Flu Shots Four September 17, 2016

Madison needs some mothering in Flu Shots Part Four.

Madison needs some mothering in Flu Shots Part Four.

39 pages, Color, US$10.99
Age Regression, Age Progression
Artwork by Yuan

Poor Madison struggles to adjust to being an innocent child while her bratty sister Zoe grows and grows. The comic features more great Female Age Regression and Age Progression art by the Yard Work artist Yuan.

Story Summary: Life is becoming full of small and big humiliations as Madison adjusts to her reduced circumstances. She loses a big fight with Zoe, and becomes the victim of an embarrassing case of mistaken identity. And as Madison gets younger and smaller even little brother Michael is starting to look big to her!

This comic includes 39 multi-panel color pages.

Note: This is Part Four of a Multi-Part Series.

Sample illustrations

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This Artist’s Edition  includes all 36 pages plus  (1) 39 pages of original sketch drawings and (2) 39 pages of uncolored inked drawings that show the amazing detail of the original art. Get 108 total pages of great art! 

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26 thoughts on “Flu Shots Four

  1. J.V.

    have you thought about a special reversed version of yard work with Luke getting bigger and Amy,Nicole and the mom getting smaller in a what if things happened differently scenario,if so then make it happen, also loved this issue of flu shots.

  2. Walter

    Dreamtales you did it again this was a awesome part four of flu shots also I can’t believe that Zoe and Austin did it in the car and now Michael is older too. In part five will Zoe and Austin become a couple and what’s next for Michael and Madison.

  3. Steven

    Very nice. Poor Madison is now the only child in the family and still getting younger. Question could Zoe accelerated aging cause her to get pregnant from her new boy friend. How is Michael going to handle being older? How is the mother going to react with two of her children becoming adults. Is she going to be affected by the flu shot, it’s eluted that she got one as well. It would be poetic that Zoe has to be the parent and take car of her mother, who ends up younger, and her big now little sister. She would then have to now be responsible. Now you got a little boy in a man’s body, chaos ensues. I wouldn’t mind if this ends up with six chapters or more like Yard Work. So many situations to explore and relationships and power struggles.

  4. Walter

    Hey Steven man I couldn’t agree with you more because of all what we have seen there could be more chapter’s coming in this story. I really want dreamtales to keep this going because is one of the best stories I ever read.

  5. bela04

    I really loved it! I think the best part so far and great to see that the little brother is growing up! Just one thing, I wish Zoe’s face would be a little bit more mature and her hair would grow longer!

  6. Tomy

    I Really enjoy!. Thank you!. I really like to see face of Madison when she find out Zoe and Austin as couple. I’m with Bela04 about Zoe’s been more mature and her hair grow more longer without those clips hair!

  7. K.L.

    Just finally finished part 4 and it was terrific. Zoe looks like she’s still growing, becoming an Amazon goddess with an amazing body. Even if Madison DID grow back to her former self, Zoe would make her look like a little girl now! Seems you’ve also followed my suggestions and made her grow up emotionally,too-and I’m not just talking about her taking her relationship with Austin to the next level. Her “attacks” on Madison are really just teasing and nothing more as payback for her being such a brat before her transformation. I don’t want Zoe to actually begin abusing or bullying Madison-just “putting her in her place with payback” is as far as it should go. Madison’s “regression” is clearly mental as well-although she was immature for her age to begin with,which is kind of the point,right? I’m not sure where Micheal’s growth is going here. It’ll be interesting to see-what I’d love to see is a complete role reversal of the kids-Zoe and Micheal now becoming high-school senior age and nearly adults while Madison is forced to become the baby in the family (NOT literally,let’s emphasize that. That would take this story into very creepy territory I’ve complained about before.)

