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Mom has a relaxing moment in Yard Work 10.

Mom has a relaxing moment in Yard Work 10.

Yard work 10 is still coming out in middle to late February. Again, it features Luke, Nicole, Amy and Mom in a mostly shrinking SM / SW / GTS extravaganza. Here’s another preview pic for you Mom fans!

A Growing attraction is a new Betsy and Lauren comic with some really nice art by Palcomix. Sparks fly as Betsy and Lauren compete in a romantic triangle! The story is roughly based on the premise of Mating Wars, where girls that have boyfriends grow faster, and the more developed girls have the ability to regress their rivals. This will be in two chapters starting in March.

Yard Work: I’m open to suggestions for new chapters of Yard Work. If there is something you would like to see, please let me know in the comments!

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86 thoughts on “Upcoming Comics

  1. 142

    Riusciremo a vedere questo attesissimo capitolo per questo finesettimana ?
    Quante pagine AVRA’ ?
    Mi piacerebbe vedre per il futuro, (se non dovesse essere nel 10) una mamma che spruzza nuovi personaggi facendoli diventare molto piccoli , meno di 1 mm umiliandoli e dominandoli

    Mi faccia sapere in merito DT , grazie

  2. Cornbread

    Three ideas come to mind for future scenes

    1. The daughter has been mainly the same size despite the ups and downs throughout the chapters. How about a scene where the brother and sis are neck in neck in a basketball game in the park or something and she suddenly grow taller at the finale of the game..She would be thinking its a cinch now that she is bigger and stronger, but it turns out that growing bigger made it easy for the brother to just run between her legs and past her to score. That should create a funny moment along with some growth for her lol. Honestly anything with the sister getting bigger could be fun. She kinda has just been an extra for a while now. I know everyone and there Mama wants more of the Mother. But she needs a moment in the sun as well.

    2. A quick dream sequence maybe to where the brother is back to normal size, but the teasing from his sister, mother, the girlfriend..heck even the nurse he played with a while ago makes him shrink back down. It could end with all the girls looking down at him standing up hand on hip as it seems he is bout to shrink into nothing to end the sequence

    3. Since there was a comic with the Mother and daughter…lets do one with the mother and son. perhaps its Mother’s day or her birthday and Luke (just remember his name lol) is coaxed to take his mom a night out of town. She had been having trouble finding a man since she is very tall so she does it to ease her feelings and have some time with her son. This could have shrink and or growth in it.

    1. dreamtales Post author

      Thanks, all fun ideas. I like the concept in general of the characters interacting with the world. The dream sequence sounds interesting too – plus Mom dating.

      1. m

        I like to see mom date with a person and do sex with him and grows bigger and bustier and heavier while doing sex and reach to 10 ft tall . when she came back to home ,luke and amy get surprised of their huge sexy mom !

  3. Mercurius

    A role-reversal of sorts, where Amy is shrunk, and wants Nicole’s attention to get her back to normal…but instead, Nicole takes her to her palce, and plays her like a doll, dressing her up, play house, etc. As soon as Nicole leaves, Amy uses Nicole’s phole to call Luke or Mom, to come over. Luke or Mom comes in and interrupts Nicole’s time, looking for Amy. Nicole gets a call and leaves, giving Luke or Mom the opportunity to look in the room, and Amy waves her arms to get their attention. They grab Amy and leave back home…and Amy’s shrinking again. Amy became so small, that she slipped out of Luke or Mom’s hands into the stream, which to Amy is a river, which sends her plummeting into the sewer drain…and it was all a nightmare, to Amy…or was it?

    It’s an interesting concept, but I think you can work with that, DT. 🙂

      1. Mercurius

        Yeah. Amy hasn’t gotten the SW treatment, yet…I hope. So, giving her the spotlight for one issue should be interesting.

