Flu Shots Three July 19, 2016

Madison gets left behind by Zoe and Austin in Flu Shots Three.

Madison gets left behind by Zoe and Austin in Flu Shots Three.

36 pages, Color, US$10.99
Age Regression, Age Progression
Artwork by Yuan

Poor Madison continues her slow humiliating descent as she regresses to a child while her bratty sister Zoe grows and grows. The comic features more great Female Age Regression and Age Progression art by the Yard Work artist Yuan.

Story Summary: After Zoe has a growth spurt, Mom decides she should join Madison in her bedroom. Meanwhile Madison keeps getting smaller and younger. During a trip to the lake Madison sees her erstwhile boyfriend Austin – and he sees Zoe. Poor Madison is stuck with the kids while Zoe joins the grown ups.

The comic includes 36 multi-panel color pages.

Note: This is Part Three of a Multi-Part Series.

Sample illustrations

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This Artist’s Edition  includes all 36 pages plus  (1) 36 pages of original sketch drawings and (2) 36 pages of uncolored inked drawings that show the amazing detail of the original art. Get 108 total pages of great art! 

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31 thoughts on “Flu Shots Three

  1. v00d00

    Great third chapter! Love Zoe’s humiliation of Madison. The shower/towel scene was good, was hoping for a shower scene. Shame Zoe didn’t get to humiliate Madison more by comparing their bodies.
    Both Zoe’s growth and Madison’s shrinking scenes were good.
    Hope part 4 continues like this!

  2. Steven

    Love it. It would be funny if the flu shot turned Michael into a girl. I’m still hoping that the mother gets effected by the shots and ends up younger herself, in doing so making Zoe in charge. Curious on the ending, but I’m hoping to see Zoe breast feeding Madison.

    1. v00d00

      That would be great to see Zoe breast feeding Madison!
      Like everyone else has said, Zoe is big enough now. Don’t turn it into a GTS story. Also, I don’t think Madison should mentally regress. If she stays mentally adult it would be much more humiliating for her to be teased by Zoe. If she mentally regresses she’s going to be a child then the humiliation aspect is gone! If there were to be a breast feeding scene as Steven suggested it would be better if Madison were aware rather than being a baby mentally.
      Also as others have said hope there is more focus on the other characters, like the icecream sales girl or the sexy nurse, maybe the icecream girl could babysit Madison? Or even some of Madison’s old friend’s or a high school rival babysit her? Then she shrinks in front of them, and they realise who she is, and tease her further?

  3. Warzard

    This episode was a lot of fun, I’m personally hoping that he gets younger than Michael and despite being noticeably smaller than him, she’s still a bossy sister that still somehow is the leader of the two even if she’s a 4 year old 😛 And when she tries hard to get something, he ends up getting it for her since he’s still a sweetheart, which bugs the ever living crud out of her 😀

    Second…I’m thinking how fun it would be if there was a crossover of the characters of this series and Yard Work since they are from the same artist. I can dream right? =]

    This episode was a lot of fun. Thank you very much.

  4. Horny Hairy Yeti

    That was nice. Things seem to be moving fast now. What are your plans for Zoe’s final height and the rest of the plot? I remember you saying you would get everyone involved by the time it ends in part 5? I’d kind of like it if it stayed within the realistic realm of AP/AR instead of veering off into GTS territory.

  5. Consistency

    I just had an idea for how you could end the series. Zoe grows to be seven feet tall and is growing out of control. Austin thinks she is freak and leaves her so she has had enough growing and goes to the doctor for help. The Flu shots affect Zoe and Madison, but they do not affect Michael. Wouldn’t that mean the doctor can synthesize a cure to the mutated Fu shots from Michael’s blood, and create the antidote to switch them back?

  6. Terunori

    Without giving too much away, do you plan to make Zoe go GTS in the next comic or do you plan to focus on the other characters more and keep the story mostly AP/AR? I would kind of like it if you don’t go overboard with the heights in this one.

  7. Walter

    I think in the next chapter you should foucs more on the AP/AR because Zoe is prefect the way she is. Dreamtales don’t make Zoe tall and don’t make Madison younger just foucs more on there chracters.

  8. ArrayList

    This AP sequence was super fast compared to the last two chapters. I thought it would be more gradual. Based on the expressions Zoe is making and the advancement of the story, I’m kind of worried that it’s becoming too similar to the path Yard Work was going down. While I like the similarities I hope that I will be surprised in terms of what happens next and we don’t get Zoe growing 9 feet tall and spankin mom or something…

  9. Consistency

    I feel like Zoe’s head looks way too big in some panels where in others she looks proportioned. In what direction is the series going to go? I think Six foot three is the tallest I would like to see Zoe. That’s still a realistic female height. Keep the heights realistic and don’t go crazy with it.

  10. Consistency

    Actually, I change my mind. Zoe looks big enough. Focus on making her more mature and sexy instead of raw height in the last two chapters.

  11. Nanami

    I think that’s enough growing for Zoe. This was fun but hopefully chapter 4 and 5 will explore
    other characters.

  12. Chris Myst

    I really liked the focus on the humiliation in this one, but there was barely any AR aside from one super quick scene! Hopefully this isn’t the end of it? I’m really hoping for an AR to infancy that gets focused on instead of being the end transformation that quickly goes away or reverts! If this is supposed to be the AR/AP version of Yard Work, keep it focused, there’s already so much giantess stuff creeping in.

    Is it also possible to commission another Bojay work? Or even Frank and Suzy? I feel like they “get” the AR genre the best out of the artists you’ve used.

