Yard Work Part Eleven May 12, 2015

Bethany and Kaitlin cuddle with little Luke, much to Amy's amusement.

Bethany and Kaitlin cuddle with little Luke, much to Amy’s amusement.

38 pages, Color, US$10.99
Age Progression, Shrinking Men
Artwork by Yuan

This chapter introduces two new characters and answers the question “Hey, didn’t Amy have some friends?”

In Part Eleven: Before he shrank, Amy’s two cute little friends Kaitlin and Bethany had a big crush on Luke. When they return they are thrilled to find him reduced to their size. More age progression fun as the two girls mess around with some Super-Gro!

Note: This is Part Eleven of a Multi-Part Series You can see the other parts of Yard Work here.
(The artist Yuan is the same artist that did the previous Yard Work comics.)

Sample illustrations

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This comic is also offered in a Artist’s Edition that includes an additional 38 pages of original uncolored inked drawings that show the amazing detail of the original art.

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29 thoughts on “Yard Work Part Eleven

  1. darknail

    Definately your best work yet, loved the process and banter between the characters.
    More like this and i will be very happy 🙂

  2. jasbow

    Terrific! Glad to see the focus back on the original Luke / Amy biplay, with Nicloe and two new characters added to the mix. I would have liked to see Luke shrink a bit, small enough to be carried around by the girls like a toddler. But this was very enjoyable even without that.

    I hope YW12 will introduce a boyfriend for Mom. She deserves a little romance. It would be fun to have her join a tall club and meet a guy almost as tall as she is, only to have her new lover accidentally exposed to Weed Shriker and slowly beging to dwindle. I would like to see Mom’s towering boyfriend shrink gradually from seeing nearly eye to eye, to eye to chin, then eye to cleavage, unitl finally he can stand under her breasts and look up at them juttnig out above his head and Mom can pick him up and carry him off to bed.

    1. gts

      in chapter 12 i want to see mom grows bigger while doing sex and return to home with bigger and hotter body ( about 12 ft ) !
      and mom is excellent in this chapter like always .

  3. Tomy

    Thank you DT!. I Love it! As jasbow said. I’m glad you return on the original Luke / Amy play with nicole and the 2 new characters. Iike the growing process of the two new ones. I would a continuation of the spanking of the others to luke and more teasing to luke in YW12. And of course is time to amy and nicole to grow!!!

    Thanks again!

  4. Justin

    I really like this one. Love the two new girls and would love them to grow more but still act like little kids.

    Still hoping for Luke and mom to hook up.
    Wouldn’t mind seeing the two friends becoming Luke’s permanent co-girlfriends.

  5. mini003

    Behh diciamo che sia un capitolo di passaggio che non riscuoterà gran successo AP si era già visto con SEX IN A BOTTLE, per cui questo sa un po di doppione.
    Sono fiducioso delle sue parole spese per il capitolo n. 12, io come la gran parte dei FANS di MAMMA non aspetta altro e sapere che il prossimo capitolò sarà dedicato al 100% a lei mi emoziona sin d’ora …
    ho sempre desiderato vederla più SEXY e DOMINANTE, con ragazzi, con estranei con EX ecc ecc
    e magari vendicativa … che giochi a dominare e restringere qualche malcapitato molto lentamente fino a farlo divenire un microbo al suo cospetto …

  6. rod

    nice comic but a little expensive , i can pay more for this series but if you add more pages to it , for example if part 12 will have 50 pages at least , i will pay 12 $ for that .

  7. Ahmed

    The Heights were perfect i loved that you add 3 new charchters and the amazing moment when the moms met eachother lol

    I Would love to see new charchters like Nicole’s mom and a childhood friend of Amy or Nicole who always were taller than her back in the school days, maybe The mom’s sister too as a new character

  8. Garrick

    You should have Mom buy a dollhouse for luke in case he shrinks to doll size again or maybe daydream of luke when he was a kid again and remember the good times. But you should definitely get mom a boyfriend where he shrinks and finds tall women attractive.

    1. Garrick

      yeah or luke and nicole shrink again but this time they make love in the doll house but every time one of them climaxes they grow it could be another dream deal

  9. jack

    i was hope to see more mom in this part and some growth for her , but i get disapointed , however there are nice scenes of her in this part but i like to see more and more of her in future parts .

    1. jack

      and i want to see more parts with mini giantess growth and matures , there are too much AP/AP comics in your site , thanks !

  10. Ageiss

    Your best in a while.

    Just a question. How old are these two girls (and Amy) supposed to be? They look quite young in this part before they grow.

  11. Alexis32

    Another great chapter !
    Excellent art and story line.
    So mom will be the BIG star of YW 12 … great news !!

  12. Nice1325

    feels like you made it back to what you really good at, i like you try to get into new stuff, but this reminds me of old stuff of yours like “squirt” or “gift of the magi”, stuff that was REALLY amazing!

  13. sososte

    loved the comic,reading every bodies comments it looks like your going to be busy.best comic yet amy and luke should spend more time together no fighting teasings ok.perhaps luke has friends who could shrink. so you could have all male adults who have shrunk in to kids sizes, and all girls who have grown in to tall adult sizes.The girls could then take boys out to the play ground . Loads of size comparisons there.


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