Puberty Fairy AR Pack February 5, 2016

Dewey and Daffy get scolded by Mother Nature.

Dewey and Daffy get scolded by Mother Nature.

159 pages, Color, US$31.99
Age Regression, Age Progression
Artwork by PalComix

Get three great Age Regression comics for a special price! The Puberty Fairies
cast their Age Regression and Age Progression spells on Betsy, Lauren, Mom and more! Includes 159 pages of great art by Palcomix and Bojay.

“Lots of age swapping, goofy fun.”

“A set of misunderstandings snowball the situation into chaos and ensnare a whole host of characters in the magic’s spell.”

“Really loved this, the quick size changes, and even a little SW towards the end!”

“It was fun seeing Betsy finally magically growing up and enjoying it–and then having it all taken away!”

Sample illustrations (PDF File)

The Puberty Fairy AR Pack includes the following comics:
Puberty Fairies Part One
Puberty Fairies Part Two

US$ 31.99

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2 thoughts on “Puberty Fairy AR Pack

  1. Tomy

    Hi Dreamtales! I bought the stories separately. I like most Switcheroo!. Just wonder…It gonna be a second part where Abby takes Robyn in her new size to the beach with Bobby? I would to see the characters interact in theirs new roles!!


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