  4. chris

    I agree with cornbread and his first idea give Amy some growth nothing to big but maybe have her grow to 10 ft in spurts through the episode I even think the idea of playing basketball would be good one a little 1 on 1 comp between brother and sister with teasing and back and forth banter between the two

  5. Garrick

    I think the mother should start dating someone or a part where it has the mother and nicole and nicoles shrinks and finds the mother attractive and starts falling in love and making out with her she then wakes up and says “damn it was only a dream”

  6. Corey

    Hi Dreamtales sorry I haven’t written in a while I like what you’ve been releasing recently and since your looking for ideas I have an Amy related one also I agree with corn breads first idea
    Amy is jealous of Moms extremely attractive body and wants to be bigger and while she’s sleeping she grows and when she wakes up she realises she’s a foot taller than Mom she goes into the living room to show Luke and Mom but she finds a note that Luke and Mom are out shopping and won’t be back for a while so Amy puts on a bikini (that barely fits her) and goes for a walk on the town to show herself off but the bikini snaps off and guys won’t stop following her so she runs home and hides in the backyard then she shrinks back to her normal size then she notices a bikini on the clothesline so she puts it on and enters the back door and at that moment Luke and Mom enter through the front door and ask what she’s been up to and Amy says “oh just sunbathing” during this little adventure (see what I did there?) she realises its not easy being as big as Mom and is glad she’s attractive at her regular size

  7. gtsfan07

    I haven’t seen this one yet. I do have all other chapters. I would love to see unaware interaction, a full comic of unaware GTS/SM & SW. Maybe Luke shrunk unawarely and having to survive nicole, amy and mom in his house. Until he gets the attention of 1, before getting eaten! inshoe is always nice

  8. Michael

    I also agree with something like Cornbread’s idea regarding Amy. From YW1 I thought Amy and Nicole would be the main players, but have been somewhat disappointed. YW4 and 6 were my favorites because there was plenty of interaction between Amy and Luke, with her embarrassing him due to his diminutive size. I genuinely couldn’t care less about the mom, I find her uninteresting so far. To see Amy and Luke interacting out in the world and how they’re perceived by friends, strangers, etc, would drive home the role-reversal much better than continuing to have the plot disintegrate. Amy and Nicole bonding as mini-giantesses, infuriating a neglected Luke would be about the most I could hope for.

    1. Michael

      Not that I’m putting down what you’ve done. I’ve enjoyed the series, but have found the overall direction a little stagnate.

      1. dreamtales Post author

        Thanks, I really appreciate what you are saying. The Amy / Luke dynamic was initially the heart of the story, and that should continue. Having them interact with others is a really good suggestion, and close to what I’ve planned for Yard Work 11.

        1. phoneix

          mom is the heart and she is best and lovely character so far , so you must pay more attention to her ,if you want you can add more pages to comics but please more bigger mom !!

        2. Michael

          No, thank you for your work, I sounded dickish in my initial comment and that wasn’t my intent. I realize by the rest of the comments I’m in the minority by not finding the mother compelling, but maybe it’s just because I don’t dig on the whole Luke-with-his-mom thing that seems to be a very common idea expressed by others. What I find attractive is role-reversal, and with the mom there isn’t really a reversal involved because Luke wasn’t mean or picking on his mom, she raised him. But Amy being a small younger sister, and Nicole being a shrimpy neighbor girl both outgrowing Luke, it opens up scenarios where they interact that I’ll personally enjoy. Hard for me to find enjoyment in the idea of the same thing, but with the poor guy’s mom. But I do find Nicole’s “crush” on the mom amusing. The first time Amy realized she was much taller, grabbing the food from the cupboard when Luke couldn’t reach, was much more what I look for than the chapter where the mom was at the museum, for example. Just my two cents, since you asked for opinions.

          1. Michael

            Perhaps if Luke had his friends over but they treated him differently and only wanted to hit on his mom and sister, and openly flirted with his girl in front of him, that could be a good way to include meaningful chapters with new interactions and character development.

