Upcoming Comics September 5, 2015

A teenage Frank tries to defend himself against Mandy's advances in A Night at the Opera.

A teenage Frank tries to defend himself against Mandy’s advances in A Night at the Opera.

Two new comics are coming up soon!

Mountain Girls Part Two will be up in the next few days. More GTS fun as Daisey Lou and Joleen continue their battle as fifty foot tall giantesses!

A Night at the Opera, a Male AR comic with art from Palcomix, is coming up soon too. Here is a scene from Part One, where Marilyn has reduced Frank to a teenager and arranged a date with Mandy.

And yes, the next Yard Work is underway as well. I’m hoping it will be ready by the end of October.

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16 thoughts on “Upcoming Comics

  1. ??

    i always wandered why have you and palcomix stopped doing anime/manga parody AR comics? like Slayers, Tenchi Myo and others on ararchives site, they were great even though they where 8-10 pages long.

      1. Steven

        I would love to see a continuation of Crybaby Marilyn, where years down the road Marilyn gets back at Suzy.

        Or where Suzy and Marilyn fight over a cursed ring or gem and causes each other to grow younger and younger, with Frank trying to stop their fighting, ends up younger with them and Mandy has to take care of all three of them.

        1. Steven

          The plot for a sequel of “Crybaby Marilyn” could go as follows. The first few pages could be a montage of Suzy raising Marilyn as her daughter (her first word, maybe “NO!”, potty training, first day at school, etc). Marilyn being reluctant to be Suzy’s daughter. But later starts to accept it from all the attention she gets, but in the back of her mind wants to get back at her new mother. When she is around 10 or 12 years old, overhears her mother, Suzy, complaining about wrinkles and grey hairs and begging Frank to use the updated Youth machine. Marilyn gets wicked idea and messes with the youth machine unbeknownst to Frank or Suzy. At first Suzy is satisfied with the results, but as her and Marilyn go to the (mall, vacation, or something similar), Marilyn watches as Suzy grows younger and younger and ends up as Marilyn’s little or baby sister.


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