Puberty Fairy AR Pack February 5, 2016

Dewey and Daffy get scolded by Mother Nature.

Dewey and Daffy get scolded by Mother Nature.

159 pages, Color, US$31.99
Age Regression, Age Progression
Artwork by PalComix

Get three great Age Regression comics for a special price! The Puberty Fairies
cast their Age Regression and Age Progression spells on Betsy, Lauren, Mom and more! Includes 159 pages of great art by Palcomix and Bojay.

“Lots of age swapping, goofy fun.”

“A set of misunderstandings snowball the situation into chaos and ensnare a whole host of characters in the magic’s spell.”

“Really loved this, the quick size changes, and even a little SW towards the end!”

“It was fun seeing Betsy finally magically growing up and enjoying it–and then having it all taken away!”

Sample illustrations (PDF File)

The Puberty Fairy AR Pack includes the following comics:
Puberty Fairies Part One
Puberty Fairies Part Two

US$ 31.99

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5 thoughts on “Puberty Fairy AR Pack

  1. Tomy

    Hi Dreamtales! I bought the stories separately. I like most Switcheroo!. Just wonder…It gonna be a second part where Abby takes Robyn in her new size to the beach with Bobby? I would to see the characters interact in theirs new roles!!

  2. Herm

    Hi Dreamtales. I like a lot of the stories here. My favorite stories is the Betsy and Lauren series. My favorite would have to be “A Tale of Two Sisters” story. Just want to know if there will be a new Betsy and Lauren comic anytime soon? If possible could there be a part 2 to “A Tale of Two Sisters?” Just asking, I know there are other comics you must be working on. I just want to know if there will be a new comic on this series in the future.

    1. dreamtales Post author

      I wasn’t planning on it, but I do have several story ideas sketched out. Those two are particular favorites, and I’d love to revisit them.

      What would you like to see in Part Two of Tale of Two Sisters? A reboot?

      1. Herm

        Sorry to have taken so long to reply. Not a reboot, just a sequel. If you were to make a part two of “Tale of Two Sisters” one thing I would like to see is Lauren more as an authority figure to Betsy. Part one shows them switching role, a bit of conflict and them getting along in the end but we don’t see Lauren acting like an older sister to Betsy. I would like to see Lauren as a response older sibling to Betsy like helping her with homework, giving her advice with boys or even helping her to bath all while Lauren still teases Betsy for having a flat chest. I would also like to see Betsy have some sort of glory in the comic. By the end of the series Betsy either remains the same or turns into an infant. Since in part one Betsy envies Lauren’s huge chest I would like to see Betsy grow instead of shrink. Not as big as Lauren of course, but a little improvement on height and her chest big enough to wear a bra. A scene that I thought of is when Betsy’s mom sees that she can finally wear a bra, her and Lauren both give her a hand me down of their first bra only to realize that both Lauren and her mom’s first bra is way to big for her, causing Lauren to laugh and tease her and a silent giggle from her mom. I would like to see Lauren be the narrator like in part one. I have more ideas but that is about it. It is up too you if you want to make a part two of “Tale of Two Sisters.” I would very appreciate it if you could. The Betsy and Lauren series is my favorite, I just love both characters. I know there are other comics you are working on. If you cannot I completely understand. Thank you.


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