Flu Shots Five December 14, 2016

Madison looks on from the kiddie pool as Michael gets a girlfriend.

39 pages, Color, US$10.99
Age Regression, Age Progression
Artwork by Yuan

The exciting finale with shrunken Madison, her sexy little sister Zoe, brother Michael and more. This part features lots of age regression and progression from multiple characters – and a big showdown between Madison and Zoe!

Story Summary: The Doctor finally gets rid of the spoiled flu shots – by dumping them into the lake! Zoe, Austin and their friends are affected as the shots cause an epidemic of age regression. Meanwhile Michael has a big crush on the Nurse, and Zoe and Madison’s war comes to a surprising resolution.

This comic includes 39 multi-panel color pages.

Note: This is Part Five of a Multi-Part Series.

Sample illustrations

Regular Edition for US$ 10.99

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Artist’s Edition for US$ 12.99
This Artist’s Edition  includes all 39 pages plus  (1) 39 pages of original sketch drawings and (2) 39 pages of uncolored inked drawings that show the amazing detail of the original art. Get 117 total pages of great art! 

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35 thoughts on “Flu Shots Five

  1. m

    it’s became like yard work but much weaker than it , i was hope for some growth for mom!
    i missed yard work and mom , please dreamtales do something .

  2. Thom

    Satisfying ending; the nurse’s scenes make it worth it. Still would have liked to have seen something happen with the mother.

          1. RF

            You need to understand something: Dreamtales is NOT your personal comic boutique writer. He has his own things he would like to do, creatively. Some of those things happen to overlap with what you like.

            If you really want to see only one specific element happen ad nauseum in every story, then make your own. Dreamtales is under zero obligation to satisfy your favorite fetish every single time.

  3. TGTrinity

    This was a great comic on it’s own merits, and I feel it’s a proper ending when combined with the other four issues. The stuff with Michael was fun, but the growing conflict between Zoe and Madison was handled perfectly. It was nice to see a resolution that didn’t have a clear cut winner, although there certainly was a loser. Well done!

      1. K.L.

        With Christmas coming up,every dime is precious-so I dunno how long it’ll be before I can get around to actually reading it. But when I do, I’ll post a review and/or comments. Happy Holidays!

  4. Eishi

    The conflict with Zoe/Madison was a good ending but I feel like you made them a little too tall in the end for a series that is supposed to be primarily age progression/regression. Six foot three (around the same as Michael’s final height) is probably a good “sweet spot” to stop in terms of series that are not about mini giantesses.

    I would suggest in the future, try to stick with primarily one theme per comics series and really go hard with that theme.
    The biggest thing I liked about this series initially was that you were going with “gradual changes in growth” but you seemed to throw that out the window mid-series (now growth sequences happen in one panel).

    Sorry for ranting. I like and still buy your stuff but just offering my opinion, on what I thought could be better.

  5. Eishi

    The biggest thing I am looking forward to (and a few users in your survey) is more gradual growth changes.
    I liked that in the beginning of this series but it seemed to disappear near the end. Will we get more slow changes in the future?

  6. Chris Myst

    I thought this was actually really terrible. Completely ignores the prior storylines and watching her regress and instead throws a bunch of random characters in for what is basically another Yard Work shrinking/growth comic. Stick to the genres, or if you can’t, don’t put the “age regression” tag on it if you barely touch any of the elements.

    Feel like I completely wasted my money waiting for this last installment after feeling it slightly wasted the previous four times.

    Also, this artist makes young people look so weird, they’re just small bodies with completely adult faces.

    Sorry for the complaints and harsh words, but I’ve bought EVERY regression comic on this site, and this is by far the worst.

  7. Theodore

    I feel like if you’re going to do age progression, the final height you made Zoe and Madison is kind of mini-giantess territory. We all have opinions but personally, I was hoping for you to avoid that (six foot two max for this genre) since you can go for the big heights in your other GTS comics. There are women who are six foot six, and it’s believable but I was still hoping for that to be less central of a theme to the story, you know? The first two chapters had the right idea with gradual changes and Madison’s regression (super cute), then the growing started happening SUPER fast in the next three. I was hoping for a more slow paced story with less fast-paced exaggerated growth but, hopefully that happens in the future.