    Anyhoo, thanks again, keep up the good work!

  13. Tradition

    I totally agree with the comment ex supra. The giantess thing gets overdone. I wish more AR/AP artists like those just mentioned are commissioned soon for another great. Not that these aren’t good, but the giantess stuff is not my cup o tea.

  14. Walter

    I agree Zoe is tall and older as it is and Madison is as young and small as it is. Let’s focus more other things like the girls hormones levels like making Zoe mature and making Madison act more like a kid. Dreamtales please listen to your fans and give us what we want listen to are voices

  15. Tomy

    Love it ! Love Love Zoe’s humiliation into Madison. The beach scene was cool too!!. I would to see the reaction of Madision when Austin as Zoe for a day out! And as Consistency said “Focus on making her more mature and sexy instead of raw height in the last two chapters.”

    Thank you!

  16. Iggy

    I’d love to see an ending where Zoe and Madison are cured…except, the cure doesn’t affect their breasts, and now even though Zoe is young again she can still make fun of Madison for being the more “mature” one–while Madison STILL fits in Zoe’s training bras!

  17. Walter

    So we are all in agreement we all don’t want Zoe to change because she is tall and beautiful the way she is. Dreamtales should only focus on making her mature and sexy in the last two chapters so dreamtales please make it happen don’t make any changes to Zoe please.

    Thank You

  18. Karo L.

    Again,good chapter but nothing spectacular. I disagree with a lot of the other posters here-I’d love to see Zoe grow into a 6’4,physically 19 year old amazon with an hourglass figure-but I agree making her grow beyond that point would be ridiculous. Micheal should also begin growing into a tall, muscular hunky high school senior. What I think would be REALLY interesting would be if the flu shots begin affecting their minds-making them both rapidly mature PSYCHOLOGICALLY to match their bodies. Madison doesn’t regress mentally, but soon Zoe and Michael have outgrown her not just physically, but mentally as well! As a result,the siblings effectively reverse roles by the end of the story-literally. I think that would be terrific and a great punishment for Madison’s treatment of her “little” brother and sister.

    That’s my suggestions,for what it’s worth.

  19. Waldo

    I’d like to see Zoe continue from a teen into young adulthood and middle age as the shot runs it’s course. A lot of these stories seem to halt AP at sexy teens but I’d like to see a character grow older than that — especially if they don’t age psychologically.

  20. BeReasonable

    I start to lose interest as soon as the females grow over six foot three. It’s because as they grow bigger and bigger, the art makes them look less like sexy adults and more like big, impish-faced, kids with mature bodies. That is fine at first, but I would like them to mature mentally beyond that point. Six foot three is realistic for some tall female volleyball players but not extreme like in Yard Work.

    I would like it if the faces and demeanor matured as well instead of just focusing on bodies, since in Yard Work, Amy sort of stayed a big kid with an immature-looking face. That was fine for Yard Work, but I would like to see something different here for a change.
    Stick to what this comic was originally about: AP/AR and don’t turn this into Yard Work 2.0 with only slightly more detailed transformations.

  21. BeReasonable

    I would also slow down with Zoe’s transformation. I think you went way too fast with this one. If you plan on another growth spurt, this will become a mini GTS comic which I don’t want. I want the heights to stay “believable.”

  22. Victor

    I liked this chapter but since there will be two more which I hope have AR/AP in it I doubt Zoe can be even more sexy than she is now and Madison be even more childish than now (I don’t like AR to infant/diapering) so not sure where it will go from here. Too bad no one else got the bad shots like the mom or the other female characters for AR though that maybe take away the focus on gradual process too much. Still think you guys are doing a great job with this series!

  23. gts

    i like the growth , it’s great the minigiantess comic + AR , thank you dreamtales ! & yard work series is still the best ever .

  24. K.L.

    Any idea when the next chapter will be?

    I’d like to reinterate what I said earlier after rereading the chapter: I disagree with a lot of the other posters here-I’d love to see Zoe get one last huge spurt and grow into a 6’4,physically 19 year old amazon with an hourglass figure.A suggestion for part 4 or 5: Let it happen after Zoe gets her last treatment and is taking a nap. Madison then watches in horror as Zoe grows while she sleeps-so tall that her legs extend beyond the bed,so buxom she pops all the buttons on her top and her butt splits her shorts! But worst of all, Zoe also matures while she grows so she now has a grown up model’s face and no longer has any childlike features!

    I also don’t want Madison to get any smaller or turn into a baby-I’m always creeped out by stories like that. I try and keep an open mind and everyone has their own tastes-but that’s definitely not for me and I hope you keep the story from going in that direction.

    But I agree making Zoe grow beyond that point would be ridiculous. What I’d love to see-and there’s some hints of it in this chapter-is that Zoe begins to mature MENTALLY as her body does. This really drives Madison up the wall because she realizes that if this continues, Zoe won’t just be bigger then her physically-she really WILL take over as the “big” sister for real! The story ends with Zoe going off the college on basketball scholarship-and Zoe getting left behind to “grow up” all over again as the little sister-the perfect justice for her immaturity towards Zoe.

    My suggestions. I hope you take them under advisement. Lwt me know when the next chapter is, very good work as always!

    1. Dukes

      What I like the most about this suggestion (I don’t think Zoe needs to grow any more) is to give her an adult face.

      Really, that should happen on all your AP stories. It’s offputting when the girl grows but she still has childish features. Feels uncomfortable, plus it’s like the AP was incomplete.

      Other than that, these chapters are very good.


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