Yard Work Part Thirteen October 31, 2015

Luke regresses to a baby in Yard Work Thirteen.

Mom and Amy take care of Amy’s new little baby brother.

40 pages, Color, US$11.99
Male Age Regression, Female Age Progression
Artwork by Yuan

If you are into Male Age Regression or Female Age Progression you should enjoy this chapter! Luke regresses to a child and then a baby, while Amy grows bigger and sexier.

Story Summary: Sparks fly between Luke and Amy as Luke regresses to an innocent 8-year-old boy, while Amy gets sexier and more mature. Then Luke (1) regresses mentally, and has the mind of an infant, (2) shrinks to a real baby, and (3) goes back to his normal self but remains as tall as a baby. There are plenty of fun scenes with Mom and Amy caring for Luke, diapering, spanking, and nursing him.

Note: This is Part Thirteen of a Multi-Part Series You can see the other parts of Yard Work here.

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37 thoughts on “Yard Work Part Thirteen

  1. anongts

    at first i was upset about an AR chapter seeing as how this is suppose to be a GTS/SW/SM story, however, this chapter actually makes a lot of sense to the series and it was a good idea to add it. so far we have seen Amy as a little girl in an adults body, but by adding this chapter its safe to assume that she has developed into a woman both physically and mentally which i was actually hoping would happen to her, it would be weird to have a young girl in an adult womans body throughout the series. good job dreamtales your writing is what makes this story good the build up of characters through a series of events is what makes this series truly unique as opposed to other size fetish comics which just puts everything into one or two comics and just ends it there. that being said cant wait to go back to the GTS/SW/SM theme of the story 🙂 !!

  2. m

    really great , mom is perfect in here but i was hope to see her taller , however i can’t wait to see her bigger and biggest in next parts 😉

  3. PowerMadeFlesh

    Not for everyone, but for those who enjoy AR, SM, mini-GTS + BE, this one is spot on. I think it excellent. Great work DT.

  4. Michael

    While I dislike the dialogue between the two siblings in yard work (Can’t stand immaturity like that) I still love the things that happen at various sizes. especially when the characters are very small and do some body exploring (happened in two chapters if I recall correctly). hope we will revisit the micro world in a future chapter again : )

  5. captcom

    That was really good! I’d love to see an eventual episode where mom experiences some AR and gets similar treatment from Amy.

    1. kong

      no , we have sex in the bottle series before , i don’t like to see a copy of it again , mom must grow and grow always ! she is the best !!

    2. m

      no , really bad idea !
      why she must punish her mom , do you understand mom’s place in the family or you talk so fool ??
      mom can punish all but no one shouldn’t punish mom or grow more than her !!
      because moms are the best and we must respect them more , hope you understand it !

  6. allankow

    really like when the boy regress to chld or baby !! and the litle girl grow to a adults women! the greattest chapter for me =D
    and more like when thr girl “become” the momy of the man !?=D and play with him like amy with her boobs =D thanks !!=D

  7. Alexis32

    Another great chapter.
    Funny scenes with baby Luke.
    I hope to see more gts mom and a chapter with a very big Amy.
    Amy growing and growing would be fantastic!

  8. Krow

    I hope there will be more size and body comparison in the next chapters. The idea of looking through Lukes eyes would be amazing and I think it was in Yard Work 12 or 11 don´t know anymore , there was this CEO who turned to be miniature doll, will there be anymore about her ? I realy liked the idea of some squirming doll in the hands of a young girl.

  9. v00d00

    Enjoyed this, even though I’m not really into male AR. Amy is definitely a sexy woman now, and I liked the scene with Nicole standing beside giant mom. Also enjoyed the breast feeding scenes!
    I wonder what will happen in the next chapter? Is Amy regressing Luke again, or giving him the antidote? I hope he returns to his normal age, but stays at baby size, then Amy and Nicole can play with him more! Or maybe Nicole could shrink again and be played with by Amy. I’d love to see her tiny and on Amy’s large breasts or in her panties!

    1. b2

      I agree should be a scene like at end of yard work 10 again but instead have Nichol and luke on amy body amy playing with them on her body then mom walk .

  10. Frenchy Ars

    Good work dreamtales. It’s the better Ar comic I saw.
    I love the point of vue. The regression. The breast feeding scene. The mentality of Amy.
    Some ideas for the next. Luke receive the serum to return to normal,but that dosn’t work. That just work with his brain. His body continue to regress to a very tiny baby, but the doctor discover… If Amy breast feed him 3 time a day, she can pass him her hormonse tolet him go back to normal. Luke have to crawl now (he loose his body abilities) and is futur depend of her little sister. He have to ask her to be breast feed. She use those demands to humiliate him and ask him what she want, again and again.


  11. Transfer

    First of all I apologize for my terrible English. I’ve had an interesting idea for a scenario of this story. A party where some drunk guys are made with lawn products, and poured as a joke in a nearby pool where another party is being held, children in this case (all girls). Meanwhile, their girlfriends without them the know go to that party sisters accompanying . While bathe all start to grow and develop.
    In continuous pool guys pull drunks mistakenly reducing product in the pool. Drunk and start throwing wet each other without realizing they are shrinking rapidly. On the feast of shrinking boys, girls in the party grow.
    Eventually couples meet and realize what happened and decide to make an example to their tiny boyfriends.

  12. Yep

    Really enjoyed this chapter. As captcom mentioned, I would also enjoy seeing Mom also finding herself tiny in and a fully mature Amy’s hands.

    Great chapter though!

  13. AR

    What do you think of an AR tale with a twist where Luke regresses to a child of 8 or 10 but finds that he has magic powers in this state letting him control the girls (making them more submissive and/or maternal, body modification, growth, shrinking). He’d have to decide whether he wants to grow up, since being a kid is embarrassing to him or stay a child and keep the upper hand.


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