Upcoming Comics April 1, 2015

Growing attraction Age Regression Comic by Dreamtales.

Lauren gets jealous in Growing Attraction Part Two.

Growing Attraction Part Two will be up in the next week or so. The battle between Betsy and Lauren continues, as Lauren’s ability to regress her rivals grows more powerful. Even her mother is affected!

A new series of Bojay Transformation Comics is in the works. We are exploring various kinds of physical changes like transfer of attributes, BE, GTS, AR, SW, weight gain etc. We are also mixing in short comics by other artists. If there is any scenario you want to see please let me know in the comments!

And there will definitely be a Yard Work 11 coming in a few months!

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35 thoughts on “Upcoming Comics

  1. Fred Francis

    I’d love to see a SW comic involving a sexy babysitter, who takes care of a kid girl, but doesn’t realize that the kid’s father is a scientist. The girl wants to keep the babysitter, forever, so she goes and gets the un-finished shrink ray, and shrinks the babysitter at the opportune time. The babysitter shrinks to doll-size, and the tables turn, so now the babysitter is now a doll, as the girl takes her to her bedroom to play with her, including Dress-Up, Tea party, and House–where she kisses the Ken doll.

    The kid’s father comes home, and notices his project gun is missing, and asks her where did she take it, cause she’s the only kid in the house. She shows him her new toy, which is the babysitter. He punishes her for using it, without his permission, and going into his lab to get it. He takes the babysitter away…into his bedroom, and he makes her love his manhood, and uses his condom with her in it to finish it, before cleaning and giving it back to his girl…or keep her in the lab’s cage, as his personal pet.

    It’s a wild story, but if done right, it’ll be great to see! 😀

    1. v00d00

      I like everything in the first paragraph! The SW babysitter idea is very cool! Not sure about the second paragraph! Maybe if it were the kid’s mother who found & played with the shrunken babysitter, and not the father! Some SW/GTS breast play/insertion would be sweet!

      1. Fred Francis

        Eh…I guess it can go either way. Mother or Father, as the scientist, is okay in my book. 🙂

  2. Mike Johnson

    Can you do a story about a nerdy, unpopular girl who steals popular girls’ attributes and becomes one of the most beautiful/popular girls in the school, or one where the guy hasn’t seen the girl in years and when he sees her again she’s completely transformed into this knockout, beautiful girl?

  3. v00d00

    I’d like to see some sister/sister SW scenes. Maybe something like Alyssa the Witch Sister, with Alyssa & Kim. Alyssa shrinks her big sister, and maybe Kim wants her too. Alyssa and Kim play together, and things start to get heated, with some heavy petting and big kisses being planted all over little Kim. Could end up with a shower scene, then maybe a girly sleepover!

  4. Captcom

    I’d like to see another situation where an adult woman tries to make herself younger and ends up irreversibly over doing it all the way back to pre-birth, sort like in Cry Baby Marilyn or perhaps Sex in a Bottle with less of a happy ending for the mom or in this current Growing Attraction storyline, the younger sister’s pheromones being so effective that they reduce the older sister back inside their now younger and suddenly pregnant mom.

    I’d also like to see more illustrated eroticism between the male and female characters in some of your SW comics.


      1. Steven

        I would love to also see another regression ending back to the womb. Something like a mother craving to be young again overdoes it and ends up with her starting over from the very beginning in her daughter’s womb. I do love the whole daughter mother reversal.

        Or another possibility, a mother and daughter become sisters by both returning to the womb and being reborn together.

        Or how about a grandmother, not wanting to miss seeing her grand-daughters grow up, ends up growing up with them as their little sister.

        Still want to see a comic with Suzy and Marilyn ending up as infants being taken care of by their boy friend.

  5. Sissy

    Sissy regression please! 🙂 Male AR/TG is so rare that it would be an instant selling point. Maybe something like a submissive guy who gets feminized (perhaps while serving as a sissy maid) and then cuckolded by his dominant alpha wife who happens to be head of research at a high tech company that makes AR/TG products that activate upon embarrassment. He’d regress when his wife belittles him, when she: teases and denies him, beats him at everything, mocks him about his shrinking, openly cheats on him and publicly shames him for his “short comings”. There’s be a focus on his wet diapers. Funny comparisons and humiliating diaper changes ensue. The effects are permanent and the dominant woman always gets the last laugh (she gets every laugh!). Something like this touches a lot of regression related hot buttons that are sure to excite a wide audience. Thank you for considering something like this and keep up the great work! My partner and I love buying and reading your comics! 🙂

  6. Iggy

    I’d love to see one where a bitchy girl intentionally makes herself young (Olympic Trials was one example) but discovers that not only does she not achieve her goal, she returns to “normal” and her boobs are still the little nubs they were when she was young. Maybe it was a defect of the drug she took, or maybe her rival spiked her drink while she was younger. Definitely you need to do a story with somewhat more permanent consequences. I mean, a girl who gets younger can always age again, but one who is kept from filling out properly…well, she’s screwed for life.

  7. Atsuyo

    I like the idea of the attribute swaps! Maybe have one with a nerdy, average guy taking attributes from his muscular bully guy. Or a girl out of a guy’s league taking attributes from the guy.

    Always love a babysitter AR. Maybe have a guy babysitter, watching a little girl or boy and the babysitter ends up regressed. 🙂

  8. Nick

    Would you ever do TF comics where the characters turn into animals or are you just into GTS, SW, BE, AR and ETC?

      1. v00d00

        Agree with DT. For me this is too close to beastiality, so hope DT doesn’t go down that route! There’s plenty of animal transformation on deviantart or process productions if you’re into that.

  9. Jasbow

    How about a comic where a team bus carrying a high school basketball team and cheerleaders passes through a mysterious fog. The guys slowly shrink while the girls grow.

  10. Hunter S Creek

    How about a Nutty Professor/Jekyll & Hyde story where a cute but shy, scrawny nerdette secretly creates a growth formula that grows her into a tall, leggy, athletic, very busty, outgoing babe.

    Unfortunately for her, the formula’s effects are only temporary and the duration of its effects are unpredictable — which could lead to awkward and hopefully humorous situations when the Babe unexpectedly reverts back to Nerdette.

    1. dreamtales Post author

      Thanks, that’s a fun scenario. I actually have a couple draft ideas sketched out along similar lines – a big super heroine who occasionally shrinks to a skinny short scientist.

  11. Garrick

    In yard work 11 I think it would be neat to involve the mom getting a doll house for luke in case he shrinks again

  12. ChunkyGotFunky

    Could we maybe see a yard work comic where Amy has a friend(s) come over and they all grow to her height while Luke shrinks down to doll size and has the get their attention as the mum has gone out? Something along those lines.


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