          2. Scotch

            Mike like you I thought of the comic was going to center more on the role reversal of the brother and sister dynamic. My idea for this would be that as Amy grows her relationship starts to interfere with Luke and Nicole more and more. Maybe where Nicole and Luke go to the mall but Amy tags along as she also now needs more adult clothes and doesn’t want to go with Mom. As the girls try on there clothes Amy and Nicole start to bond and Luke starts to shrink and they end up taking him to the childrens store to buy him clothes. From this point on Nicole see’s luke more as a child and Amy and Nicole start developing feelings for each other in a way Amy stole Luke’s age and girl.
            When they get back Mom actually likes how luke looks and goes along with Luke as a child. Mom then gives him a bath and puts him into bed early. But he has a nightmare and so Mom picks him up and decides that he should sleep with her for the night.

  9. rod

    how about that while mom is watering flowers in hot day , she get Thirsty and drink some of super gro and when she is eating lunch with amy and luke , she has big growth spurt and become huge .

  10. v00d00

    Without knowing what’s in Ch.10 it’s hard to say.

    However I would love to see more girl on girl action – either Amy & Nicole, or Nicole & Mom.

    Or how about we find out what happened to the tiny shrunken nurse from Ch.8? Maybe she returns, still tiny, to visit mom to thank her for helping them escape. She found the sex scene at the end of ch.8 a turn on, so decides to have more fun with now amazon sized mom. Maybe she also has fun with Amy and/or Nicole!

    Or maybe mom visits Brenda, the evil nurse form ch.8, who is now shrunk, and has her own way with her!

  11. Star33

    Ok I like some of the suggestions so far. But I think that it is time for Amy to have her time as the alpha giantess. Both mom and Nicole have had their go in dream sequences and the lot I think Amy should have her chance. I do think that I PMed Dreamtales a while back about a scene where Amy and luke are getting to a fight and Luke begins chasing Amy around the house. She gets into the garage and locks the door while Luke bangs on the door to get in. She finds the SuperGro and while she knows she should not be using it she pours it all over herself and grows to 25ft. She loves her new size. Luke finally gets through the door only to now run into his “little” sisters “knockers”..and play ensues. Mom eventually comes home and when she opens the garage she can only see the bottom half of Amy as she is still tormenting Luke. She tries to intercede but Amy like her new position and ends up taking both mom and Luke to the backyard for more fun. Nicole, through her window sees the calamity and tries to interject. Amy is power hungry at this point and tries to grab Nicole. She manages to get away and runs into Luke and Amy’s house where Amy is not too big to follow. Amy turns her attention back to mom and Luke. Nicole finds the spuergro and knows the only solution is to outgrow Amy. She dowses herself and goes to break up the backyard fun. After some struggle Nicole manages to shrink Amy back down to 10 ft ( still larger than Luke and mom). But now sees the possibilities of her new size and makes a deal with Amy. If she keeps mom occupied she will let her stay that size. Deal in place, she now goes back to her place at her new size for more adult fun with her and Luke. and so on and so forth

  12. TryManX

    Something that i feel is hardly ever touched in shrinking/giantess stories is unaware scenes the scene in yard work 4 where amy is unaware that her brother is in her bra was an amazing scene and i for one would love more scenes like it even in the panty department
    another that i just know would never happen but i would die to see would be him shrunken down smaller an some how him being pushed inside either his girlfriend or his sisters nipple and into their boob

  13. Klukecek

    I’d actually like to see the story take off in an opposite direction from most people here. I think it’s time to give the girls a break and focus on shrinking and growing boys. Perhaps a spinoff comic would be best where a younger brother outgrows his shrinking older brother.

  14. ChunkyGotFunky

    I think a chapter where Luke, Amy, and Maybe Nicole (if you want to include her) all shrink really small (Luke more than the girls) and have to get the attention of the Mum who takes the opportunity of an “empty house” to lounge about, maybe get some girlfriends over. All the while the shrinkies are trying to escape getting stepped on while finding Mum. Also one of the girlfriends could find Luke and play with him in private at some point until the Mum finds him or Amy suddenly grows really tall again to help him.

