Upcoming Comics October 29, 2015

Giantess Rosie in Starlet Stripe.

Ten foot tall Rosie shows the guys how to change a tire.

Here are the next comics in the lineup:

Yard Work 13 will be up in the next few days. If you enjoyed the Male AR in Night at the Opera you should like this one too. Luke gets younger and more immature, while Amy grows bigger and more adult. Mom is there too, for you Mom fans.

Yard Work will be going back to its regular GTS and shrinking themes after this AR chapter.

Starlet Stripe is a fun new retro GTS comic that features Mini-GTS, Breast Expansion, and Muscle Girl themes. Starlet Stripe is a 10 foot tall World War II heroine, from a special Army program that uses a growth formula to help ladies fight bigger and better than the guys! The comic features four mini-GTS: Suzy and Marilyn, plus two new characters: top-heavy Abby, and Rosie the muscle-girl (pictured here). Part one should be ready by the end of November.


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20 thoughts on “Upcoming Comics

  1. James

    Starlet Stripe preview looks good, been a while since I’ve seen a Suzy & Frank GTS comic.
    So when it says part one does this mean you’re planning more than one issue?
    Also are they all gonna stay 10 feet tall or are they going to get bigger cause I’m a fan of women growing ‘BIG’?

      1. James

        Thanks for replying Dreamtales.
        I’ll be definitely buying it when it comes out, and here’s hoping for big and huge in the future.

  2. sm

    Great to see a female muscle comic coming in. I am in minority, but I really dig powerful strong tall gals who look the part. Not into the comics where a gal can lift a tank but yet she looks like she has never seen the inside of a Gym. Will keep an eye on this. And since where are on this topic,

    Yard Work has jumped from the original theme, and is basically all over the place now. How about making an alternate version of the comic where sister gets taller and stronger, Luke does not shrink regress, nothing, and Mom is left out of the picture? Just a simple story of a once puny sister outgrowing her bigger/older brother, getting huge and muscular, and everyone around her coming to terms with her powerful stature The story can write itself. I am sure there are some folks who frequent this website that would love to read a comic like that. I would.

    1. kong

      I just want to see more mom and giantess matures in comics .
      muscular theme is not good for yard work , dreamtales is making another works for it , please wait for it and don’t destroy yard work !
      also i’m waiting for a mini giantess world comic series .


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