Upcoming Comics September 23, 2015

Luke as a boby in a new Age Regression Comic

Amy and Mom take care of Baby Luke in Yard Work 13.

Two more comics are coming up soon!

A Night at the Opera Part One will be up in the next few days (sorry for the delay on this one). This is a Male AR comic with art from Palcomix. Frank as he regresses throughout the story from adult, to teen, to adolescent, to a child and then baby. Part Two has more Palcomix art plus lots of fun sketches and AR scenarios from Bojay.

Yard Work 13 will be ready by mid-October, and also has a Male AR theme. Luke gets younger and more immature, while Amy grows bigger and more adult. Here is a scene from the comic where Mom and Amy take care of Amy’s new little baby brother.

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27 thoughts on “Upcoming Comics

  1. darknail

    looks interesting, after the already planned stories, i hope you explore more sibling rivalry/role reversals between an older brother and younger sister/sisters.

  2. Frenchyars

    I like both ideas. I hope, he will be very dependant and at the mercy of those womans.
    Just the image look very interesting.
    Thanks from AR fan.

  3. anongts

    I have to ask why are you doing AR in yard work? I thought this series was strictly SM/GTS/SW. Wasn’t sex in a bottle enough for the AR fans? You could have continued that series for the AR fans now it just feels like YW has gone into completely different direction I really hope if you make yard work 14 you will go back to the original plot.

  4. tomy

    Hi DT. We are almost at the mid-october. Any idea when Yard Work 13 is giong to be released? i’m dying see Amy grow!!!



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