Upcoming Comics January 15, 2015

Nicole gets an eyeful from Mom in Yard Work 10.

Nicole gets an eyeful from Mom in Yard Work 10.

Yard Work 10 has been delayed a bit, and should be coming out in middle to late February. Again, it features Luke, Nicole, Amy and Mom in a mostly shrinking SM / SW / GTS extravaganza. Here’s another preview pic for you Mom fans!

Teenage Home-Breaker will be out shortly. It’s a fun Shrinking Women story with some great art by Rebecca. The story is loosely based on an old Romance comic story which you can see at the bottom of the Classic Comics page.. This is a slightly different SW story as it involves a more subtle shrinking to 4 feet tall. It also has lots of humiliation and age play, so AR fans should enjoy this as well.

Plus there are more new comics underway with the Palcomix artist, Bojay and the Pepper Pair!

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30 thoughts on “Upcoming Comics

  1. v00d00

    Wow, this is a really great preview! Nicole is looking really really cute, especially standing next to GTS mom! Can’t wait!

      1. dreamtales Post author

        Well the latest is that it will still be ready by the middle of February. Really sorry for the wait, but that’s how long it takes to do the coloring and lettering.

        1. m

          it’s too long 🙁
          I hope next chapter get ready sooner than this part !
          also i hope at least i can nice scenes of lovely mom after long waiting .

  2. 142

    Si sarebbe bello vederla alle prese con una mega vendetta … Umiliare un micro personaggio con nipples e pussy hairy. Un micro personaggio ridimensionato a meno si mezzo centimetro … Terrorizzato e impaurito ….


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