    I know the final part is coming up. It’s a shame because I love this story a lot. That being said-I hope it DOES end there. I’ll tell you why-sadly, you have a tendency when a story is successful, to drag it out FAR beyond where the story’s sustainable. The result is a ridiculous constant stream of inane issues. YARD WORK is the sad example. This story has gone on WAY too long and needs to be put out of it’s misery. I’m hoping a meteor hits the house where Luke and the others live. Seriously. What you CAN do when a story is successful like that is have sequels and only when you’ve got a really good idea for one. Hope you don’t get offended-that’s just the opinion of one writer to another.

    My suggestions for the conclusion (take them if you will) is to let Zoe have one last growth spurt that makes her a towering 6’4′ hourglass-shaped 18 year old beauty with a long mane of blonde hair. Her face also matures, making her look more womanly. Madison can’t handle it-it’s finally the last straw of humiliation and she runs away. While mom is hysterical fearing for Madison, Zoe is devastated, feeling responsible. She takes Micheal with her and they begin driving around (yes,Zoe drives now) looking for her. While they’re driving around, Micheal has his major growth spurt-tearing out of his clothes like The Hulk as he becomes a handsome 6’4′, muscular hunk of a high school senior! He’s now the same height and age as Zoe. Meanwhile, Madison goes to Austin’s house to try and tell him the truth, hoping he’ll take her back until the doctors can find a way to restore her. Of course, he doesn’t believe her at first. Eventually she convinces him. Austin is stunned at first-and then begins laughing at her, bragging about how he got the best of the deal while sleeping with “real babe” Zoe. Madison is irate and helplessly punches him with her tiny fists. He laughs more and spanks her over his knee while telling her how much he enjoyed feeling Zoe’s boobs. Madison rolls up into a ball on the ground, sobbing. Austin keeps cruelly taunting her-until someone taps him on the shoulder. He turns around and finds the now-huge Zoe and Micheal behind him, both now slightly taller then the big Austin. He stammers,trying to explain himself. Micheal is enraged,but nowhere near as mad as Zoe. Before Micheal can act, Zoe hauls off and decks Austin-laying him out cold with one punch,leaving him on the floor with a black eye! Zoe then gathers up the now-relatively tiny Madison-both of them in tears,and carries her to the car. “I’m so, so sorry, Madison. This went too far. WAY too far. Neither of us needs that dirtbag.”

    This would be a great scene,but I’m sure you got your own plans for the end of the story by now. Then again, you took some of my suggestions last time. So I can hope.

    Again,great chapter and keep up the good work!

      1. K.L.

        Any idea yet when Part 5 will be ready? I can’t wait to see how it ends and I hope you incorporate at least some of my suggestions.

        I hope Zoe grows into-pun intended-a good young woman and not a monster.I really don’t want it to end like that.

        But it’s your world,we just visit it.

    1. K.L.

      I strongly suggested the opposite in my story suggestions-but we could still have both if the story goes out to 6 parts. It’s not my or your story,though-it’s Dreamtales’. So he’s got to decide which way it goes. But I think my suggestions are good ones.

      I DO really hope Zoe has one last growth spurt that makes her a 6’4′ 18 year old curvy Amazon.

      Let’s wait and see what happens.

  8. TGTrinity

    I just bought chapters three and four, and I’m fairly happy with where the story is going. While this follows a similar story beat as “Yard Work” or “Betsy & Lauren”, having Michael in the mix really sets it apart. I love the tease that Michael is growing, and I can’t wait to see where it leads. It seems that Madison’s decent into childhood is being handled exceptionally well in this series, as each new humiliation seemingly impacts her differently. That being said, I wish there was more time exploring Zoe’s transition into womanhood. In some previous DT stories, characters aged and couldn’t control their sexual urges while others used sex to humiliate. Since neither was involved here, I’m curious what the motivation for sex was in this case. Sure they “click”, but is Zoe really pursuing Austin for reasons other than revenge? I wish there was just one thought bubble where Zoe thought about what she did, and what it meant to her. Then again, I think I’m in the minority of being more interested in the AP than the AR. Can’t wait to see how this all wraps up, and I’ll throw my hat in with those who are hoping this story will end with chapter five (or possibly six).

