Upcoming Comics January 31, 2016

Rob is caught in a love triangle in The Wrong Sister.

Rob is caught in a love triangle in The Wrong Sister.

Here’s an update on the latest comics. I know some of you have been waiting for some new Female AR / AP comics, so here we go!

Starlet Stripe Part Three will be up in a few days. More Mini-Giantess fun as the 10 foot tall ladies show off their assets to a crowd of eager GI’s. BE Girl Abby gets hot and heavy with little Dick, while Muscle Girl Rosie dazzles a surprising male admirer.

The scene here is from The Wrong Sister, a new comic by the same artist that does Yard Work. The Wrong Sister is a new AR / AP / SW / GTS comic that follows a young guy with a very fertile imagination as he becomes romantically involved with two sisters. There are plenty of shrinking, growing, AR and AP scenes in this one!

Also in the works is The Big Splash Two, a fun sequel to the original Big Splash, with more great art by the Pepper Pair. The Big Splash is one of the most popular comics and Part Two also combines AR / AP, shrinking and GTS, plus some fun SM scenes. Lots of transformations!

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13 thoughts on “Upcoming Comics

  1. John

    Can’t wait! Just out of curiousity, do you know when we can expect another update of Yard work? I know, I’m terrible, asking for this, since you just released an update with what is to come. But the thing is, I’m really hooked on the story, one of the best I’ve ever read!


  2. Alexis32

    Excellent news!!
    Starlet Stripe 3 I hope to enjoy more growth and fun.
    The Wrong Sister . I really like this. Sisters growing and shrinking.
    The Big Splash 2. Finally. One of the best stories ever.
    And YW 15 of course. Amy have to be the BIG star this time.

  3. m

    excellent comics are coming !
    AR/AP + GTS make great comic . I hope mom grows too in big splash .
    and can’t wait for lovely mom in yard work 😉

    1. kira

      Love your work. Would love to see some more AR/AP! Any possibility of the mom or sister from Yard Work regressing in future installments?!?


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