Yard Work Part Ten February 16, 2015

Little Luke tries to kiss his big girlfried Nicole in Yard Work Ten

Little Luke tries to kiss Nicole in Yard Work Ten

44 pages, Color, US$10.99
Giantess, Shrinking Men and Women
Artwork by Sedna Studio

This chapter features Luke, Nicole, Amy and Mom in a mostly shrinking SM / SW / GTS extravaganza! A typical night at home with Amy and Mom becomes a wild encounter with sexy giantesses! Luke and Nicole just can’t stop shrinking!

Nothing much happens in Yard Work 10; Nicole comes over to visit Luke, Amy gets ready to go out, and Mom reads a book. Just a normal night at home – until Luke and Nicole get into a Weed Shrinker battle. The comic has lots and lots of SW / SM shrinking, giantess action and a big “climax” with Mom.

In Part Ten:
Luke and Nicole just can’t stop shrinking;
More teasing from Amy;
Unaware scenes with Amy and Mom;
And a big “climax” with Mom!

Note: This is Part Ten of a Multi-Part Series You can see the other parts of Yard Work here.

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32 thoughts on “Yard Work Part Ten

  1. Remylocke

    WOW!!! What a chapter! Yard Work 10 is nearly perfect in every way!! The back and forth with Nicole and Luke is HOT!!!!!

    The ending sure is…….wet and wild! 🙂

  2. Jasbow

    This may be the most entertaining Yark Work yet! Love the seesaw shrinking and the fact that Luke is still smaller than Nicole in the end.

    Still hoping you’ll do a male AR version of Yard Work one of these days with a bossy big brother getting the tables turned as he finds himself outgrown and teased by younger siblings and babysat by a girl he used to have a crush on. You could call it: “Hand-Me-Ups”.

    1. Scotch

      Love that Title! And Yes I agree I would love to see a AR of this story at some point. I mentioned it Before but I would love to see Amy and Nicole bond and develop feelings for one another as Amy gets older. In a way Amy would be taking his Age and his girl.

  3. Andy

    Hi DT,
    Is the error with the ecommerce plugin what’s causing the WordPress errors? I’m currently unable to download :/
    Very excited due to comments from other uses :). Hopefully its fixed before my download link expires.

  4. Matt

    Just wanted to say that I’ve loved this story so far but I was wondering if we will maybe see some more Women Growth. I’d really love to see Amy have a huge Mom-like growth spurt into a huge giantess.. any chance we’d maybe see something like this? Anyway, no matter what ends up happening keep up the good work!

  5. baker

    maybe like yard work ten the mom finds the spray and sprays it on herself then nicole comes back from the party with a guy and they start having sex on mom bed mom explores them both then nicole see her mom on the guy and decides she wants a go she shrinks too her mom riding the guy then luke nichole come home see whats going on and join in. taking it in turns be big and small

  6. trout105

    Amy would be a good choice for giantess growth. She chased Luke into the neighbor’s greenhouse. Then Luke hides under a table as the sprinkler system turns on. Amy gets saturated with concentrated plant grow.

  7. v00d00

    Just want to say that this is an amazing chapter! It has everything! I love the tiny couple scenes, and adding naked showering Amy is hot, and then the Mom scene, just WOW!

    I’d like to see an Amy/Nicole scene! We know Nicole has a giantess fetish, and we know Amy likes being big. Maybe Nicole found what happened in this chapter such a turn on, that she goes back for more, sneaking into the families house, and finding Amy’s room. With the shrink spray she shrinks herself, and explores AMy, who wake sup and finds her. As she thinks Nicole is sexy too, and loves being bigger than her, she lets Nicole explore her body, playing & teasing her!

  8. o.t

    think you should have one part off yard work 11 with nichole and amy with shrinking and another part with mom and luke keep everyone happy.

  9. corey_ten

    I’ve loved this series so far! i’ve bought almost every single one so far, and this latest chapter i really enjoyed as well! i would’ve liked to of seen maybe some accidental usage, sort of like when they hopped on the mom, maybe being pinned under her hand as she rubber her breast, or maybe even in her lust, she did notice them and played with them, but maybe felt a lil guilty afterwards. Otherwise, still an amazing story. Since Amy went out, maybe she could shrink someone just for fun and takes them back home with her…sort of like having a shrunken bf haha. I also 2nd what v00d00 said about Amy and Nicole kind of hooking up just for fun, although personally, i wouldn’t mind seeing them staying around the same size, and luke maybe being shrunk and caught in the middle. keep up the amazing work, and looking forward to the next chapter!

  10. alexgt

    this comic is so lovely and i hope it never finish , plus mom is very hot and nice in it and i want to see more of her in bigger and hotter version , thanks .

  11. Brian

    Honestly this chapter wasn’t as good as I was hoping it to be, I liked the ending to a degree, but I would like to see some Amy and Nicole action with massive growth. I am honestly sick and tired of Mom always growing… not saying she isn’t hot, but I think it’s time to let the other two girls grow and grow some more. Also I’m sick of Luke getting beaten up by his brat of a sister, with Nicole now, her teasing is alright, but having Nicole teach that brat of a sister some manners would be very welcomed. I know it’s siblings just being siblings, but it’s getting old how she always gets the upper hand.

    Also I would love to see some random girls get the growth treatment, kind of like what happen to the doctor when their mom was captured and they shrunk her down with mom. That would be cool to see as well. Sorry for my complaining, but I rather say what’s on my mind and what I know more than just me on here would like to see, since some of the comments are complaining about mom too and wanting to see others get the growth treatment as well. Just some friendly suggestions. I do love this site and I hope to see this great comic, go back to it’s great standing like it did in the first 2-3 parts have.

    I wish you all at DT the best of luck and I hope you have plans for some more colored GTS growth comics with detail like this comic has.

    1. kong

      as you see other girls have grown too ,but mom must do it more and most of people want it !!
      mom is the best and i want her more and more and bigger and … !

      1. v00d00

        Not all people actually. I prefer the shrinking scenes most. The giantess stuff becomes boring if it’s done to much. We’ve already seen the mom grow to lots of different sizes. Another mom growth chapter would just repeat previous scenes, and be nothing new.

        Personally I’m hoping for some Nicole/Amy shrinking scenes, or maybe introduce other women, maybe the ex-husband’s new younger girlfriend who was in one of the early chapters could shrink/grow around the mom for her to tease & get some payback.

        Or bring back the sexy nurse who was shrunk & captured with mom! Maybe she found the shrunken lesbian sex with the mom so hot, that she comes back to pay mom a little visit! Would be hot to see some consensual shrunken woman on woman lesbian sex! She could also meet/get it on with Amy/Nicole.

  12. Blumpy7

    To keep all side being heard, mom must be absent from the story, keep Luke a child and Amy large and hot, and no shrinking. Different strokes.

  13. steve

    just got yard work eleven, fantastic,love to see amy and small luke comparison, great with amys friends. Can luke enjoy being smaller than amy and her friends, would be great to see more in yard work 12


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