Superchick’s Fans Part Two September 11, 2016

Mom is in big trouble in Superchick's Biggest Fans Part Two.

Mom is in big trouble in Superchick’s Biggest Fans Part Two.

6 pages, Color, Free!
Shrinking Women
Artwork by The Pepper Pair

A cute Shrinking Women Comic by the Pepper Pair! Mom gets a surprising answer when she asks Missie and Billy where their new Superchick doll came from.

You can download the comic for free here: (requires email signup):


Check out the original comic here: Superchick’s Biggest Fans

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10 thoughts on “Superchick’s Fans Part Two

  1. Dan

    Is the download link supposed to come via email? I received an email confirming a subscription but no actual download link. Thanks!

  2. v00d00

    Loved this continuation to the story! Missie is cute especially when standing over/hand held shrunken mom. The shrinking process is great, and shrunken mom is hot! Hope to see a part 3?

  3. Cousin Roland

    So much greatness in just a few pages. The artwork and theme are all perfect. A full-sized, several page version of this would be well worth the price.

    Love the concept of these kids turning the world’s most powerful women into mere playthings. Better still, now they’ve miniaturized their ultimate authority figure into a humiliated plaything.

    Thanks for sharing this!

  4. Ken James

    Not bad, thanks for the comic!! Sad thing, I just wished the mother was still normal-sized and had the box of tinies super heroines all for herself to play with. 🙂


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