Reader Survey May 1, 2016

Amy and the Nurse in Yard Work Thirteen

Amy and the Nurse in Yard Work Thirteen

Please take the DreamTales Reader Survey!

This is your chance to let us know what you want to see! Want more Mom? Had enough Yard Work? Have other suggestions?

There are 12 questions, so it should only take a minute or two:

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20 thoughts on “Reader Survey

  1. Ed

    Took the survey hope it helps…
    I am a giantess enthusiast… The taller the better…

    If Amy does not grow we riot…

    1. Amylover

      I concur on the Amy growth! I’d love to see her outgrow the other girls, and see how that size reversal affects her and her mothers’ roles in the family.

  2. Steve

    Thanks for listening; at the end of the day, you must do what you love. We’re grateful for the content.

  3. Al

    I just want to see at least one edition of Yard Work where Amy is the giantess!! Almost every other main female character in the Yard Work series have been a giantess at least once except Amy. Even the nurse who wasn’t even in the beginning of the comic…. Amy diserves to be a giantess at least once right?!?!?!

  4. Michael1110

    Thanks for the survey and it seems Amy need to grow huge AND incredibly small (1 inch or smaller!) : D

  5. Tomy

    Make me happy see Amy teasing Luke!! He has to realize that in fact he is have fantasy with her!

  6. Ryan

    I appreciate the survey, and hope new and exciting things come from it, even if they aren’t things that I mentioned.

    But if anything, please, for the love of mercy, stop Yard Work. Or at least take a hiatus from it. I know some people here love it, but it’s been long stale for me. The changes themselves aren’t the problem, it’s the characters. The core cast has become almost a group of stereotypes (the bratty sister who’s too big for the good of mankind, the douchey brother who’s always either pervy, startled, or angry, and even beloved Mom (yes, she’s so popular her name gets capitalized), who is ever-alternating between bewilderment and indignant enragement. And now random new characters are getting sprinkled in as if to distract us from how cyclical the core characters are, so we never really get to “know” the new ones and just watch some “wild shit” happen, for lack of a better term.

    Anyway…not to totally trash Yard Work–I know you’ve worked hard on it, I don’t doubt that. It just doesn’t work for me any more (no pun intended). I would much sooner look forward to see something new tried, even if I had to wait from now until December to see it, instead of “Yard Work Part 24–Luke’s Little Christmas.”

  7. Joe

    Bring Yard Work to a satifying end where Luke finally stops being a dimwit and realizes what he could do with the growth formula. Also have him take the weed shrinker and TURN THE TABLES ON AMY! THE END

  8. Jon Koch

    In regards to the last question, if your looking for story idea’s please put up a idea box so that we can write in more detail.

    1. dreamtales Post author

      Thanks, I did have a box on the last question and some readers did put in story ideas. You can always post your ideas here if you want, or use the contact form on the website.

  9. v00d00

    Anything with shrinking women around normal sized sexy women is good! Especially if it involves sexy scenes!


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