Comic Con Part Two October 11, 2016

comic-con-two-0132 pages, Color + B&W, $9.99
Giantess, Shrinking Women
Artwork by Bojay

Giantess and Shrinking Women fans should enjoy Part Two, which features lots of ladies bursting out – or shrinking out – of their cosplay costumes. More great art by Bojay with colors by the Pepper Pair.

Story Summary: Zatanna has to work on her aim; she hits Wonder Woman with a growth spell, and then a shrinking spell backfires. And she’s too tiny and weak to lift her magic wand!

Note: This is a stand-alone comic – you don’t need to read Part One to catch up on the action.

The Bojay art is incredibly detailed, enhanced by a wonderful coloring job by the Pepper Pair. There are 32 pages total – 26 multi-panel color pages plus 6 pages of ideas and concept sketches by Bojay.

Sample illustrations

Regular Edition for US$ 9.99

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Artist’s Edition for US$ 11.99
This comic is also offered in a Artist’s Edition that includes an additional 25 pages of original uncolored inked drawings that show the amazing detail of Bojay’s original art.

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The comic is also for sale at the Process Productions Store.

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12 thoughts on “Comic Con Part Two

  1. Ed

    Hot giantess…. amazing art wish it was longer.

    Waiting for the next installment of Yard Work… hope to finally see Amy growing humongous….

  2. Ben

    This one was great. I’m not one so much for giantess, although I will buy stuff that has that in it, anything with accidental nudity (growing out of clothes, shrinking out of clothes is great) But what I really like is SW, and this one was great for that. Bojay is really good with composition, and showing the way people are posed, and the way other things react around them.

    Examples of what I mean are page 15, the hat getting too big.
    Page 16 Literally shrinking out of the clothes, love it.
    Page 20 the way Poison Ivy has her butt in the air, and Zatana dangling her leg off his hand.
    And the fact that they are actually nude in this, I don’t like it where clothes shrink with people or you never see anything.

    It’s all great. I know I’m more in the minority being into SW, but the more SW like this I see, the more I’ll buy.

    1. v00d00

      Definitely not in the minority. I love SW and will always buy it over the other stuff. Hoping for more Suzy & Marilyn SW comics soon!

    2. dreamtales Post author

      Thanks, really helpful comments. I agree, I love SW and Bojay’s take on it. There will definitely be more in the future, even if it’s not the most popular genre.

  3. JVD

    Sorry Dreamtales, I wasn’t a fan of this one…I actually felt pretty ripped off.

    “Lots of ladies bursting out – or shrinking out – of their cosplay costume”? Try the same three from part one, not really “lots”. This was the same themes and ideas as the first part, just reversed. Instead of Zatanna and Ivy being the giantesses, they were shrunken women. Instead of Wonder Woman being normal sized, she was a giantess (which she already was to Thor/Atom in the first part).

    Nothing really new, same four characters total. I hate to say this because I’ve always been a fan of your work, but for such an easy idea as a comic-con, this one was a major disappointment.

  4. Anonymous

    Hey dreamtales this is completely unrelated to this comic but i just had a great comic idea and I hope u have to time to read this. What if there were 2 races of humans where one race was essentially midgets like th Pygmy tribes of Africa and Southeast Asia. And another race of mini giantesses/ Giants. The giant race had all the power throughout history and were 1st class whereas the midgets were 2nd class citizens. But the midget people had enough and their best scientists created a machine that switched the sizes of the two races so the midgets are now mini Giants and giantesses and the mini Giants and such are the midgets. And there could be a sub plot of a forbidden romance between a giantess and a midget man so how would their relationship change especially when the now midget has to compete with her lovers now giant ex.


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