Upcoming Comics June 7, 2015

Mom tries to stand out during a job interview.

Mom tries to stand out during a job interview.

There are several comics coming up in the next few months:

Big Book of Breast Expansion: A fun collection of short stories and one-page pinups featuring growing and top-heavy ladies. The short stories are by Joe Gravel and Rebecca, plus lots of amazing pinups and gags by Bojay. (Joe Gravel is one of my favorite artists – you can see more of his work here.)

The Bikini Contest: This is a fun Age Regression comic that explores what happens when a group of sexy ladies competing in a bikini contest gets regressed by a rival. The artwork by Palcomix is very good. This is technically a sequel to A Growing Attraction, but is also a stand-alone comic that can be read by itself.

Yard Work 12 is a big one for you Mom fans! Mom looks for a job, and goes through a very unusual job interview, and a challenging first day at work. There are lots of Mini-Giantess and Growth scenes, but also plenty of fun for Shrinking Women fans too. Several new characters join in the fun, including a bitchy boss and a pair of catty showroom models. This comic should be ready by early August.

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48 thoughts on “Upcoming Comics

  1. 142

    Semplicemente emozionante, nuovi personaggi, capo e colleghe stronze … SW …

  2. Alexis32

    Big book of BE :

    I would like to see this new short stories and gags by these great artists soon.

    YW 12 :

    -Mini GTS / Growth and Shrink
    -Tall hot models

    The perfect story.

    1. 142

      Si, questo può’ essere veramente il capitolo perfetto, spero tante pagine è una storia bella piccante …

  3. Steven

    Question: In “The Bikini Contest”, will Lauren, Betsy and their mother (I wonder what is her name), make a cameo in this sequel. I interested in how Lauren is taken care of her new infants.

      1. Captcom

        I’m feeling excited for Bikini contest as well! Do you have a rough estimate for the release date?

  4. phoneix

    mom is the best , i can’t wait to see her growth , i hope she stay big in next chapters too !
    giantess mom make great comics always .

    1. Alexis32

      I¨m sure than YW 12 will be one of the best chapters for the mom fans.
      Bigger mom is welcome.

  5. 142

    Mamma no, ma sarà’ bello vedere rimpiccolire qualche personaggio di fronte a lei , che dominerà’ la povera malcapitata ….
    Love mom
    Love yW12

  6. v00d00

    Feeling excited for The Bikini Contest and Yard work p12. Mini giantess and shrinking women mixed sounds fun!

  7. ITSki

    Hi Dreamtales…please tell me that there will be some growth in Bikini Contest. Thanks and love your stuff.


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