Big Splash Two March 22, 2016

Kristen has some admirers in Big Splash Two

Kristen has some admirers in Big Splash Two

48 pages, Color, US$11.99
Giantess, Age Progression, age Regression
Artwork by The Pepper Pair

The sequel to The Big Splash, a classic AR / AP / GTS / SW comic and one of the all-time favorite giantess comics! A group of friends go swimming in a remote lake that makes them shrink and grow.

Story Summary: Poor little Kristen is sorry she tagged along with older sister Megan and her pals – they’re just too grown up for her! But as the girls go swimming they start having trouble keeping their bikinis on. Soon Megan and her friend are shrinking while Kristen grows bigger and sexier. And the guys find themselves mountain climbing in an unusual place!

Note: This is not a continuation of the original comic, but a “reboot” of the story. You can find the original Big Splash here.

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Artist’s Edition for US$ 13.99
This comic is also offered in an Artist’s Edition that includes an additional 96 pages of original uncolored ink and pencil drawings that show the detail of the original art.​

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39 thoughts on “Big Splash Two

  1. Ed

    Amazing art… Wish Kristen had grown some more… As usual lovely story hope it continues… Kristen coming back to the lake with some other friends and more growing and shrinking… And so on…
    Now eagerly awaiting for next yard work installment…

  2. Anonymous SW Fan

    I don’t think you should refer to this as “Big Splash 2” if you’re rebooting the story. “Big Splash Redux” would have been clearer that this is a reboot instead of a sequel.

    Also, I personally would have gone with a more traditional sequel rather than a reboot. The cliffhanger the original ended on left plenty of great possibilities open, and I was eagerly looking forward to Kristen shrinking even more while trying desperately to get help while dealing with several narrow escapes and harrowing situations.

  3. Jack

    Best comic on Dream Tales!

    Loved the art and all the details. Oh, and the small cameo character from the previous Big Splash entry ^^

    Only thing I would have wanted to see more of at the end is interaction between Tara and Megan with their little boyfriends for maximum humiliation.

    Still, this is a really fantastic comic!

      1. greece

        Thanks. It was needed with that list of AR / AP / GTS / SW being unclear if it describe both comics or just the old one.

  4. AuGoose

    That turned out really well. I’m perfectly happy with Kristen’s more modest size by the end. I would have like to have seen a little more variation of line weight throughout the art, but that’s just personal preference. I think it lost a little something with having only a single character growing (no comparisons or shared perspective) but that’s easily fixed in a (direct) sequel. Hint-hint.

    Definitely a satisfied customer! Hope we see more of the big little ponds in less than another three years :).

  5. v00d00

    It’s a shame it’s a reboot rather than sequel. I really enjoyed the original. I think the original story was probably a little better. But the art in this version is better. I really wanted to see Megan and Tara shrink more like the original and interact me with Kristen, like the original with hand held or falling into cleavage,to really humiliate them.

    Hope to see a sequel to this with more shrinking and growth!

  6. Hunter S Creek

    Overall this was a fun read.
    I know that I am in the minority here in that I am not a big fan of AR or SW or SM. So, I won’t address those aspects of the comic.
    I like AP and female growth (but not to GTS scale) and BE. My favorite stories and comics feature cute, smart, short, scrawny, nerdy girls growing tall (7′ maximum), leggy, athletic, and very busty.
    So having said that —
    Kristen’s starting personality and “before” body were great.
    Unfortunately Kristen’s initial growth sequence was too short. It was depicted over only a few panels.
    There are additional panels showing Kristen growing much taller but I would have been happier if Kristen had topped-out at a few inches to a foot taller than the “before” guys.
    I was disappointed that Kristen’s breasts did not grow all that big in proportion to the rest of her. And, when they did seem to grow bigger, they then seemed to shrink back down again in subsequent panels. This lack of continuity in the artwork magnified my disappointment.
    One other point is that when a human grows to 7′, their heads are usually still about the same size as the average person. At 8′ or so Kristen’s head would probably not be twice the size of a 6′ guy’s — such as on page 23.

    My request would be for an AP, female growth, BE story featuring a character like “before”-Kristen who for whatever reason slowly (several months) grows to become a tall, leggy, very busty babe. Her growth comes in a series of spurts that would contain growth sequences with clothes that become too small and at least one button pinging off of her overstuffed shirt. In the process of growing the principal character eventually upstages her older sister and her sister’s friends. She also eventually turns the tables on some guys who had originally teased her. She also goes from being a laughing-stock at PE and sports to a star. She remains loyal to a nerdy friend who may or may not be secretly responsible for her growth and overdevelopment.

    BTW — I am aware that some variation of some of these facets have been featured in some of your comics.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    1. v00d00

      I agree with the height inconsistency. In 1 panel Megan & Tara appear to shrink smaller than Kristen’s knees. But then a few panels later they are about waist height again. Kristen also seems to go from mini giantess back to tall girl.

  7. alchemist2007

    Good job! I liked all of Kristens growth scenes. It was also nice to see Kristen show a little bit of mercy towards Megan and Tara.

  8. Karo L.

    VERY good comic. I loved the reboot and consider this the better version of the story. I liked it much better then the original, which was a pretty standard-and in places,ridiculous- GTS/shrinking story. I liked the AP/AR/Amazon Growth themes this story a lot better-I think it makes the story more relatable and believable. The art was absolutely first rate.

    Very good job and more stories like this in the future!

  9. Dukes

    The art is probably my favorite of all you comics, and the tale itself, if quite standard, is enjoyable.

    The AP result is impressive, if the change itself is a bit too short, but what I really missed the most was more exploration once Kristen discovers her new body (checking her reflection, grabbing her body, making more comments). In that respect, that’s something I want to see in more of your comics (Bleach Blanket Beauties and Switcheroo are the ones that has the AP with the better processes and explorations) and I hope you do more of that kind of thing in the future.

    In any case, a very worthy product. I hope you keep using the Pepper Pair!

  10. F

    Yard word, vorrei vedere una anticipazione se possibile. Ho amato particolarmente quelle tre pagine OVE la mamma incontra il suo ex e lo restringe e usa il suo vantaggio fisico con la compagna… Peccato e finito subito …. Vorrei vedere una mamma che usa la sua grandezza e restringe gente cosciente …

  11. Tom

    The art was really good! The girls loosing their sight was a bit weird and some inconsistencies with the clothing. Overall, I was satisfied. Looking forward to seeing more from this artist.

  12. CSynn

    This was a waste of time and money. Sorry to be blunt. I love most of your work, but this one fell flat on many levels. Firstly, there was no point in essentially retelling a story that was really well put together and which actually ended on a bit of a cliffhanger. Couldn’t care at all for this one. The art, while good, was actually better on the first version. Makes me afraid there will be a new comic at some point called “Yard Work” but instead of being a continuation of the actual Yard Work basically tells the story of a guy with a little sister and a hot neighbour – he shrinks, they grow taller and sexier. But instead of hot mom we get hot older sister or hot aunt. Bottom line I found this uncreative and unoriginal. I regret spending the money I did – a first here.

  13. James

    Not sure if it’s really multiple people asking or just one person with different names but you need to chill, I’m sure there will be a preview up about Yard Work and Flu Shots in one instead of just one Yard Work preview update

  14. Ed

    This is the 5th time I post a comment, 4th time asking for news about the upcoming comics. I am really sorry if it bothers anyone, but I havent heard from Dreamtales, hope you are doing fine and are able to post a new amazing comic soon.

  15. gtsgroup

    We can’t wait for see lovely mom again .
    I hope to see she grows larger and wear tight clothes , mom is the best .


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