DreamTales Comic Poll Results May 6, 2016

The poll results are in!

I don’t have  time to go into a detailed analysis just now, so I’m posting a brief summary. Interestingly the results were very similar to the last poll several years ago. 

Lots of respondents gave detailed ideas and comments, which I will read through carefully. There were over 900 responses!

Favorite Genre?

From best to least liked: Giantess, AR, SW and Other.

Other Genres you’s like to see?

Lots of interest in Breast Enlargement comics! And attribute transfer was second. (I do plan to have another BE comic in the future)

Do You Like to Mix Multiple Genres?

Most said “It Depends”, with “The More the Better” second.  Very few (under 15%) want GTS or AR only.

What do you care about in a DreamTales comic?

Most want good art, with Method of transformation and a good plot second.

Favorite  artist?

Yuan and Bojay were the favorites, with Palcomix third.

What Characters Do You Want to See More Of?

Of the existing characters, Yard Work is still the favorite. But most respondents want new characters. And a majority still wants to see more Suzy and Marilyn, and Betsy and Lauren comics.

What Plot Type Do You Prefer?

Results strongly favored the slow, detailed “Yard Work” style plot over lots of transformations.

Favorite AR theme?

From best to least liked: Female AR, Female AP, Humiliation, Male AR. Diapering was the least liked.

What things do you want to see in a GTS / SW comic?

Most want more detailed process – only 25% want more sex.

Giantess and SW: What Sub Genres Do You Like?

Mini-Giantess was the winner, with Shrinking Men second. Not too many were interested in muscle growth.

Any other questions or comments, please let me know below or through the contact form. Thanks to everyone who took the poll!

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15 thoughts on “DreamTales Comic Poll Results

    1. Godleydemon

      You guys have enough material for GTS/SW than a truck can carry. Let us AR/AP people have some stuff darnit. lol

    1. dreamtales Post author

      Well, “Mom only” was the least favorite character among the options. Most respondents were “okay” with another Mom comic. However I still love Mom, and would like to do more comics with her in the future.

  1. Tomy

    More than grow . I enjoy see the sexy and hot Amy teasing and humiliating Luke!!!! If Luke finally go to realize that he’s have fantasies with Amy? When he enter to the room still thinking that she’s Nicole. And say to his self that she looks amazing and taller than before. What if Amy did not take her fake hair off? So many questions opens….

  2. Dukes

    Can’t say I’m too glad with some of the results, because this probably means will have much more Yard Work instead of covering new ground.

    1. dreamtales Post author

      I’m still interested in doing more muscle growth comics. If you know of other muscle growth forums, please let me know so I can post there – the more people know about it the better.

      1. Urza2

        Sure! I usually frequent Amaz0ns.com, the Process Productions muscle growth subforum, girlswithmuscle.com forum (has a artwork/fantasy subsection), or you can post on deviantart (where there are a lot of femalemusclegrowth lovers). I love the high quality comics at this site and would certainly love any more FMG ones :). If you want any more assistance or advice you can contact me via email asdfhjklhjkl@gmail.com, I have commissioned a lot of FMG artwork and written some comics myself.

  3. Muscle Mania

    I disappointed that survey included very rarely muslce growth genre. but I hopes good comic.


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