal getting bigger. I am sure I am not the only guy or gal that is into those kind of stories.

  3. A

    Does anyone know where to find the old bojay comic about the guy on the beach who finds the genie bottle???

  4. Iggy

    The small sequence with the girl who loses her boobs with an age regression was worth the price of the comic by itself! I’d love if you did a sequence like that one, but showed her growing up again, and not filling out.


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