Flu Shots Two June 16, 2016

Zoe outgrows Madison in Flu Shots Two

Zoe outgrows Madison in Flu Shots Two

28 + 11 pages, Color + B&W, US$10.99
Age Regression, Age Progression
Artwork by Yuan

More  Female Age Regression and Age Progression fun with great art by Bojay and the Yard Work artist Yuan! Older sister Madison continues to shrink while her younger sister Zoe grows.

Story Summary: Humiliated at being reduced to an adolescent, Madison has to wear her little sister’s clothes, and disguise herself to keep her grown-up friends from recognizing her. As the family goes out to dinner, she watches in horror as little sister Zoe starts to outgrow her.

In the epilogue, cute teen Zoe challenges skinny little Madison to see who can pick up two teenage guys. Poor Madison tries her best while sexy Zoe looks on in amusement. Features 11 multi-panel pages of great sketch art by Bojay!

The comic includes 28 color pages plus 11 black and white story pages by Bojay.

Note: This is Part Two of a Multi-Part Series.

Sample illustrations

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Artist’s Edition for US$ 12.99
This Artist’s Edition  includes all 39 pages plus  (1) 28 pages of original sketch drawings and (2) 28 pages of uncolored inked drawings that show the amazing detail of the original art. Get 95 total pages of great art! 

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28 thoughts on “Flu Shots Two

  1. v00d00

    Loved this part. Great teasing of Madison by Zoe. Also I loved the nurse and waitress, both very sexy with great attributes. Hope to see more of them in future, standing over Madison for a comparison!

  2. David

    Excellent. Nice to see a comic taking it’s time. Please do not make the mistake you made with Yard Work and get side tracked. Keep it focused on the kids changing their roles and fully explore everything. School. Pocket money. Baby sitting etc.

      1. Lis

        Will you consider giving the brother an AP sequence over time too? I like the idea of two individuals going through AP or beauty enhancement while one goes through AR. Kind of like how in Yard Work, the three major ones changing are Luke, Amy, Mom. Here it should be Zoe, Madison, and Michael. Right now he’s just uninteresting as a character because he’s just there smiling. Come on, he got the flu shot too for a reason right?

  3. Steven

    I love the slow process and the interaction between Zoe and Madison. I don’t know how you are going to proceed with the story but personally I would love to see Zoe and her brother ending up as the adults and in charge and Madison and her mother ending up the small children being taken care of. Total role reversal.

  4. Chris Myst

    Much better this time around! I liked the humiliation angle and the slow process, even though I can’t wait to see them get even younger! I’m very much hoping to have the characters regressed to infancy, and if you do, please don’t just immediately end the comic there! Too many reach that point and just stop, but half the fun is seeing how they interact in their new state! 😀

    Keep up the good work, and love the Bojay stuff, instead of just sketches, can we get an actual Bojay AR comic in the future? No one does it better than him.

  5. Tomy

    Love the the story line. Hope keep this way.Love the way Zoe tease Madison. As Steven said. The slow process and the interaction be between Zoe and Madison awesome!. Like to see Zoe and Madison switch rooms. Since Zoe is a grown up now and need her own space.
    what about YW? I miss the hotter Amy teasing Luke and the rest of characters. I Luke finally accept that he fantasies with Amy?

  6. wadjin

    I liked it. Love how Madison now looks like a geeky little girl and love all the panels where you see the size difference with Michael and Zoe. Can’t wait to see new role reversal situations between the siblings. Lets hope for more teasing 😀 Now comes the long wait again u.u

  7. Victor

    Really enjoy this comic so far and hope it continues to focus on just AR/AP and I do wonder if someone will take another flu shot in the future and also AR or AP, like I would love to see the nurse or the ice cream cashier AR.

  8. Dukes

    I still haven’t read this one. A question, will this ever feature the male AP of Michael? Just wondering.

    Also, a suggestion.

    Again, since I haven’t got this one, this is based on both the preview and previous work like Amy from YW:

    I LOVE Yuan’s art, but maybe he could consider aging a bit the facial features of the APd characters? It’s a bit disturbing since they look like adults with kids faces. I like to think that the APd subject would age completely, including the voice and the face, not just height and curves.

    It’s something maybe you haven’t considered, but I think it’ll make it even more enjoyable for us AP fans 🙂

    1. Pewpew

      Maybe let Zoe get as tall as her mother but skinnier. When the siblings get into a fight, Madison tries to tease Zoe that she was way more of a women before the flu shots made her shrink. Then Zoe grabs her boobs and bends down to show Madison that they are still more than enough for her age. Then let her get another growth spurt making her hips and breasts grow into a curvy woman, while Madison watches in horror.

  9. bela04

    I really enjoyed and loved it! You are not rushing anything and this slow detailed story telling with the small but important changes are really good reade puller! I can’t wait for the next one! 😉

  10. darknail

    what timeframe do you think we are looking at for the release of the next part? are we talking weeks or months?

  11. Soz

    What about this scenario?…Madison is out shopping with her mother trying to resist her making her hold hands when her mother really gets mad and threatens to into the baby goods store and buy Madison walking reigns WHEN …the mother’s boss out with her youngest daughter,same size a the current Madison, bumps into them. Both mothers introduce their respective siblings and get chatting when Madison’s mother’s boss suddenly asks whether Madison would like to go to “little Angelica here’s seventh birthday party? Madison looks shocked and says nothing but her mother,not wanting to upset her boss interjects and gushes ” yes she’d looove to go,thank you!” Her boss says “oh good I’ll send you all an invite with date time and location,have to rush, see you!” She leaves with Angelica.
    The party invite arrives addressed …’to miss Madison surname? C/O Madison’s mother’s name Mrs ? surname etc. Madison’s mother gives Zoe the responsibility of purchasing Madison’s party outfit and,of course she buys a ridiculously frilly little girl outfit for her little big sister! She also gets to be the adult who escorts her livid shrunken sibling to Angelica’s party and attends as an adult helper.
    Its a real traditional jelly and ice cream/clown/magician/balloon animal sculpting children’s party attended by many naughty boys who play kiss chance with poor mortified Madison pulling her hair,tickle her and lift her dress hem,you get the picture?

  12. Karo L.

    A good,though not great,comic so far. Here’s what I’d love to see,although it’s probably too late to make these kinds of suggestions-the art on the next issue’s probably partially done. Madison stays the same size and age,with the doctors baffled how to reverse her condition. In the meantime, Zoe begins to really get her growth and shoots up into a VERY tall, buxom and gorgeous young amazon well over 6 feet in height! Madison, of course,is mortified-now completely overshadowed by Zoe, both literally by her height and figuratively by her shapely beauty! Zoe is having a ball-now the center of attention of guys at her new high school and a star basketball player. Meanwhile, the flu shots are having a strange effect on Zoe psychologically-she’s beginning to mature PSYCHOLOGICALLY as well. As a result,Madison is now no longer the big sister in spirit either as Zoe not only catches up to her emotionally and intellectually, but has long since passed her physically. So the sisters now become LITERAL rivals,with Zoe having a clear advantage.

    That’s what I’d like to see. Good job as always.

  13. ChunkyGotFunky

    What’s next? The next episode of Flu Shots? Yard York? Both? I’m very interested to know what’s coming up soon!


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