    Whelp, back to the giantess stuff with Yard Work I suppose.

  8. Amel

    Well.. that was a little underwhelming, it feels rushed, I was pretty exsited from the cliffhanger from the last part, but all of my hopes were dashed, you should just stick with one theme, there’s people who like Shrinking/Giantess, and there’s people who like Age Progression/regression, and I was following this comic because it was just Age Prog/reg, next time just stick with one theme and the usual charachters.
    It’s chrismas so money is tight, but I was excited to see the ending to a great story, but as I said it didn’t meet my expectation I was going to ask for a refund but I wouldn’t do that Christmas is a time for giving after all, I hope this critisism has an effect on making a better rather than a rushed ending for future comics

  9. Bela

    wtf was that? I thought this was an Age regression Comic not a Giantess comic? this is by far the worst comic because it just ignores the WHOLE story arc and the lead to this ending and just goes oin by itself with no explanation as to why, I hope people see this comment and others to make the decision for themselves, but this IS NOT the ending for Flu Shots but feels like it’s own comic

  10. Star33

    OK, while shrinking and ar as not my fav styles I did appreciate as always the artistry and the little GTS and growth was appreciated. I agree with some of the other commentators in that this is not a forum for personal fetishes. If you wana commission Dreamtales and or his artists to make your dreams come true then and only then do you have the final and total say on the end product. Until then we are consumers of art, and in that you get with the artist has completed for us to enjoy.

    Great work again Dreamtales and look forward to more as always

    1. Amel

      I mean how do we dare pay our hard earned money and ask for something we want to see, that seems a bit illogical don’t you think, I bought all the parts of this comic thinking it’s an Age regression progression comic than get hit with a Giantess/Shrinking ending, I’m sorry but as a customer I feel robbed of an ending that this comic who had great parts before deserved at least an ending in the genre that it started in

      1. Steve

        You are entitled to nothing. You are not paying for a service, you are paying for a product Dreamtales commissioned. Having paid for a previous product does not mean you can make demands for a future one. I can understand feeling disappointed that you did not get what you expected or hoped for; perhaps if you waited for reviews you might not be suffering from buyer’s remorse and acting as if your not demanding a refund is an act of charity.

        1. Amel

          I don’t think you understand the concept of selling and buying, someone produces something people WANT and then sells it, let’s say Dreamtales makes a comic about an obscure fetish that like 2 people only liked that’s NOT gonna sell, so in this situation there’s people who like Age regression/progression and there’s people who like GTS stuff, coming back to me (and most of the people who made the mistake of buying this) we were promised an Age Progression/Regression comic and were given a GTS comic, I specifically avoid GTS comics on this site because it’s not my thing, and when I wait for a conclusion of what been an AMAZING age comic turns into something I’m not into I get a little pissed and I hope you understand what I’m saying before blindly whiteknighting here.

  11. Tomy

    Thank yuo DT for release the last part before Xmas. Enjoy it so far!. I want in this lines wish you a Happy holidays ! and looking forward what’s to come in the next year!!!
    Btw: Still missing the Hottest sexiest Amy!!!!

    thanks for the fun,

  12. bela04

    Well… I waited a time before I finally put my self in the mood to buy it. All these comments and reviews were so different and showed a very mixed picture but I can say – even with the Grow parts – I liked it! I don’t say I could imagine more AR/AP in it. I don’t say it wasn’t enough but probably I would be more happy to see just a few changes but if I could see more change on them that would be great. Like growing hair more detailed face change – from kiddish look to sexy adult – but after all the comments I don’t think it is that bad as some ppl think it is.
    I personally liked the ending, it was a great thing to see something ending like this! Keep up the good work!

  13. KouKiba

    I must say, this comic really is rather lackluster, considering that Zoe and Madison’s conflict happened to end too early and too quickly. If you ask me, the only good part of this comic is that it features male age progression, a rarity in modern age change media, with Michael going from a bratty kid to a well-built teenager with abs more defined than Austin’s.


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