    1. K.L.

      TGT, I think you’re underestimating how many of us are AP fans out here. For me,. the growth and transformations of Zoe and Micheal are the main high points and Madison’s AR really is interesting only as a counterpoint to it. And also as payback,of course. I think Dreamtales is writing this mostly as an AP story, that this is the main thrust of the plot. The AR is there much more to provide a role reversal aspect then anything else. And it’s being done very well.

      As I said, I’m hoping Zoe has one more growth spurt-and I’ve told Dream I’d love to see more of the psychological aspects of her transformation. There have been some hints in that direction in part 4, but would love to see much more of it in the final parts-especially if Zoe becomes a towering Amazon and Micheal becomes an equally huge and muscular hunky high school senior.

      We’ll see how it plays out.

      1. TGTrinity

        KL: I disagree that this story is more focused on AP than AR, and I’d like to hear your thoughts on the subject. With the AR we are seeing Madison deal with a number of emotions including fear, shame, anger, jealousy and indignation. With Zoe’s AP, we’re treated to a sister who seems to only act out of a desire of vengeance. Everything Zoe does seems to be aimed at humiliating Madison, while Madison is dealing with emotional crises on multiple fronts. All of this isn’t a bad thing, but in my opinion there is far more drama in someone dealing with loss than the “Wish Fulfillment” of another character. This wouldn’t be the case if Zoe felt remorse, pity or confusion over her new status, but we’ve just seen her happily becoming an adult.

        1. K.L.

          Ok, a lot of unpack here and I don’t have a lot of time to do it……lol

          First of all, I think you’re being a little unfair and one sided to Zoe. With one exception we’ll get to, her “attacks” on Madison have been fairly innocuous teasing.She DOES act to get back at Madison partially for revenge, which is entirely understandable. But there’s clearly something deeper going on here, namely Zoe is embracing being an adult while Madison is acting more immature all the time. It’s more then “wish fullfillment” with her growth and Madison’s regression-it’s an identity dynamic here. Zoe wants to take over as the “big sister”-not only because she’s begun to see the benefits of being one,but bc Madison was so petty and self-absorbed when she was in that role. She’s taking over as the big sister not only bc of her physical transformation,but because she thinks she deserves it a lot more then Madison did. To her, Madison is being justly “demoted” because of her earlier selfishness and cruelty.I also think you’re giving Madison too much credit-if anything,she sees her regression in completely self-centered terms. She’s not worried about how becoming a child again will affect her Mom, her school, her friends,etc.-she’s worried about how she’s losing control and becoming humiliated. PERIOD. So really,both sisters are children inside.

          That brings me to my second point-keep in mind the different starting points of the 2 sisters. Madison was a teenager-albeit a very immature and self absorbed one. Zoe was a true child and,at first at least,didn’t really understand the consequences of her actions. Zoe’s mind clearly hasn’t caught up to her body yet,although from part 4, it’s clear she’s beginning to.While she’s beginning to exhibit some more mature feelings and thoughts in part 4, in a lot of ways,her body has vastly outstripped her psyche in maturity. The one act of Zoe’s in part 4 -without giving away spoilers?-that’s certainly malicious and self serving is her changing relationship with Austin.While it was clearly a cruel action,I’m not sure Zoe understands the full significance of what she’s done. What struck me is that it’s clearly a more sophisticated act of spite then we’d expect from a child. It’s the kind of thing we’d expect an angry 14 or 15 year old girl to do.It-and how she responds to Madison’s neediness in bed-are strong indicators that while she hasn’t caught up emotionally to her statuesque-and still growing!-body yet,she’s clearly not a child anymore emotionally. But like a teenager, she sometimes doesn’t see beyond the moment of emotion for the consequences of her actions-until something really BAD happens as a result. A lot of teenagers go through a vicious phase and have to learn THE HARD WAY. We all remember that. And I think that’s what Zoe-assuming Dream isn’t planning to have her become a sadistic monster,which I hope not-has yet to run into. (That’s exactly what I was trying to provide in my story suggestions above-a crisis point that forces Zoe to grow up inside.)

