Upcoming Comics August 2, 2015

Daisey Lou and her pal Taffy in Mountain Girls.

Daisey Lou and her pal Taffy in Mountain Girls.

The upcoming comics feature some GTS and Male AR themes:

Mountain Girls (2 parts): A Giantess Growth comic by Bojay! Two hillbilly girls that have a growth competition, drinking jugs of hillbilly grow juice to attract their man Billy Bob. May the biggest and sexiest girl win! Bojay’s art has been getting better and better and this is some of his best work ever, enhanced by a wonderful coloring job by the Pepper Pair.

A Night at the Opera (2 parts): A great AR comic for Male Age Regression fans! The comic features Suzy, Frank and a mean-spirited Marilyn who gives Frank an age regression drug. Poor Frank goes through one humiliation after another as he attends an elegant evening at the Opera, shrinking out of his clothes among lots of sexy, well-dressed ladies. With some great art by Palcomix.

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22 thoughts on “Upcoming Comics

      1. SW1

        Dreamtales, for this male AR story, I think it’d be logical to incorporate your pheromone story device to cause any woman around Frank to become more MILF-like. Think OKAYOKAYOKOK’s comic ‘A Day in the Magic Store.’ Also, I hope we see breast expansion, breast feeding and nudity. The past couple Palcomix issues have been very conservative. Thank you for reading my suggestions. I enjoy this site.

  1. Jasbow

    I’ve been waiting for a longer story featuring a regressing Frank. Growing hillbilly girls sounds fun too, but I’m eagerly looking forward to seeing little boy Frankie coping with the big girls for a change.

  2. sm

    Finally. Mountain Girls seems like the kind of comic I been waiting for. I am tired of the books where the small gal gets big, but its proportioned. And the gals looks like a model with skinny arms, not shape, etc.

    Been want to see a comic where the young gal keeps her innocent young look, but attains massive body parts. Big huge long strong legs, arms, hands, feet, etc. Would love it if these kind of stories would also incorporate a bit of muscle as well, or better yet, lots of muscle. I like the idea of a small younger, petite gal becoming a behemoth gal, tall big, strong, and powerful. Bojay to the rescue. Was beginning to lose interest in Dreamtales. Is this the age progression story only that Dreamtales was talking about almost a year ago? With luck this story will stay away from that Shrinking/AR crap that I am not into.

    Grow, grow, grow is my motto!

  3. v00d00

    Glad to see some Suzy & Marilyn again! Any chance in seeing them in some shrunken women scenarios soon? I really love it when evil/mean Marilyn gains the upper hand and toys with tiny Suzy and even Frank!

    Maybe an Antman/Antwoman/Wasp type of comic, with Suzy as the heroine and Marilyn as the villainess!

  4. Jasbow

    Now that Mountain Girls is out, how about posting a preview of Night at the Opera. When will it be available for purchase?

  5. Atsuyo

    Male AR! I’m so excited for this one. Night at the Opera sounds like it will be fun! Always wanted to see more of Frank regressing! 🙂


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