    Something along these lines would be pretty cool.

  15. tomy

    I totally agree with Michael. I too not have much interest in Mom. i Would like more interaction between Amy,Luke and Nicole.

  16. Remylocke

    I want to see a chapter where Luke stays mature, but shrink down to 6 inches tall or so with Nicole and Amy toying with him. They play catch with him, compare him to a Barbie doll that is bigger than he is, joke about his manhood, and even get a hamster/rabbit/mouse involved to show Luke how small he is compared to a pet. The pet could even “play” with Luke as the girls look on. Luke’s Mom could “save” him and he could help her in the kitchen making breakfast but he gets overwhelmed by the giant bacon. eggs, toast etc and his Mom laughs as she sees him struggle with the giant food.

  17. Bishop

    I was sort of disapointed with the sex scene with the nurse, it would be great to have a flashback of that. a scene where luke is trapped in nicole’s panties maybe? The series is very great but really like sexy parts in the future.

  18. LWL

    I like the Mom dating idea. Perhaps a few go bad because of her height so she decides to take something to shrink a bit. Amy and Luke want to help too (without talking to each other) so mom unknowingly ends up taking a triple dose. She has a date with a nice guy and shrinks throughout. At the end she is only a few inches tall and dejected when he says size does not matter. They have a romantic encounter and she finds out how true that is. As a follow up you could have a wedding with the whole wedding party going through size changes. What a reception that would be!

  19. Jasbow

    I agree that Luke and Amy are the heart of the story. I would like to see the plot follow the siblings as they return to school. Perhaps Chapter 11 could open with Luke packing for his return to college. He could confess to Mom that he is nervous about going back to campus shorter than when he left. Mom consoles him by telling him to relax, he’s almost back to his old size. No one will notice. Amy walks by and cracks sarcastically, “Sure, like no one will notice a six foot guy is now barely 5-9”. “I’m 5-9 1/2” retorts Luke angrily. “With your shoes on, big bro, and very thick socks”.

    Back at college the hapless Luke experiences little shrinking relapses at unfortunate moments, such as while hitting on a pretty coed he wants to ask out on a date; in the middle of a pick up basketball game with his buddies; and at a campus Greek party where he shrinks out of his pants, is bullied and called “shrimp” by a drunken Frat boy and is rescued by a couple of now Amazonian seeming Sorority girls who joke about carrying him off in their purses; etc. In the meantime, Amy is having her own problems fitting in as a 6-6 sixth grade middle schooler – desks are too small, drinking fountains too low, the other girls all jealous and the smaller, less mature boys fallowing her around like puppies with their tongues hanging out.

    In the end, Luke, now just 4 foot 6 finds there are some advantages to his diminutive size when he is recruited to be the coxswain of the women’s rowing team – a little guy who gets to surround himself with towering, muscular, spandex clad ladies; and Amy finds an age – and height — appropriate boyfriend in the slightly older (7th grade) captain of the boys basketball team. When they first meet the very tall boy is still a little shorter than Amy, but he’s growing, and he’s very impressed with Amy’s ability to dunk a basketball. By the end of the story Amy discovers happily that her new boyfriend can now look her in the eye. Perhaps the very tall boy could have a very tall single Dad who is almost (but not quite) as tall as Mom, and the two kids could fix up their parents, giving Mom a height appropriate love interest too.

  20. zen

    I think it would be nice to see the mother shrink and appear to be young, much like shrinking has caused others to appear sexually immature. Her authority is well established at home, so I don’t see her kids turning tables on her (unless they don’t believe it is her), but it would be nice to see her turmoil vs the world at large or on a date specifically.

    Hmm, too bad you already established that she maintains her figure all the way down to toy size. An advantage of being a full adult, I suppose.

  21. Urza

    I know it probably wouldn’t happen, but it would be cool to see one of the female characters experience some muscle growth as well. Then they can be bigger AND stronger than the boy.

