Superguy vs the Teen Terrors November 19, 2016

Another zap of the shrinking ray reduces Superguy to doll size!

Superguy fights his biggest foe –two sexy teens with a giantess fetish!

28 pages, Black & White, US$8.99
Shrinking Men, Giantess
Artwork by Rebecca

A fun giantess / shrinking man comic by Rebecca, the master (mistress?) of erotic art!

Story Summary: Sexy teens Kaylee and Tess indulge their giantess fetish by shrinking Superguy. Each zap of the shrink ray reduces Superguy to half his height, from six feet to three feet to barely knee high and below. As he dwindles the girls get ever more aroused, until the once all-powerful super hero becomes a helpless sex toy!

The comic also includes 6 great pages of classic Pulp Covers with Giantess themes by Rebecca!

The main story is 22 pages in B&W, with 6 color pinup pages.

Sample illustrations

US$ 8.99

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Artist’s Edition for US$ 10.99
This comic is also offered in a Artist’s Edition that includes an additional 28 pages of original art, including 22 pages of pencil drawings, plus 6 color pinups that show the amazing detail of Rebecca’s original art.

Buy on Selz:

The comic is also for sale at the Process Productions Store.

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11 thoughts on “Superguy vs the Teen Terrors

  1. v00d00

    Wow, just wonderful! Rebecca truly is the queen of sexy, kinky, fetish comics. Her artwork is really amazing. One of my favourites since collage bound. Great story as well. Loved the butthole scene!
    I really hope there is a sequel planned? I’d love to see wonderwoman, batgirl, or maybe supergal get the shrinking treatment from these 2 sexy teens? Maybe they even want to be shrunk, having seen superguy getting played with and want to experience the same?

  2. Anongts

    This comic was amazing i really love rebeccas work the art is so good and i am a huge SM fan so this is definitely one of your best works! Looking forward to a sequel and looking forward to a college bound sequel.

    1. dreamtales Post author

      Thanks, so glad you liked this! I realize SM is not everyone’s cup of tea, but (obviously) I really enjoy it myself. Rebecca did an amazing job on this one.

  3. Walter

    Ok that’s good but I personally can’t wait till the five part of flu shots comes out in hope you can get it done by mid December if that’s possible


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