          On the other hand, Madison seems to be regressing emotionally,becoming more childlike in feelings and behavior. More then that,she seems to prove Zoe correct when she’s given a chance to be the “big” sister to Micheal before his growth begins.When she’s given that chance,does she act mature and helpful to him? NO. She orders him around in a childlike assertion of dominance.So it’s hard to feel sorry for her when Micheal begins to outgrow her-and even when Zoe moves in on Austin. In most ways,both Zoe and Micheal ARE outgrowing her and she’s not doing anything to help her case.

          Which brings me to my last point,my hopes for how the story will end. I remember another of Dreamtales’ comics that this one strongly reminds me of-“Regressing to the Mean”, in which a pair of sisters effectively swap ages both physically and emotionally at a summer camp in which they’re mistakenly misplaced.The growing younger sister,at first,enjoys dominating her former tormenting,now-little sister-but when she sees how hurt her sister is, suddenly,it’s no fun anymore. The critical thing is that there’s a crisis point that forces the “little” sister to grow up to match her physical growth.At that point, she “grows up” to match her body. By summer’s end, the formerly angry and abusive older sister has regressed to a joyful small child and the abused small little sister has grown into tall,gorgeous young woman who more importantly,is now a mature young adult who enjoys being her formerly older sister’s mentor and guardian,looking after her. The role reversal,while shocking to the mom,is accepted when she realizes how much happier both of them are now.

          That’s how I’m hoping this story ends between Madison,Zoe and Micheal.I hope it ends in a role reversal that turns out to be a happy ending for everyone. One possible ending: I hope Zoe has one more growth spurt that makes her a gorgeous 18 year old 6’4′ amazon and Micheal eventually grows into a muscular hunk of the same hieght and age-and both “grow into” thier bodies. Meanwhile,Madison realizes that being the baby of the family isn’t such a bad thing after all-as she realizes how unhappy she was. She realizes she has a second chance to get things right-with Zoe and Micheal now the grown ups making her life so much simpler and with them watching her back.

          Another possible ending: The doctors find a way to reverse things and restore Madison-but Zoe and Micheal are now so mature both physically and emotionally,it’d be ludicrous to turn them back into kids even if they could!Madison has mixed feelings about it-but having 2 “older”siblings that are still close enough in age to her that they can hang out and be the best of friends turns out to be a great thing for her indeed. And while Mom is a bit shaken to go from having a teenage daughter and 2 young kids to having 2 nearly grown-and HUGE!-late teenagers in Zoe and Micheal and a slightly younger teenage daughter in Madison,seeing how much happier they all are now-not to mention being a lot easier for her as a parent-she quickly comes to accept the change as a gift.

          Anyway,those are my thoughts and I hope the story ends positively. But it’s Dream’s story and he’ll end it how he damn well pleases. (I hope it doesn’t end with Mom breast-feeding baby Madison while Zoe’s laughing-that would really piss me off.But again,it’s Dream’s show…..lol)

        2. Dukes

          I agree with your points, TGTrinity! And I’m also here just for the AP. The AR bores me, and I agree about Zoe’s AP being just about humilliating the sister, which is a pity.

  9. Jeff Park

    This was a good one…It would be great if Zoe got EVEN bigger than her BF(not mini giantess, but definitely noticeable) , but being immature and naive about it to where she lacks ambition and is VERY happy where she is even though she is drop dead gorgeous which will make her BF more gagaga for her than ever. Also, if you can have Michael grow to adulthood and have him gain the affections of an overdeveloped rival of Madison who happens to be a woman of color, much to the surprise of his mother. Just Suggestions to Dreamtakes nothing more..Keep up the good work!


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