  22. James

    My ultimate dream would be Amy getting some kind of “payback” on a tiny Nicole and Luke, perhaps playing with them like dolls. Mom comes in, so Amy quickly hides them in her panties. But mom hears them and pulls them out. Humiliation all around!

    Keep up the amazing work DreamTales, I’m in love with every page of this comic!

  23. devodog56

    I think a “deleted scenes” chapter could be a fun idea.

    You could revisit some scenes that were left open, or create short, new ones. For instance, you could create a scene where the guys that keep following Mom around (like in Yard Work Seven) get what they’re finally after. Perhaps they sneak back to Mom’s house, but she uses the Weed Shrinker on them.

    Or you continue scenes that were left open, like in Yard Work Six. Maybe after Amy takes Luke back a second time, she’s overcome by the hormones and curiosity of her newly-developed body. She even mentioned that she’s past puberty, and already made a point of giggling at Luke’s naked parts, so it’s really not that far-fetched, right?

    1. anongts

      Don’t forget the part when the hot giantess nurse wanted to hook up with shrunken luke…I was sad we didn’t get to see it 🙁

  24. Alexis32

    50 ft Brenda vs 50 ft nurse.

    12 ft Mom 10 ft Nicole and 10 ft Amy playing beach volley
    with a lot of fans around them.

    A dream sequence with 25 ft Mom and her ex husband and his girlfriend like sex toys.

    I hope to enjoy YW 10 soon.

  25. 142

    Ops – 47 h pardonemoi ….
    Ma è’ che l’attesa mi sta snervando e conto anche i minuti ….
    Dai DREAMTALES facci questo regalo facendo quanto prima l’uscita di questo capitolo che promette molto … La mamma che fa autoerotismo chissà’ chi la disturbera’ in questo momento di privacy …. Non sto più nella pelle …

  26. jsol

    How about the new neighbor next door get some weed-growth

    1. Mom, Luke and Amy are meeting there new neighbor The mother name sylviaand is little daughter name kelly (red head) both them are small. they get invite in to mom, luke and amy to there house. the new neighbor got accidentally shower by weed grow.

  27. Chloe Seashell

    I think it’s time for Amy to shrink How she shrinks, you decide, bur I would like ir to be unaware, at first at least. The role reversal would be great…. Why not have her shrink smaller than Luke ever has? I’d love to see a naked, ant-sized Amy scurrying on the floor begging for help.

    You could also have an original character, one of her friends to shrink with her maybe?

  28. Sm7in

    I think a lot of what was said has some nice directions to it, especially something more sexy with the mother but there is one thing I never felt like we really got that I had always expected with this series: Some real teasing torture by the sister. Maybe something about treating him like a doll dressing him up, sexually exploiting him, putting him in food, teasing him about how little and pathetic he is, or babying him. Though the mother would probably be better for that one.

    But that’s another point to speak of as well; making some AR content in this as well. I’m glad to know this site isn’t afraid to go to diapering so maybe incorporate some of that? The sister does it to him and convinces the mom rather easily to keep it up? I unno.

    I like the series though, thanks for hearing us out ^_^

  29. Ryan

    Luke and his girlfriend are normal size and let the mom and sister explore at shrunken sizes. Maybe some Luke and his girlfriend sex while his mom and sister are small on the bed.

  30. Adrian

    One of my favorite scenes from the series was when the mother’s ex thought he would belittle her by bringing his “hot” girlfriend over only to have the mother outclass her in height and sexual attributes. I would like a sequel to this scene. Maybe, the dad’s girlfriend has regained some of her confidence only to have mom show up even bigger and bustier than their last encounter. As a nod to the “Mating Wars” stories maybe the dad’s girlfriend can get shrunk and age-regressed (via chemical means) to the point where the mother leaves her ex saying something like she thought he wanted a “real woman” not some (literally) little girl.

    Likewise, Amy can return to school using her height and attributes to get some revenge on some “mean girls” type and/or some guy she outgrew (like your “Big Crush” story).


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