Upcoming Comics November 22, 2015

Looking for the next comic?

Looking for the next comic?

Here’s what’s coming up:

Starlet Stripe has been delayed a bit and will be released around December 10. As mentioned, it’s a retro GTS comic that features Mini-GTS, Breast Expansion, and Muscle Girl themes.

The next Yard Work chapter will go back to the Giantess / Female Growth theme. Mom fans should enjoy this one! It should be ready in January.

Here is a cute new image by Bojay for my 404 page –the one that comes up when you can’t find something on the website. I’m always looking for new projects for Bojay, so please let me know if there are any themes or ideas you want him to explore!

If you liked the recent Male Age Regression comics like a Night at the Opera and Yard Work 13, please check out these classic Male AR Comics:

The Age Vampire: Tina steals Mike’s age for herself, growing to a sexy woman as he shrinks to a little baby.

Something in the Water: Why are all the girls in school growing up so fast? And all the boys are still kids?

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19 thoughts on “Upcoming Comics

  1. urza

    I think a full length muscle growth comic or slow muscle growth/muscle transfer series from Bojay would be cool. I enjoyed those mini stories he put out a year or 2 ago.

  2. ChunkyGotFunky

    A husband and wife comic with a couple of daughters, every time the husband/wife have sex he shrinks a little (slow shrink comics) or maybe when he drinks her milk. One daughter could be 18 or so the other 12 for good interactions with 3 females at different stages in life. Lots of fun scenarios could happen with slumber parties, older daughter not listening to her dad anymore, and sexy scenes with the wife.

    1. Anon

      Female AR is the only comics I buy on Dreamtales and it makes me sad there haven’t been something on that front for a while now.

  3. kong

    I like to see from bojay , a world where all females have grown to busty mini giantesses ( girls 7-8 ft , adult women 12-14 ft ) and some mature mini giantesses too 😉
    the growth can be happened by something like , aliens , sunrays , viruses and …
    and then you can show how men enjoy the life in this world !

  4. Steve

    I really enjoyed Mountain Girls and love a good growth competition. Bojay could possibly tackle a growth battle between modeling rivals or cheerleaders.

  5. Doomed

    How bout a brother and sister, every time he bullies her, she changes the world, so women are a little taller and more muscled, proportions still relative to every other woman on the planet who changed, while all the men have relatively gotten a little less shorter, a little less muscled. At first the brother doesn’t notice, and everyone outside of him, his sister and her friends don’t remember how the world was, only how it is now. But gradually he realizes with anger then, when he confronts her, horror at what was going on. There could even be a friend of his sisters that always had a crush on him but he ignored her or treated her badly, until the world changed and it was her protection or the wrath of his sister.


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